Tuesday, January 13, 2009

tackled the driveway

Here in Ontario Canada we had snow none stop all day!!!!!!! When I got home the driveway
was a huge mess and hubbie was at work. I have used our little snowblower once before but
truthfully have no idea how it to do it or how it really works. So tonight after supper I put my
mind to it and I went out and started snowblowing the driveway. It is not the best I am sure but
as I have mentioned I really dont know what the best way to go about it is . I am sure my hubbie will be surprised when he gets home at midnight that the driveway is done. He always needs to clean it up a bit though I do what I can ! So today I tackled the driveway and my neighbour said it looks great you did a good job! Now to get warm!!!!!!!!!!!

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Kathi Bailey said...

Thanks for stopping by...no snow here...but we're originally from Cincinnati, so we're pretty used to it.

I had to SHOVEL our driveway and sidewalk the 2 winters my DH was overseas...NO FUN!

Good tackle, now my laundry putting away looks really shabby :)

Enjoy your snow!