Sunday, August 31, 2008

today the last day for decluttering

Last day I decluttered 5 of my daughter's shirts. When I was doing laundry I realized you
can declutter when you are doing other things not specifically decluttering. I didnt like 4 of the
shirts and they went into a bag shhhhhhh... she doesnt have to know and wont really miss them.
One had a stain so it had to go . Oh I forgot I threw out her old bathing suit too because we
bought a new one .
Tonight watching big brother and resting!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tomorrow I will do my laundry so I am already for Tues to go back to work.
Just like another fellow declutterer I decided to declutter my hair and my daughter's too !!!!! Here is a new pic of us with our new hairdo and my eye looking so much better.
Thank you for all the wonderful e-mails about my eye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what did I learn from the challenge

First off a big big thank you to Marcia and Beth for setting up this challenge which has changed my life. I have grown and learned so much from this challenge.What did I learn where do I start?? How has it changed my life again where to begin???
I first started this challenge by making a list of areas that were really really bothering me. I am proud to say that I tackled each area and now can make a new list. I need to do this week. I learned so much for each participant on their posts which have encouraged me to declutter other areas I hadnt even thought of at all. I learned you need a plan first which I did when I made a list. Then next you need to plan a time which most times took me so much less time than I had anticipated. Then start small just do one thing and it will encourage you to do more or set a timer for 15 minutes that also worked. It is just important to get started !!!!!!!!! Then once done one area I would love the great feeling or chi it produced. It also encouraged you to keep going on other areas.!! The real help was putting up our posts on our blogs and being accountable to someone too. It helped me a lot with all the encouragement that all the wonderful ladies that were also in the challenge. Doing it together really helped me!!!!!!!! Thanks ladies.
I was doing great with this challenge and then a challenge set in for me. I had something wrong with my left eye. I was on major drugs and for the majority of 3 days it knocked me out. I also couldnt see and was very disoriented . I was more than determined to keep doing this challenge and not give up just because I was challenged. So each day I found something that I could throw out. My daughter would remind me too and ask what I had gotten rid of each day which helped me too. She also really helped out a lot and I am thankful she got involved. She herself has set goals for each month for herself which will work out great and give her a lot of time to accomplish each area. So the decluttering bug has caught on.
So each day I would find at least one thing to declutter so I could stay in the challenge.
I have learned to think differently too which really helps. I think before buying /bringing something into my home where will it go. I have learned too everything needs a home which makes it easier to find or put back. I have also learned that when you do declutter you need to
remember to make room to grow . That way if you bring something new into your home that you can have room already for it.
The big big thing for me at least that I learned from this challenge and has changed my outlook on decluttering was get rid of what you dont love to make room for what you do love!!!!!!!!
Again a big big thank you to Marcia and Beth for changing my life who knew when I started this would be the time it clicked. I have tried many times so if at first you dont suceed try and try again till you do . It has been so worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you to all the ladies who were part of the challenge and have enouraged and supported me through this challenge and obstacles.

some things that are gone

I decluttered my facebook inbox deleted 230 emails . I just didnt look just deleted them all to start again fresh. I have never looked back on those emails so they should be gone. I have been working on my personal emails. I deleted 210 of those. I deleted some newsletters I havent read 10 or so of those. I loved them at one point but have moved on and dont anymore.
Although this was a tough week for me with my eye thing I still wanted to continue so each day I found at least one thing to declutter. I didnt declutter any major areas just misc. clutter.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursdays thoughts

