Tuesday, September 15, 2009

works for me Wednesday- social networking

Hi I dont do this very often. Okay I havent done it once since I started my blog.
I would love you to all take a minute and vote for my daughter to win a contest.
Here is the link www.myredcarpetexperience.com/fairviewpark/
You need to go to the 7-11 category and then second row Angel wearing the grey hat.
I am trying to use social media networking to see how it all works to connect and support
one another in our desires.
Thanks so much

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Operation Organization

Operation Organization

One more week left !!!!!!!!!! My weekends have been really busy and fun so I have not had time to post my goal for the weekend till Sunday or Monday but I do get around to it. Better late than never.

Here is my report I am still working on deleting all my inbox msgs. I have not been very good at keeping my inbox clean either which upsets me. I need to be more vigilant on doing this. I get so much mail every day and I am also in the process of organizing another womans show on Oct.3,2009 which makes for a lot of mail too!!!!!!!!!!
So this week I will be more vigilant and go through every email every day.

My cleaning schedule from last week worked but needs some tweaking which I already figured out. I missed a few things so they need to be added. So again I will work on this too.

The command center worked awesome when my daughter brought home notes I put them in the blue hanging folder. On the weekend I went through them and filled out what I needed to and then filed the rest on my holding shelf so I know where they are if I need to refer back to them. Which I might one is a field trip and a list of P.D. Days and list of teachers and their extension numbers.
I am thinking of buying a book and plastic pouches to store this in for future reference. I think the file folders might get to be a bit much.

Another busy week and I start my other school on Wed so then I will be working full time.

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Monday, September 7, 2009

We had a great long weekend the last before I go back to work and Angel goes back to school. I was so glad to see that summer weather has finally arrived for the last couple of days before school begins.
So last week I stated that I would clean off the computer desk. I did that and I couldnt believe how much things were piled up. I took everything off and then only put back what I really wanted to be on there. I wiped everything down too to get rid of all of the dust. I found a home for other things and then got my hubbie and daughter to find a home for their belongings too. It looks so much better right now and my family is not sitting here and sneezing!!!!!!!

My daughter cleaned out her launch pad center where her knapsack and any lunch bag go. I am so proud she takes on organizing challenges too!!!!! She even started going through things in her bedroom and was able to find a pile of books she doesnt want anymore. Maybe I am wearing off on her a bit!!!!!!!

So for this weeks challenge I set for myself is to set a cleaning schedule up that will work with going back to work and all the extra running around I will have . I also will get to try out the command center to see if it works.

The other challenge which might take two weeks is to go through all my inbox and clean it all out.

I learned this from another blogger which has worked for me so far. First step I did was make a folder that was labeled Sept 09 and put all my email into it so my inbox was empty. I now deal with this daily to keep it cleaned out. I have gone through the Sept 09 and have it down to about 1/2 of its size. I am sure it will take time because when you start with almost 4,000 msgs to weed through but it feels good to be purging and getting things under control.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

no more ironing !!!!!!!!

Okay lets get honest for a minute who am I kidding I rarely ironed. When it was a special occasion or something but that is about all. I tried to keep the wrinkles out of my clothing by catching them as soon as the dryer stopped and hanging them up. Yes that worked for a bit till I got a big lazy and they would sit or hubbie would take them out.
So I mentioned to a very good friend that I needed to buy a clothing steamer so I can be wrinkle free.
Well she was out shopping and she found a little hand held steamer very small and portable for only 12.00 so she picked up one for both of us. I decided to pull it out and try it yesterday and it worked so well . It took maybe 1-2 minutes a shirt!!!!!!!! No more wrinkles in this house!!!!!!!!
After today we are wrinkle free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I steamed 10 shirts for my daughter and will be doing more today!!!!!!!!!!
If you dont own one and you hate ironing seriously for the cost of the investment it pays for itself!!!

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Oops I forgot to post for the challenge

This weeks goal is pretty simple really with starting back to work tomorrow.

I have just set the goal as get the computer desk all cleaned and dusted. My daughter and hubbie keep sneezing when they are on the computer so I am guessing maybe a build up of dust!!!!!!!!! I have mentioned it to both of them but neither has taken the duster and dusted maybe they like to sneeze to clean out their sinuses!!!!!!
Number 2 goal was learn how to use my new clothing steamer- did that today and I will write a separate post about that.

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