Saturday, October 4, 2008

wow!!!!!!!!! Friday Fling too

Time just really flies by!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Angel is still healing from her chicken pox actually she is off at girlguide camp this weekend so hubbie and I have a little time to ourselves. We are going out with friends tonight for supper.
I didnt get my whole inbox deleted but getting closer and closer maybe by next week. Still working on photos when I get a chance. This will definitely take awhile and then I want to burn them to cds for backup.
I threw out some old roses that were past there point. Lots of papers from my desk area. I cleaned out my car so papers, wrappers, and empty water bottles too. When I was in dollerama they had a cute little waste bag to attach to the seat so I bought that and hopefully that will help to keep the car clean. It needs vaccuming too on the list for this week.

I did everything on my list but not on the day it was suppose to be done but at least it all got done and I could easily everyday look and see what I hadnt accomplished this week and do something. It still really helped me.

I am working on a menu binder so I found some recipes printed them and found a binder I am not using that will be changed into my household binder. I started it a long time ago and never really did a whole lot with it other than printing out some pages and page dividers. I used the vacation part to plan my disney trip and then I used the calendar part but the other parts sat empty. I now have some recipes in there. I found a great book at work on easy recipes to try from beverages, appetizers, entrees and desserts too. I am going to buy it and then use it for a lot of recipes to try. So if anyone has some recipes that are easy and want to share with me that would be awesome and I sure would appreciate it.
It is really dreary here and looks and feels like rain. It is very damp and cold and I took out my winter coat yesterday too !!!!!!!!!!!! BBBBBBBBBBrrrrrrrrrrrr............... keep warm and have a great weekend.


HDMac said...

I am always looking for awesome, easy, quick recipes too! When you work outside the home it is difficult to get a decent meal on the table at a decent time! I posted a Runza Casserole that is awesome. And I need to make and post my pizza pasta recipe. It is really good and it makes 2 casseroles so I wrap one good and put in the freezer for another night! :)

Birthdays birthday birthdays at my house. trying to get some things made for them. :)

Glad to hear that angel is better and hope she has a great time at camp.

HDMac said...

Good morning!

Weren't you asking how to do links a while back? I will try to explain it.

you are in your blogger post window. You have typed in your text. Go to the text that you want to create a link. Highlight just that text. Open another window to the target website. Go to the address bar. right click and copy the web address. Going back to you open blogger post, go the tool bar at the top of the box. See a single "chain" link? Click on that. It opens a new box. Go to the top section of that form and paste in the web address. Click ok. Now when you finish that post and publish it, that will appear as a link! I hope I explained that to you ok... I am not the best teacher in the world! lol

Oh.. on my menu this week, I have posted a link to the recipe that I use for my pizza pasta. Angel will love it I am sure! I usually serve with a salad or raw veggies.

Me said...

We recently tried the Bourban Chicken recipe at and we both liked it. I'm thinking of trying it with tofu or pork too.