This whole week really was going to be about getting better and ready for school which starts next week. Today was going to be a rest day for us but then we went to the hairdressers to get our hair cut for school tonight .
I found a plastic plate that was cracked so out goes that and also I found a big bag of old receipts that I am tossing too. I was going to join some business and you needed to have receipts that was a year ago. When I went for the explaination I knew I wasnt joining but never got rid of the receipts. I also found some receipts in an envelope from 2 years ago yikes. I of course cant find the receipt of the skirt I purchased two years ago for my daughter that the zipper broke and we could return it with the kids guarantee at walmart. So this way I will have to take it to a tailor to be fixed. It is such a cute skirt it was about 6 months ago it broke and havent really gotten around to it. But now I will.
I am starting an envelope for clothing that is purchased for Angel so I will know where the receipts are if I need them ever again.
Tomorrow I am off a childrens museum with friends.
Not sure what I will declutter but I will find at least one thing. I have been so motivated to at least find one thing and that is always so easy to do. The thing I think of if you just get rid of one thing each day of the month that is 30 things without a whole lot of effort. It has been hard while I was on meds but Angel has really stepped up to the plate to remind me one thing mom and then she has been decluttering too which helps so much. She reminds when I get down and tired that one thing is nothing easy mom. I really appreciate her encouragment and help around the house this week!!!!!!!!!!
I have a whole bunch of old old mail that has to go but I want to shred or will need to cut them all up so maybe I will do that tomorrow. Wait I know what I will declutter my end table you see when I first enter my house. It will feel good to have it all organized. I am sure just a lot of papers that can go and be recycled.
I am calling my Friday posts Friday Flings from now on. I like that idea!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

almost back to normal

I pleasantly woke up this morning and my eye is getting smaller and smaller each day. I now know it will be healed by Tuesday which I am back to work.
I feel like I have been slacking off all week with getting things done around the house. With this strong meds I am on they just really made me really really tired. I think now though I am getting used to them and they are working !!!!!!!!!!!! My daughter kept cleaning little areas though. Today she is working on our backpack station. Which I will post a pic when all done.
Okay so today I used it as a catch up day I started with dishes and now they are all done !!!!!!! I guess if momma doesnt do them nobody does in this house. Wiped down the kitchen cupboards and stove while I was at it.
Then went through an old box and found some more old catalogues to get rid of . I also decided a bit hard to do but I still did to get rid of some thank you cards from the kids last year.
Then I moved on to my computer desk all cleaned up now . It was one big pile that just kept growing and was about to topple over .
The one thing while I was going through things today was something I learned from my last book if you have a system set up where everything has its place although it might get messy it wont take long to straighten it back up again. This really helped to get this house back in shape after my eye illness. All you ask is where does this go ?? where does this go?? and then put it in the place it belongs.
I also got rid of 1/2 bag of garbage papers, old roses from hubbie and misc. stuff.
I feel soooooo good now.
Tonight I will be having a movie night with my daughter we are watching E.T. which I never knew we owned . I said to my daughter " Ouch" like E.T. did . She looked at me strange. I told her it was from E.T and then asked if she had ever watched it. She said no and I told her we would have to rent it so she could see it. She said but mommy we own it. I said no way and then
she said look in that box. She knew exactly where it was. While I was getting it we exchanged some younger disney movies that were out and replaced them with ones she hasnt seen yet and wants too.
See what you find when you arent looking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My friend please help

Over at 5 minutes for mom blog they are having a contest for a mom who deserves to win a laptop . This is my nod for my good friend Suzy.
If she is a finalist I will set up the link for voting. Lets help someone who is really deserving.

I would like to tell you about a wonderful person in my life. Her name is Suzy McNeil. She is a loving, giving person which I am honored to call my friend.
Suzy is multi-talented. She is a singer, an artist, an entrepreneur, but her biggest accomplishment is being a outstanding mother to a son with Autism.
As busy as all of lives are today, try to imagine having a special needs child & on top of that dealing with your own diagnose of Fibromyalgia . This little lady takes it all in stride.
I was fortunate enough to meet Suzy as she was a guest speaker of an event I was at. It was her first time doing public speaking, but you would have never known. Her honest & funny outlook brought us to tears & back to laughter over & over again. Through much encouragement she has finally decided to take her personal journey & put it in book form. She has a first hand look of how Autism affects her family & has developed many resources to help her son gain some independence. This book will be influential to both those with or without an Autistic family member.
However there is one thing holding her back. She can't use the family computer for her writing as it is mainly used for her husband's Karaoke business & feels she can't be down in the basement when she has other things to attend to (mainly her son). The best way to help her get all of her great ideas & comical antidotes down would be on a laptop which can be easily transported to the rooms her son is at. Then she can find those tidbits of time while he is occupied to author this book which I feel will have a great impact on the world. Suzy is so deserving of this opportunity & I hope you believe that too.

