Saturday, October 18, 2008

One big post

I am currently reading how to cheat at organizing and will be posting notes or things I learn that I want to remember on my blog.
Next I am going to be reading How to cheat cleaning by the same author. Another book I am waiting for is Jenny McCarthy's book on how she cured her son of autism.
Todays shopping spree I bought a binder and some business card holders(plastic sleeves) to organize all the business cards I have all over the place which again will empty some of the filing cabinet. Talking about the filing cabinet as soon as I am done this post I am going to start on it by throwing out all the garbage that has accumulated in it.
I bought a timer today for my daughter too so it will help her with time managment. Basically I am using it for the time for getting ready for bed so she knows how much time she has.
Lastly I bought one plastic basket for my daughter and then one dishpan for my hubbie. I bought the plastic basket for my daughter to be able to throw her misc stuff on her desk into it. I am going to go back though and buy one for her dresser so she can throw her cds into it.
I bought the dishpan because hubbie does not like to put his shoes on the white shelves in the coat closet instead he thinks it is okay to leave them out and have ppl trip over them. Well I finally gave in and thought I could buy him the dishpan to put is two pair of shoes into which for him will be easier just throwing them in and I dont have to remind him anymore . I put the dishpan on the opposite side of the sliding doors so no one will ever see it when we hang up their coats. I was actually silently jumping for joy that he liked that idea because it gives my daughter and I another shelf for our shoes. SHHHHHHHHH.... dont tell him though.
Off to clean out the filing cabinet .

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HDMac said...

Some good ideas for Angel and the hubs. :) I will look forward to your notes from the books! :)