Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I've been tagged

I've been Tagged!

I've been tagged by Marcia at HDMac's Crafty Blog and I now need to write 7 random things about me, then pick 7 more people to tag. And since I had nothing better to write about today, here we go.......

1. My passion is working with children and I am fulfilling my passion by being an educational assistant in the schools.

2. I love being a mom to a wonderful daughter named Angel . Yes her name is Angel some of have asked me if that is her real name.

3. I married my soulmate and we are so much more in love then we were the day we married.

4. I am so glad I met my best friend Lisa and know we will be friends forever.

5. I miss my grandma that passed away 2 years ago.

6. I used to collect penguins and own many.

7. Hmm.... I really love meeting new friends through blogging .

Now I have to tag people!

I tag:

Jen - The Most Important Work

Marcia- The Organizing Queen



Tina (mummifiedx5) said...

Thanks for tagging me! :)

The MeFest Team said...

#4 is the BEST-ha!

HDMac said...

Diane, how fun to get to know you a little better! Thanks for playing along! :) Funny, I am glad you tagged Marcia!!! I have enjoyed her blog and it will be fun to get to know her a little better too!

Marcia said...

Okay, I'm slow but I'll get to this tomorrow morning with my menu plan.

I love that your daughter's name is Angel.

Marcia from Organising Queen

HDMac said...

Ok girlfriend. Email me at hdmcfar at gmail dot com (I can't find your email addy!!! - sigh probably lost it when I decluttered! lol) I will send you pics of my craft room.. .. but I am warning you.... look at with caution! It may shock you! HONEST!!! lol..
I folded a bunch of fabric today and got it into storage containers... that was a good start!