works for me Wednesday

This I love I made myself a cleaning basket which holds everything I will need.
So easy to cart from room to room. I would love to have one in the bathroom
but no room right now maybe some day.
It just makes cleaning so much easier when you have everything in one place
and you can just grab and go and know that you have it all and you wont have
to run up and down the stairs for things.
Take notice my favourite cleaning product Mr. Clean Sponges!!!!!!!!!! I have am
slowly making the change to natural cleaners too so not as many bottles needed.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

mail /paper center

This is our center all cleaned up and ready for school to start next week.
I changed it and gave hubbie top so he can pile his stuff onto his tray so he
doesnt block my daughter and my spot by piling it all infront of the
organizer on the counter. Before he had a different spot. Sure hope this works better!
We love this and it works so well to keep track of papers.

Monday, August 25, 2008

getting better

I am slowly getting better thanks for all the wonderful get well take care emails
from my blogger friends.
It has been hard to only be on the computer for 5 minutes to check emails for any
new things happening with the womans show that I am co-hosting on Sept.13.
We made the floor plan on Sat. and we have 78 vendors for our first show. We
received a few more emails asking about spots too yesteday .
Lots of planning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is all really coming together I am so happy.
Well today still not 100% but getting there. I am on heavy duty meds and eye cream
too which is making me really tired. Thankfully I have one more week before I go to
My daughter has continued cleaning with moms help. She has went through her old
school stuff and now ready for school next week. We have to go out and buy a new
backpack and a few things later in the week. She got rid of a ton of papers, old lunch
bag. I am always so proud when she cleans.
I have gone through my mail /paper center and cleaned it out and reorganized it too.
I will post later. I have changed it around from before and given hubbie top shelf to
be easier for him to put stuff on top. He had a spot but was still piling things infront
so hopefully this will work.
OKay off to rest the eye.
Tomorrow sidetable when you enter my house. Just getting rid of lots of old old papers.
Happy Decluttering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

please vote

My friend found this site and wanted me to enter so I did.
The before is how I look today with the chalazion.
The after was my anniversary pic.
Please help me win !!!!!!!!!!!
If not go and have a good laugh.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

quick note

I might not be on the computer too much the next few days. I have developed a chalazion
under my left eye. When I am on the computer it makes my eye water. I will still be
decluttering though. I hope to be back on again maybe Monday I will try it. Sure hope
the meds kick in fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have fun decluttering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

what I learned this week

I learned this week to leave room to grow and I have tried really hard to just that with the spots I declutter . That room so if one thing gets added it hasnt blown your whole system. I guess you could just get rid of something too but I have a hard time doing that each time I buy something new. For me decluttering is easier all at once in areas.

I also learned that although some weeks will be busier than others you can always find a little time to declutter .

I have been reading a great book this week almost done and I have learned a lot !!!!! The name of the book and I highly recommend it is "Best Organizing Tips" by Stephanie Winston.
Oh just noticed she has another one called "Getting Organized". I will have to put that one on hold at the library to read next because I really like the one I am reading now. There are so many tips but useful tips you can apply to your life.

Fridays post and daughter's dresser

I guess it has caught on in my family. My daughter decluttered the rest of her
drawers today. She wanted to take the pics so if they arent the best that is why. She got rid of a whole pile of clothing! Way to go Angel!

I learned about this technique to allow children to see all of their clothes on words
for me Wednesdays back in July. I wanted to try it and she loves the idea.
I will let you know how it goes after laundry day.
I like the idea of it too.
I also posted pics of what I got rid of yesterday and a bag I am donating to a womans shelter.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

coffee table pic

Here is the pic of my coffee table when it is not piled high with stuff. I love the feeling it gives
me when I first clean it all off . Enjoy Tina.

