Thursday, January 29, 2009

being accountable

Okay so this is blog post on being accountable. I have really used blogging as a way of being accountable to myself and my blog friends to follow through on what I said I was going to do.
I need to be held accountable again to get back on track after being sick for the last few weeks.
So I am giving myself tomorrow and all weekend to get caught up on the laundry first priority.
Most of my house is not too bad some dishes need to be put in the dishwasher and it emptied first of course , the livingroom looks good a bit of easy pick up . My bathroom is good and nice and clean too. So overall it is the laundry that is out of control. I have been reading a lot of blog posts on how to make it work because it seems like a lot of people cant keep up with their laundry. I dont mind bringing it down or sorting it , washing it or even drying it. It is the end step the folding and putting away. I usually take time to fold most of it and then leave it to sit in a pile so when I find myself needing something I go to the pile. I really want to get this under control. I have decided that is the main goal to accomplish. So by Sunday evening I will have run two more loads through and folded 1 that is waiting for me and put away a load that is all folded. I will have the other two loads washed, dried, folded and put away too!!!!!!!!!
Then I will go to a schedule for laundry that has worked for me in the past. I wash all towels on Monday so I put them in when I get home and then dry them. I take them upstairs when tucking my daughter in bed and put them away or hang them. Then on Thurs I do my daughter's laundry. I again do the same thing wash when I get home and dry take it upstairs when she is going to bed and fold and put them away then. My hubbie does his own laundry when he needs it. I do mine not on a regular schedule but as needed basis too.
I am going to work on a house cleaning schedule too to start next week.
Monday is the day.
So tomorrow is a P. D. day and I am off to an autisim conference for the day. But when I get home I will be putting in one load of laundry and folding another. That will be a great start!!
If you have any laundry tips that work for you please let me know.
Another thing I might try is folding my daughter's laundry but have her put it away .
I mean look at the top pic she is the one who organized her drawer after me showing her a pic that someone else took. I think she did a great job and her drawers are still like that too !!!!!!!

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HDMac said...

I, too, like the idea of being accountable and using my blog in that way also. :) Which we have shared in the past and hope to continue with our friendship and accountability! :) Helps with the encouragement also.

Your conference sounds very interesting.

Diane, thank you for the notes lately, they have helped. :) I am feeling better and that is the start!