Wednesday, January 7, 2009

less paper

What works for me which I just found this week is the google calendar. I love this you can add events, details their times. I used to have a paper one but now all I do when I find something I want to attend or remember a date for I record it in the calendar. I can access it anywhere for me that is very useful because if I am at work and I find out about a meeting or something then I can record it then or access it to see what is going on for that date. I really love that it has the option of happens once, weekly, daily, monthly. It is so cool I am still playing around with it but I love that I am saving paper being green and it is free. Something small that you can do to decrease the paperwork we all have in our lives.
You can try this out at

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Erin K. said...

Thanks for sharing this! I think maybe I've heard it mentioned before, but what you said about being able to access it while at work OR at home really clicked with me. This would also allow my husband to add his things, and to check our family calendar while he's at work. Awesome!

Also, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! I love WFMW and all the great ideas that get shared. :-) Have a great day!!