I bet the cupboards under the bathroom sink

Okay I am having a hard time uploading these the right way the before and afters. I have tried 4 times now so these will have to do . I am sure you can see what is the before and after.
I just used the baskets that I used 3 years ago when I cleaned it out the first time.
I wouldnt mind getting more clear baskets with the green handle to have all the same. I will have to check dollerama. It is a hard spot to organize because it is so small plus the back wall is slanted.
I was able to purge a whole bag to give away to a womans shelter and a whole bag of garbage too
which I will post tomorrow being Friday.
Wow another week gone by. I have one more week off till I am back at work in the schools. This summer went by fast but I feel that I have accomplished a lot !
Happy decluttering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Hello this week is soooo busy one of my best friend's is on holidays and she
has become my social secretary. No really I am having so much fun!!!!!!!!
Thanks you know who you are.
Okay so yesterday I took pics for Tina of my coffee table which I will post
later tonight.
Yesterday although very busy still wanted to keep decluttering so I was
putting away my pots and pans after washing them and found an old
loaf pan I never use good-bye and then found 2 old phonebooks they
are now in the recyling . Again pics added later.
Today another busy day but managed to get rid of the summer activities
guide and the summer library schedule and replace them with the fall
Also Angel and I set up a little schedule so she wouldnt be overwhelmed
with decluttering. She would go through one drawer a day . Really there
are only 4 drawers she has to go through. Happy to report one drawer
down and a few things that were too small out of the drawer.
Well off to visit another friend tonight although I just came home from
visiting a good friend this afternoon who taught Angel all about clay.
I will post pics when I come home tonight.
Keep decluttering!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

relaxing day

With summer winding down I spent the day at a waterpark with my daughter .
I forgot the camera or you would have had some pic to look at.
I was really tired when I got home and came really close( being honest) to
not doing any decluttering today but I knew on my list there were a few
smaller things I wanted to accomplish. So after a little nap I went through
old catalogues and got rid of them off to recycling. I only kept one I want to
order from.
I am still working on email inbox. Wow I signed up for a lot of newsletters that
are not that great and really just cluttering up my inbox. Slowly I have been going
through them and the ones I really see over and over again still bolded that I havent
read I decided to unsubscribe. I havent missed them because I havent read them.
I want the email that ends up in my inbox to be useful and meaningful.
I deleted a whole bunch of emails that I had read and then just left there dont know
why though. Again bye bye bye. I bet it will take at least a week to declutter my inbox.
I started the simplicity course today from Beth that I was so lucky to win !
I made a separate folder for the
simplicity course so I can keep them organized and in one place easy to find.
Tomorrow is the under the bathroom sink and making homemade banana loaf.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Today was a great day we had what is called Kidspark in our local park where
there are activities for children to do and it is all free. So todays decluttering
takes place at the park every single business /event is handing out pamphlets
so what I did before I even left the park while we were waiting inline for an
activity was went through all that I had been given and recycled many.
The only ones I keep are vendors that I will be contacting for my womans
show and one for fund raising at school. It felt good not to be bringing home
tons of paper that would be thrown somewhere and then gone through later.
I will go through them again tonight send out invites to the ladies show and then
recycle all that paper too.
Last night I went on youtube and checked out some organizing videos between
reading organizing articles, the videos and the books I have been reading I have
learned a few things.
1) if everything has a home then when things get messy it is fast to just put things
back in their homes( really surface cleaning)
2) if it takes less than 5 minutes just do it
3) dont keep anything you dont love !!!!!!! That way you can find room for the things you love by
getting rid of the things just taking up space.
Once again a huge huge thank you goes out to Marcia for starting this challenge.
My home is starting to feel like a home and not just a house with stuff.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

making hubbie think

Remember when I posted that I had to ask hubbie about somethings
to discard. We are going to be making bread again because we can
get to the breadmaker. We got rid of a lot of things and hubbie was
all for it . No we wont use that lets get rid of it !!!!!! Maybe he is coming
around . He even did the dishes today to help me out .


Well hubbie was off to value village again today to take this weeks haul. It is getting to be
a regular thing for him on Sat. to do that.
I am working on cleaning out my inbox and making folders to put msgs into that I want to
keep so eventually my inbox will be empty. I will read the email and deal with it right away.
Organizing and decluttering I am finding is an empowering experience .
This week will be to finish under the bathroom sink and go through a box of old catalogues
and videos . I can bet I will be recycling the catalogues . I get one every week and shove it
under my one end table. Now is the time for them to go!

Friday, August 15, 2008

all done !

