Thursday, January 15, 2009

winter blahs

Okay so today here it was -28 with the windchill this morning. Yikes just a bit cold. I was happy though to see the sun out !
So to shake the winter blahs which have set in a little early the one school I am at had " Bake Potato Day"! Just an aside before I begin the description of the smorgasbourg that was at school today , we have had snow since Oct enough is enough.
OKay so they suggest having Bake Potato Day which sounded really good to me and made me smile for the whole week. I thought yummy warm potato with many many toppings awesome!!!!!
Oh there was so much more than that not only did we have baked potatoes with toppings( bacon, cheese, butter, sourcream, chili and onions( not for me) we had so much more.
We had 3 different salads, deviled eggs( again not me) but looked good, 2 pies, squares, 2 types of pickles, olives, squares, and mini - donuts. Oh and yes good yummy vegetable tray too and dip.
Oh I could barely move I had to wobble out of the staff room.
So then I go to my afternoon school and they have home made cinnamon buns there and a few other sweet treats. I couldnt disappoint whoever made the cinnamon buns so I had part of one yummy.
Needless to say I have only had a very small supper like a snack size really and I wont need to have any snacks tonight.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I asked them what day is next ????????????? I am addicted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What are others doing to beat the winter blahs?????????????????????????

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