Monday, January 12, 2009

book review and ad on to happiness

Okay I have been reading Happiness Now as recommended on Oprah first off what I have got from the book is that we have to be happy on the inside "genuinely happy" and not rely on the external. I am still reading but skeptically . I do agree that you do have to be happy with what you have now and not what you could have in the future to make you happy. The thing is I think there are things you can do to make you happy too. For me it was leaving a very stressful job, getting new friends and doing things for myself to make me happy.
We can do a lot of simple things to make ourselves happy have that extra piece of choc. cake, read a book, take a bubblebath, take time for yourself , go shopping, spend time talking on the phone with your good friends etc.
So go and do something to make yourself happy.
I will post more about this book if it gets any better. At this point I think for me it is not resonating at all but I have an open mind and will continue reading for a bit more anyway.

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