Monday, October 27, 2008


So I went out tonight bought the filefolders I needed and envelopes to organize my filing cabinet. Tomorrow night is the night it will be done. I want to have it done this week !!!!!!!
I also rememebered to buy crazy glue to fix many things around the house including my daughter's halloween costume which needs to be ready for Friday of course.
I am happy to report that we are the proud owners of a no salt water softener and I am in heaven. We love it !!!!!!! I will do a longer post on this on Wed for works for me Wed at Rocks in My Dryer.
Suffice to say I love no more dishes by hand the dishwasher is working beautifully and all the dishes are coming out sparkling. My hubbie and daughter have taken over this chore of dishes so one less thing for me to do . I then can concentrate more on the other 1,000 tasks at hand like to continue to organize.
So I will update tomorrow once the filing cabinet it finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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HDMac said...

Hi Diane! I look forward to hearing more about your filing when you are done (maybe a pic!) lol... and look forward to hearing about the water softener! Sounds like it helps you out tremendously!!!!!