Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happiness with friends

Sorry for the delay this post but for 2 days I wasnt feeling very happy to write anything really. Tough days at my job but that has turned around. I work with an autistic child and she was having such a hard time when routines change so starting school again instead of sitting at home and doing whatever she wanted can be very tough. I was braced for it and ready. It turned around on Wed. and then I posted worked for me Wed so today is the continuation of the happiness post.
So on to friends where I was back years ago really the only friends I had I worked with. A few phone friends, yes the ones who you talk to on the phone but seldom see. I was really based on spending time with my daughter. I know that is not a bad thing but when that is the only thing and work not good.
Right before I made the change of jobs I saw an ad on a parenting website of a new womans group starting up. So that year I resolved to meet new people and get out on Sunday afternoons. I went to this group and didnt know one single sole. I made some connections with a few people. Then slowly I developed a strong bond with the wonderful woman who started the group. We both had children close to the same age so we could take out our children together or hang out together or just talk on the phone. That was the beginning of January 3 weeks later I quit my daycare job , lots of changes. I went to the group and did a lot of great activities and met a lot of new people . The big change for me was that I was doing something for myself . I told my hubbie that every Sunday afternoon was " me time". Over the time of this group people have come and gone but we are still accepting new members always and having so much fun. Last Sunday we went on a shopping trip!!!!! If you are in the Kitchener, Waterloo, Ontario area and want to know more feel free to email me.
With this group having gone on for 3 years we had met a lot of people through Sunday afternoon presentations. Lisa and I decided to put on a woman's lifestyle /pampering show. We put the word out there and many were interested. Everyone we mentioned it to was so interested and wanted to join. Suffice to say it was a HUGE success we had over 400 people attend out first show without out many glitches. We are in the midst of planning a spring show too because our vendors asked us if we would. Wow !!!!!!! I made a lot of friends this way too !!!!!!! Oh and we have to find a bigger venue to hold it at because we already have grown !
I am on facebook and have connected with past friends which is awesome. I started this blog and if you are reading this you know who you are but I have made some awesome friends through this avenue too.
Friends may come and friends may go but I feel the ones we have in our lives are here for a reason. They may not last forever and that is okay too I enjoy them while they are there.
I am much happier having great friends and doing stuff for myself too. I find that the ones that arent making me happy or that are emotional drainers for me anyway go by the wayside. So the people in my life are suppose to be there . So surround yourself with people that are making you happy because life is too short!! We can pick our friends!!!!!!!!
As an aside I am off to pick up book 1 reccommended by Oprah on happiness. I will post a little about it once I have read it.


The MeFest Team said...

Best Buddies!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

What a wonderful pick-me-up of a post. I loved reading about your becoming more outgoing and changing into the person you want to be. It seemed to all culminate with the pampering show. Wow! Did you write a post on that? I would love to read the details and see photos.

Such a great reminder to us all to get out there and make things happen. Thank you! It is so important to carve out time for yourself.