Wednesday, October 8, 2008

finally accomplished a procrastination challenge

I finally was able to accomplish something that I have been procrastinating for so long.
The end table when you come in my door. First I was at dollearama( my favourite store if you dont already know) and found a nice blue glass bowl to hold my sunglasses and keys. I went through all the papers and tossed a lot of junk, and papers. I got all the papers I need to keep inorder on a wooden tray and then of course my key bowl is there too. I made room to store my lunchbag too.
I took off lots of old bank statements and need to either shred them or cut them up and get rid of them too . The table looks so much better thank you to Debbie at Virtually Organized. Pop by to join us so you too can get procrastination challenges accomplished.
The next one I want to work on is my filing cabinet inorder for my new business "Those Two Girls". I want to start the business off right all organized files easy to access . So this weekend I will go through it and toss and recycle papers I dont need and throw out any garbage.
Sorry I dont have after pics of my table my camera spot on my printer is acting up.
I will try to fix it and post afters of my filing cabinet.

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Debbie Jordan Kravitz (Virtually Organized) said...

Great job! Congratulations!

So glad you'll be joining us for the October Procrastination Challenge, too!