Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happiness post

I was watching a repeat of Oprah this week and it was talking about how do you achieve true happiness in your life. There were only 5 questions they told you to answer . Answer each one on a scale of 1-7 then you would receive your score. If you want to try this you can take the test at
So I listened to the show and got a lot of great quotes I am adding to my quote book.
The one thing that jumped out at me was the stories the guests told which can be viewed at
I added two more books to my list of must read Happiness Now and Shift Happens. I have both on hold at the library and should be picking them up this week.
Okay so now on to my story and the happiness pursuit. Four years ago I was working in a daycare and loved it well I did before the big changes happened . My wonderful loving supervisor retired so we had someone new then the assistant supervisor on maternity leave decided not to come back.
It was a great place to work and everything was running smoothly so we thought. Well the new management didnt think so and changed everything !!!!
There was a lot more going on which I wont bother complaining about because it is in my past and I have dealt with it suffice to say the stress on my life and family just got to a boiling point and wasnt worth it. I was becoming someone I didnt want to be so I took charge. I sat hubbie down and told him can I quit I am just not happy. He thought I was off my rocker at first but then when I explained my plan he was onboard. Thanks James so much for being there loving and supporting me through my change. Okay so I explained to him that I would quit a very well paying job with benefits to have nothing really or nothing that was guaranteed. So the game plan was to supply for various daycares I had supplied for in the past. It worked I was so busy. Then after about a month I got a call from our school board to see if I was still interested in supplying as an educational assistant for them. Yes of course! Something I never thought I could do or reach in this lifetime. It seemed to be beyond anyones reach in daycare to work for the schools or the University daycare. Well guess what happened next.... the university daycare called too
Wow I started working there two days a week and supplying for the schools 3 days a week off and on when needed. I was proud of myself for achieving these accomplishments in 2 months of quitting my stressful job.
I supplied at a school for 2 1/2 days and they offered me a part-time position in their school for the following Sept. Wow I was thrilled so I gladly accepted and worked part-time that year.
I filled in for a sick leave there for 12 weeks working full time too. I loved working there !!!
Then I applied for another position within the school board and got it for the following year
more hours . Started out at 22.5 during the interview and by the time I started was 27.5.
Wow I was really lucky. Then at the end of last year I was transferred to another school and 12.5 of my hours because permanent so I had made it I was in !!!!!!!!!!!!!! This year I work at two schools both 12.5. I was lucky and one of my resourse staff reccommended me to another school where I was able to pick up 12.5 too.
So the happiness thing for me these days is pretty out of the sky. I was glad that when my happiness was comprimised I was able to see it and move on. I had space to fill and the jobs that once I had thought they were out of my reach werent they were right there waiting for the right time. See the trust factor in action again !!!!!!!!!!!!
So if you have read this far kudos this is the story of happiness with work... stay tuned tomorrow for happiness with friends and the changes I have made there too !!!!!!!!
If I had taken that quiz back 4 years ago I would have been at the bottom but thanks to listening to my heart I took the chance and leap. It turned out awesome. I think we are always afraid of change but we shouldnt be just jump and trust.

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