Monday, February 1, 2010

Feb. Organizing challenge

Laura has set up an organizing challenge for the month of Feb. I find I get the winter blues in Feb. so I thought this might help me to get through one of the hardest months for me.
I was trying to decide did I want to clean one small space or a whole room and then which one pops into my head. I decided to go around my house and take pics of the messy / unorganized spaces I would love to work on this month. Not sure how much I will get done but we will see.
Once I took those pictures I worked on two areas in one big area to start. There was a lot of clutter on my small couch so I took maybe 10 minutes to put the things where they belonged and now it is empty.
The other spot was an end table that was piled high with clutter and junk and who knows what. This area took a bit longer it looks a lot better and is organized now too.
Wow that all feels good to have accomplished something today.
Thanks Laura for the challenge.
If you want to check out what everyone else is organizing or want to join the challenge feel free to go to Laura's website.