Saturday, January 3, 2009

My word

Okay so I have noticed there are alot of bloggers not doing new years resolutions but picking a word. A few years ago at a womans show I attended they told us about doing this and then taking the word and framing it and to really concentrate that year on that word. I thought and thought and came up with the word trust. This has been my word for a long time and it means so much to me it doesnt change year to year for me.
Trust to me means to trust your friends, family, co-workers that they will be there for you. Trust they will support you in what you want to do. Trust also means to me that everything will work out the way it is suppose to. I really leaned on this word 4 years ago when I decided to change my life.
I left a good benefit paying job because of the stress and it was not worth it to me anymore . I loved my job and at one point thought I would do it for life but that was not to be. There were a lot of changes that happened and it became a place I dreaded going to. So I decided to leave having nothing to lean on. Hubbie supported me and I asked him to trust me for a year and see what would happen. Well big changes happened for me which I will blog tomorrow about happiness so stay tuned.
So the word trust I wanted around my house to remind me of it always but I couldnt find anything with the word trust just believe . Yes it was close but it was not my word!!!!!!
So two fabulous friends knew how important it was for me and they both helped me out. A great friend named Suzy made me some clay stones that said trust which I have added to the other word stones I have found. Thanks Suzy they are awesome!!!!!!
One of my other great friends Lisa she works for a sign shop and for my birthday this year she surprised me with a wooden trust sign. I love it and thanks so much Lisa!!!!!!!! I have it right by my computer and look at it daily.
So stay tuned tomorrow to read about happiness post and more details on how happiness is in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!