Thursday, January 1, 2009

Livingroom Clean Up

When I started cleaning the living room up I didnt remember that Laura at Orgjunkie was having a contest to clean the living room this month so I am sorry I dont have before pics just the after which I am thrilled with. I will explain what I did to each area.

5)My daughter had all her toys piled here now the ones that were left are on the bottom shelf of the wooden cupboard. Angel got rid of a whole garbage bag here of her stuff and junk.

4)) I cleaned up the cupboard and moved some stuff out and got rid of a lot of stuff another garbage bag. I wanted to contain Angel's things in the livingroom it worked. I found the snowman that I moved out to display which I know love ! I got rid of a lot of stuff and put some things in the places they belonged.

3) this was just full of junk it all got dumped to the garbage and started fresh with a purse drawer which she is thrilled with. She loves purses and now they have a home !!!!!!!!!

2I went through these two baskets and all the stuff piled high. This is the one area that changed drastically. I threw out another whole garbage bag of papers and junk. I want her to have one basket for books downstairs . I moved the dressup things to our dressup bag. Another just moving it their home.

1)This spot had a pot with earth in it growing nothing. I got rid of the dirt because I loved the pot Angel made. It also had things just thrown in so organized it and got rid of a lot of stuff. Now I love the feel of this area. I made this my snowman area since I had room. I can keep them up for a bit or put them away with the christmas stuff we will see. I am not sure what is going there when it is all put away.

I was really happy with this clean up because I accomplished what I wanted to do. So for me the livingroom is totally gone through and organized into home spots. It did take me awhile about 4 hours or so which I did in one stint because that was my plan.


The MeFest Team said...

I like where you put your snowmen
Looks great

Marcia said...

Great job, Diane!!!

Diane said...

Thank you another room down!!!!!!!!!

Diane said...

Yes and when the snowman are removed which wont have to be for awhile with our Canadian winters I will have an empty space ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

Beth Dargis said...

You did wonderfully on your living room, Diane!