Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Get Ready to Say "Cheese!"

Everyone loves to get pictures in their Christmas cards and letters. It is perhaps the best part! To have a chance to see a family's progression and growth is part of what makes the holidays so special.

The Countdown to Christmas Challenge for today is to make an appointment for your family's Christmas portrait to be taken in time so that you can get the pictures back in time to send in cards.

Funny to read this one because my daughter said today , "We have school photos tomorrow the teacher forgot to hand them out on Friday." Angel is still healing from the chicken pox so not sure she would feel comfortable getting pics done right now. She is almost healed but some are still there . I personally find the photos at school are so rushed to get a good pic is hard and they cost soooo much. I decided two years ago that we would get our own done to put in cards for family and friends. I love getting pictures of friend's children in my cards to see how much they have grown from year to year.

To do : call and book a time for pics in a couple of weeks when I know Angel will be all healed up.

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