Friday, January 9, 2009

where is happiness

One of the things they discussed on Oprah which is soooo true for so many people including me, in the past though , is that they think they will be happy when they get x. It can be more friends, more money, different job etc. If you are always looking for happiness that way like it will come in the future it wont. What you need to do is be happy with what you have in your life and the way your life is now ... even if you want change.
Guilty in the past... when I was in that daycare job I keep saying I will be happy when I leave this job. Yes it was true I was so much happier when I did leave but if you are always trying to catch or do something to get happiness but it is always in the future it will always be in the future.
If you do get what you think will make you happy once you get it wont. You will need the next fix to find happiness. They called it destination addiction.
I have discovered that I need to be happy where I am . Right now I have 12.5 permanent hours for awhile I was thinking I would be happy if I had 25 permanent hours. Yes I still want to achieve this and will apply for postings to get this but I decided lets sit back and look at where I am right now.
I took a close look at the school great school . I looked at the people and they are wonderful too and I am starting to make some close friendships too. I love what I am doing. The children are so sweet. I would love to stay here but we will see what 2009 has to hold for me. I just know whatever it is that I dont need to change to be happy I am happy the way I am right now.

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