Monday, September 29, 2008


Well the weekend was really restful and Angel was still up and down with the fever thing.
I decided to take Monday off work to be with her one last day and then she could go to
school on Tuesday. She still wont let me take any pics!!!!!!! Just for prosperity sake really not like I would post them here or anything. shhhh... she knows me too well.
So today is a catch up day for laundry done two loads already and going to put in one more. I think I will get the rabbit cage cleaned today( on my schedule) and do the dishes that are due till tomorrow but still it will feel good to get them done and out of the way.
Sorta in the mood to clean and I will take advantage of it forsure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Back to work tomorrow.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Fridays Flings

This week I took time to go and try and organize photos on my computer into
files . I deleted some that werent that great . I am still working on this one.
I deleted a lot of emails that were piling up. I need to go through the rest read
them and delete them too. I am hoping by next Friday to say I got it down to
an empty inbox. Then set a system in place before I go to bed it has to be empty
every night.
I stuck with my schedule of chores till Angel came down with the chicken pox then
that threw it off. I will go back and start again on Monday. I only have chores scheduled
Mon- Fri and then Sat and Sun are for family and sometimes catch up like this weekend.
I have to do Angel 's laundry and my laundry too!
Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

lesson learned

I learned today that although you have a schedule of chores to get done sometimes you need to be flexible and sometimes more important things come up which need to be done. Today my daughter woke up with chicken pox. I usually do my chores right after work instead I was taking my daughter to the doctor to have it confirmed for her school. Then off shopping to buy a few things we needed to help her get better and purchasing a new webkinz for her because she is sick. I have never done this before but this time it meant something to her so a special surprise she didnt expect or even ask for. She is such a trooper she really has a positive outlook on life. This morning she said well I got the chicken pox I am so happy that I have a lot of them so I wont get them again when I am an adult. She has not complained once. The only ones that seem to bother her are on the top of her back where her hair rubs. We put up her hair so it will help a bit.
If you have any tips or special tricks to use while she has chicken pox please let me know.
The doctor told us this is her prescription a - aveeno b - benadryl( we dont need this she is not itchy right now) c- calamine lotion. He also told her to stay away from pregnant women and not to take ibuprofen or aspirin while she has the chicken pox due to brain swelling.
So I need to do two loads of laundry tomorrow instead of one to get caught back up again.
She wont let me take any pics!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

two things that work for me

First off it is a new product I have tried and now love. I want to go green and have tried a few that make me choke from the smell. This was such a great relief to find something that smelled good and worked so well it is clorox green dishwashing liquid. It cut right through anything without major scrubbing. The one thing you dont get a lot of bubbles but as I have read an ingredient is added to dishwashing liquids to suds up is not good for you. You do a get a bit. The smell is heavenly. Enough that I am going back to walmart tomorrow to stock up they have a coupon attached for a dollar off. It is 3.59 a bottle but with a dollar off and I am doing something good for my environment and me.
It sold me eough that I am probably going to buy all clorox green products!!!!!!!!! Has anyone tried them???????
The second thing that works for me is a pvr. Oh how I could not live without it. I love that I can set it up many different ways just to tape the show on a certain time or to tape it whenever it is on that way I dont miss any. I sometimes set it up to tape even if I watch it on a regular basis because sometimes I get busy with cleaning or really to be honest being on the computer and forget about it.
The other thing hubbie and I use it for is taping a set number of shows which we then watch together on Sat nights, our date night. We love it we get some favourite munchies and settle in.
OKay that is what works for me.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday's post about lists

Well I started on my daily list and was able to accomplish Monday's tasks. I have used this system before and then let it go but I know it will work and it lets me know right away the 1-3 things that
have to be done for that day. It works because if I am tired that is all I do but most times it motivates me to do more. I like it because if I accomplish what is on the list then I dont feel bad at all .
I started on my menu book today by copying and pasting out some recipes, I want to try, to one folder where I can easily find them. Next I need to buy a binder so I can print them out and divide them into main courses, desserts, and appetizers. Then it will make it easier to start menu planning. I believe that will make my life a lot easier too when again I can at a glance see what it is for supper instead of having to look through the fridge and cupboards to decide when you are ravenous.
I believe systems are important in making a household run smooth.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

