Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Not to be missed free e-book

Okay so today while going through blogland I found a great book for all
of us wanting to get organized or trying to get organized. Not to miss it
go to

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HDMac said...

Diane, THANK YOU! I snagged it.

Weren't you asking once how to do links on your posts? After you write your post, open up another window or tab if you use foxfire. Go to the website that you want to link to. Copy the highlight and copy the www. address. Go back to your blog post that you have NOT published yet. highlight the words or the picture that you want to link. In the editing bar across the top of the editing box, you will now see a "link" like a chain link.. click on that and a new box opens up! In that first line, you past the www. address and click ok. It closes and after you publish your post, that word/phrase/picture magically becomes a link. I hope I explained that well enough!!! lol

have a great evening!!!