Okay so that again didnt take too long.
I threw away a lot of stuff I know I wont
use and dont love. I had jello molds from
when I worked in daycare that I had accumulated
but NEVER used.
I did keep two things that I wasnt sure of getting rid
of will talk to hubbie breadmaker machine. We used
to use this all the time and havent used in awhile but
maybe now that it is easily accessible we will. If not
it will go too!! Second we are always looking for bigger
containers to store food in and we usually only find one
and keep using it over and over again. I found 3 when I
was cleaning out the cupboard so will keep an eye out and
see if we use them in the next couple of months now that I
know where they are. If not they will be gone too .
We only use the stewing pot in the winter so was thinking of
moving it downstairs and putting in the crockpot. I will think
about that one. Overall I was really happy with the result and
the amount of stuff I got rid of .
Enjoy the pictures. Now the kitchen is officially decluttered!!!!!!

Rainy day decluttering

I decided today if I have only one more cupboard left in the kitchen
I would tackle it. I havent yet I am going to after I blog about it.
Just a rainy day here yuck !
I am reading Confessions of an Organized Housewife almost done
will finish it tonight and start on another. I have 2 1/2 more organizing
books to read still.
If you havent checked out this book it is really good a bit older but what
she says really makes you think. I love that now the part I am reading
is actually pictures and ideas on how she organized her house and what
worked for her. Some ideas I am going to scoop from her.
Well off to clean.
The pics above are some of the stuff I have decluttered this week.
I will post before and afters of the kitchen cupboard when finished.
I am sure a lot will be going to goodwill.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


So some days just dont work out the way you thought they would.
I watched my daughter swim in the pool and I read a book on organizing
and decluttering .
Then I started on the bathroom cupboard. I have 1/2 a bag of stuff right
now ready to donate but have to go through the rest. I threw out a lot of
older samples I thought I would use but didnt. Then a friend called and
well never got back to it. I missed my daughter when she went camping so
we are making up for the time and spending a lot of it together.
It is a work in progress nothing to really show of it . Tomorrow it will be
finished though!!!!!!!!! I plan on taking it all out so it all has to be gone through
to be put back .
That is the goal for tomorrow . I also have to go to the library to get
tickets for a zoo show for next week and return a library book I read
called Harmonic Wealth.
Well that is all for today .
Can hardly wait to see the posts tomorrow from everyone.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

two small projects

Yesterday was quite busy with picking up Angel from camp. We got our books ready to take to the summer party at the library so we cleaned out the bag. We threw out a bottle and some papers we really didnt need.
Today was busy too library summer end program and a carnival. I decided to clean up a pile of stuff that was on the printer. I put a lot of stuff back where it belonged but tossed out some garbage and papers not needed.

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, August 11, 2008

Before and Afters of the Closet

teach an old dog new tricks- update on closet

Well it is weird either I am getting it and starting to understand how to declutter
or something. It didnt take me much time at all to fix up Angel's closet. Really
last night it took maybe 15 minutes to empty it all. Then it looked overwhelming
and I wasnt sure where I would start !! I thought I have taken on too much on my own and was a bit worried. Then I just thought no problem just pick
up something start small and keep going. Oh first hubbie and I went and bought
the white shelf to add put that in and I went shopping for the pink baskets to
organize things into.
It maybe took me an hour to declutter her whole closet after that. I thought it
would take me hours and hours.
The one thing I remembered learning about decluttering and organizing was to
leave room to grow. Happy to report it sunk in and two of the pink baskets are
empty and see the top of the shelf is empty too. I think the stuff on the top shelf
though except the planetarium and dvd box are going into storage. I think I am
going to move her luggage downstairs to be stored like ours. I was thinking why
does she have hers in her room when we dont. Have no idea how that happened??!
Then we can think if he want to add more storage stuff for her to the bottom of her closet
or maybe move some toys from the livingroom up to her bedroom. Hmmm... the later sounds
like a good idea to me.
Hope you enjoyed the pictures. This is what I decluttered .
Now I can relax for the rest of today and tomorrow will declutter the last kitchen
Then I will have two rooms totally decluttered kitchen and daughter's room.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

off to camp and some more decluttering

I was getting Angel all packed up for camp which she will be gone till Tuesday evening. I have a surprise I am working on for her and shhhhh... she has no idea. The surprise is I will have her whole closet cleaned out . I will show you the before in todays post and then once I am done will show you the after. I already have bought some things for organizing but will have to go out and buy some more. Can you tell I already have a plan for the way I want it. I sure hope it turns out as good as the idea in my head.
I posted a pic of the fridge today love love the baskets. All I need to buy or find is a labeler to label the baskets so everyone knows where stuff goes .