oops forgot the Friday Fling

Well this week I worked on a lot of stuff that had to do with the computer. I deleted a lot of applications I dont use. I deleted emails that again piled up while I was working on me fest.
I will start again trying to keep the inbox clear each day and if I want to keep something making sure it gets put into a folder.
I cleaned up the livingroom and tossed a bag of paper clutter. I am going to work on that end table I have put off far too long!!!!!!!! Lots of paper to toss there too!!!!
I tossed some magazines they just keep coming and coming so now gone. I did keep a few I havent read that I want to read.
I went through my computer this week and started to organize all my photos into files so I could access them easier.
I deleted all built up mail again in my facebook account.
I think that is about all for now.
We went to a medieval fair today so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!
I am off tomorrow to see We will rock you in Toronto with friends so no cleaning that day.
Monday I start the new schedule and will tweak it as it needs to be as I go along.
It has warmed up here and summer is back happy to report too !!!!!!!!!!!
Okay that is truly enough babbling. Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It is only Wed.!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay this week has dragged by I guess it is because I have had no energy
being sick and all. I finally went to the doctor today , sudafed stopped
working, and I have a bronchial infection and sinus. Feels so much better
having the drugs so hopefully it doesnt take too long to allow me to bounce
I did take the opportunity today when a friend was coming over to make sure
my livingroom was completely done except one end table. I didnt get to it
when she called she was coming but the rest is spic and span. I thought she
was just going to drop by to pick something up quick but I thought what if
she wants to stay for a bit. It was the first time I had her over so she doesnt
need to know the truth yet. ;)
With the ladies show and then getting sick I had really let the house slip. It
feels sooooo much better to get it back to normal. I will work on dishes and
the kitchen tomorrow. I did wipe down the counter and the stove today while I
was making supper.
I need to work on laundry too !!!!!!!!!!! Yikes so much to do !!!!!!!!!
Starting next week I will make a list to follow on what to do on certain days
it worked before and I loved it at a glance you knew what you needed to do that day.
Plus if I have a list I can do it before work or after work my decision instead of
wondering what I should do.
Well off to get Angel ready for bed.
Oh btw if you are in the Kitchener/Waterloo area Marisa and Jayme from How do you solve a problem like Maria are putting on a benefit in St. Jacobs. I am doing some of their pr work . Already got one interview lined up for them.
Check the post before.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

an announcement

an announcement

100 days left till christmas

Yikes only 100 days left till christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you want to be organized though you can pop over
Tips everyday. Hope this will help me.

this week

Yikes I have come down sick and therefore probably wont accomplish as much as I wanted to.
I did though clean out my lunch bag of last year's papers so I could make way for this years.
I have been procrastinating it so much but it took like 2 minutes to do.
I went shopping for some stuff for the rabbit and socks for Angel today too. With the weather turning and getting so cold we needed socks but couldnt find any today so didnt procrastinate
that at all.
Tonight is student council meeting so that will take up a big part of my night and the finally of big brother too. For once I like both of the finalists so either can win.
We still are getting emails and phonecalls about our me fest . I have had a bunch of leads on new businesses that want to join us. Which all of this is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hopefully tomorrow I will be more back to normal and be able to have energy to get this house all cleaned up.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

update on Me fest

It was a HUGE success all vendors and customers were really happy. They were so happy even before the show was over they asked if we could do one in the spring. We got a lot of leads on new vendors that want in too!
I guess now back to the grind this week . My hubbie went and started cleaning up today, what a sweetheart, while I was drawing door prizes.

Monday, September 8, 2008

an award

I am excited to say I won this award. It means a lot to me because work for me is not only a job it is my passion working with children.
Check out this blog at

concentrating on my womans show

I can not believe that is it going to happen. It seems like not long ago
when my friend and I came up with the concept. We have been working
away and have over 70 vendors for our first show , not too bad.
We have guest speakers all lined up too one every hour to speak. We have
door prizes from our vendors to give away. All this for 5.00 or 3.00 with a
donation to the food bank. Wow what a deal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If I do say so myself. I almost forgot every vendor will give a freebie to you
of some sort or a free pampering service. Now that is a deal!!!!!!!!!
I am going to be really busy this week just getting final last minute
details done. I am not sure how much decluttering or cleaning that will go
on this week. I am concentrating on anything Me fest!!!!!!!!!!!!
So this Sat. if you are in Southern Ontario check it out might be worth it
to get away for the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Today and good quote

Today I am cleaning the livingroom and working on a few last minute details for my womans show next Sat. Just the finishing touches really. I am so looking forward to this day !!!!!!!!!!
I have a bit of running around to pick up some stuff for the show too.
Well I read a bit more last night from The Last Lecture and this quote stuck in my head I wanted to share it with you all Luck is indeed where preparation meets opportunity.
I love this quote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a great Sat.

Friday, September 5, 2008


Happy to report I have an empty yes empty inbox!!!!!!!!!! I have not had this since I started with this email account. I moved some into folders but most just went . I pressed select all and then quickly went through and sometimes checked them to keep them but most times pressed delete and they all went bye bye! I also found a folder that said junk mail it was my spam folder , didnt know, so I deleted all bagillion messages in there too !!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow so much lighter!!!!!!!!!
I am going to keep working on my documents folder this week and also bookmarks too lots there to delete. Out with the old and making room!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday' s Flings and a book review

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

I was really bad this week and didnt take any pictures of my decluttering but kept it up or tried to through out the week. I worked on my inbox more and deleted 100 emails. I unsubscribed from 5 more newsletters that wasnt working for me anymore. I tossed water bottles into recycling from my daughter's bedroom. I got rid of a bag more receipts , what was I thinking!!!!!!!!! Also another stack of magazines. On Sunday they are all being recycled to use on a vision boards. I got rid of two shirts that were stained . My old doctors notes for my previous subscriptions. I also started cleaning up my documents folder a bit (work in progress).

Well as most of you know it was time for me to go back to work after a great summer. On Tuesday of this week I started at a new school. I was really apprehensive the first day but quickly learned I had nothing to worry about . The school is awesome the staff are great too and the children for the most part are well mannered. Well they all welcomed me with open arms!!!!!!!!!!!!
The second day at my job I went to my new mailbox and found a book. I opened it up and it was a gift from the principal welcoming me. At first I thought wow what a nice thought but if it isnt a book I will read I will recycle( my decluttering mind). I didnt really look at it except the cover and the inside inscription till I got home. I told my daughter I had received a book and she asked to see it. I took it out of my bag and when I went to hand it to her I noticed the back cover a man and 3 children were on it. Then it hit me this is the story I had heard about and was so excited to have the book.
I have almost read all of it . It was really hard to put down and had to force myself not to stay awake and read it all in one night which I easily could have done.
If you dont recognize the title from the picture I have of the book let me tell you it is a not to miss book!!!!!!!!!!!! Last lecture is about a man that learns he has cancer and is offered to do one last lecture at Carnegie Hall. He decides to do it to leave a legacy for his children. The book goes into more details and lessons or he says lectures to learn. He says throughout the book there are 53 lectures. The one that sticks with me is the brick wall . A brick wall is not put up to stop you but to see how hard you really want something . To break through and achieve what you want on the other side. I love that !
It is a bit of a tear jerker though so have the kleenex ready.
Off to finish my book now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you have read it leave a comment did you love it too or what did you learn from it???????

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

oops need to post this too

Can you tell I am new to this whole award thing. I dont even know how to link to someone blog. Can someone tell me how to do this?????????
thanks inadvance

So, the rules for this award are:

1. If you receive the "Rock on Sistah Friend" award, you must post the button on your blog (in sidebar or in a post), and link back to Color Me Untypical.

2. Let me know if you receive the award from someone, so I can add you to our Sistah's Who Rock Blogroll, and give them my personal "Rock On Sistah Friend!"

3. In the post on your blog, you must give the award away to 3 other Sistah's who you think rock. Post links to their blogs, why they rock, and post the rules to the award. Also, let them know you've given them the award so they too can celebrate themselves and pass on the love.

an award

Tina from gave me this award and I am so touched by her comments. While her blog is called Where Do I Get Started??? Diane is a machine. I love reading her posts about decluttering and getting her home organised. She is an inspiration!

I need to pick 3 bloggers that I believe deserve it.

Marcia- - I love that we are working together to organize and declutter our houses. Your posts are inspiring . I also love the comments you leave for me they make my day !!!!!!!!!!!!

Another Marcia - She is the woman who set up the declutter challenge and motivated me enough to be able to do it this time.

Lastly Beth- She is the other woman who set up the challenge and her posts always give me great ideas on how to organize.

wordless Wednesday trip to the children's museum FUN

Last one shows Angel's favourite spot the school house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you want to see more pics go to