I thought today would be real busy and I would only be able to find time to declutter one thing but something else happened when we were getting Angel ready for camp and I wanted to do her hair I thought of the free samples of awesome goody elastics I received at a womans show I attended in April. I went to get the little luggage suitcase and took them out but realized what a mess that was and decided to declutter the suitcase. I threw out a lot of papers . I put the samples away that I wanted to keep and started a bag to give to a friend who works at a womans shelter. After I go through the cupboards under my sink in the bathroom I will have a ton of stuff to give her . Now look at the pic above the suitcase is empty ready for the next show in November. Well that is all for today .
Tomorrow the closet is going down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

now the pic hopefully

For some reason it wouldnt let me post pics in my other post so here they are.

more from today and product review

Congratulations to all the winners in the decluttering challenge I think the
big prize for me is to have my house clean which I love. Thanks again Marcia.

We did all our errands and I was so excited in our travels I finally found
caps for the top of our toothbrushes. I have wanted new ones for a bit
now. I grabbed 4 packs so we can use 2 packs and have two for when we
need them again. I dont mind having stuff I know I will be using for sure.
I think that is a good reason to declutter all the stuff you wont ever use
to make room for the stuff you really do want!!!!
I was thinking wow I am having fun doing this challenge and love the way
it feels with all the stuff gone out of the house why doesnt it stay that way??
I need to find some systems that will allow me to keep it that way I think that is
the big trick with me so I will be working on this . Any hints or tips for this?
So when I was all done shopping I cleaned out the fridge decluttered old stuff
and wiped it all down another ahhhhhhhh... feeling and love the way it looks
with my new baskets. I dont think I took a pic of the fridge I will post it tomorrow.

Okay so if you have been following along with me last week I bought the rip off
green bags that are advertised on tv. Well today I did the test I checked the
strawberries that I put them in and nothing no mold or anything which usually
happens. They smelled so good and fresh better than when we bought them.
So I went and bagged a cucumber, carrots and blackberries. Love them they
work awesome. No more throwing out fruit or veggies that makes me feel

yesterday and today

Okay 8, 8, 08 was not a lucky day for me. I felt so sick for most of the day
so I decluttered an old broken electric can opener, penguin cookie jar and
some grill you put on your stove?? See I dont even know what it was really
or where it came from.
Today I have decluttered 2 more garbage bags of clothing that should have
went a long time ago. I found a small bag too so it went too I didnt even look
in it.
Today feeling so much better!!!!!!
I am in a purging kind of mood if I have enough time I might do the one
kitchen cupboard but we will see. I have a few errands to run to get Angel
all ready to go to camp tomorrow and we need get her all packed up too.
I am getting good at this purging thing. I really like the idea that my daughter
is too she is fast I tell her the rule touch it and decide keep( love it ), doesnt
fit (give away) yucky will never wear it ( either donate or garbage).
Okay so off to run errands and then I will post my decluttering pics for you
all to enjoy.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

decluttering challenge

Okay a little more than 7 items but there was more I just couldnt repost them all.
Thanks once again to everyone in the challenge who keeps me motivated.

thankful and more decluttering

Today I want to start my blog by saying how grateful I am for Marcia for starting the decluttering challenge. I am also very grateful to all the wonderful women that joined in
and motivate me every day to keep decluttering and organizing!!!!!!
I have learned so much and apply more and more everyday to my life and it enlightens
my life to learn more but to feel the ahhhhhhhhh feeling. I am sure if you have been doing
the same thing as me you know what I mean by that kind of feeling.
I did my dishes so cleaned the kitchen up too! I purged 2 plastic cups that were getting
yucky. Then moved on to the bathroom and took pics and cleaned. I purged that old
angel toothbrush holder and replaced it with my clear toothbrush cup holder, love it!
I purged magazines that were in the bathroom on top of the toilet and moved some
papers around. I cleaned out the green basket as you have already noticed garbaged
some things and moved others to other places.
Overall a good productive day!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh btw MarciaHD I hoped you like the pics of before and after of my bathroom.
I have been working on keeping it clean daily putting things away.
I also posted my cosmetic drawer I did about a month ago when I found these
awesome containers are the dollar store.