Monday, May 18, 2009

Holiday and cleaning

Today in Canada we are celebrating Victoria Day. We get to have a day off to celebrate .
Yesterday one of our good friends had a bbq party complete with fireworks to celebrate.
Awesome food, long lost friends, great times and wonderful fireworks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So today with having the day off thought that it would be a good day to do some deep cleaning
of the living room. So I cleaned everywhere in the living room every nook and cranny. Wow it gleams and I love it. All I have to do now is to keep it that way. It might be harder said than done but I am sure going to try hard. That is where I falter is keeping up with what I do. I am really really good at the deep cleaning , organizing and purging too but then it is to maintain what I have done. I am not the best at that but will try and try again till I accomplish this.
My goal is to deep clean , organize and purge every room so that all I have to do is maintain each room every day . I know there are some blogs I read about them doing room a day. I know that would tire me out too much and some rooms will take more than a day to do so I am trying to be realistic.
I didnt take a pic of todays cleaning but have one that from the past that looks like it does now that I will post .
I also made a list today of what I want to accomplish in every room by the end of the summer. I think that gives me lots of time to complete my list.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

what works for me

Antibac Baby Body Pack

Personal Care

What works for me is the face clothes we have bought from Norwex.
My daughter used to have really acne prone skin, thanks to hormones.
We had tried countless products to find they dont work. We started using
the faceclothes and no product and she has only a few break out spots left.
You read that right no products just water and the cloth. Like a miracle really.
I love that we arent putting any product on her face that contains nasty chemicals
but it is purely 100% natural. So if you want to save money and just use water and a
cloth this is the way to go. Plus they are guaranteed for 2 years .
If you live in the tri-city area here is the wonderful norwex salesperson I use. Her name
is Sherri. But if not she can ship to you . If you do order please mention my name . Thank you She is very knowledgable and friendly and so helpful.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday and sick

Okay today I was really feeling under the weather. I went to the doctor
and I have bronchitis. I have the good drugs so I should feel better by
morning they say. I didnt do much today but kept up anyway with doing
a little something. I washed towels, my laundry and my daughter's bedding.
I was really hoping to do more but just didnt have the energy.
I loved my blue snuggie blanket . I was wrapped up in it all day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Monday, May 11, 2009


So like I said in a past blog post that I would do something every
day . Today the task that really needed to be completed was to
put away 2 loads of folded laundry . I went to put away my daughter's
laundry and the drawers were a huge mess. So I took the time to refold
all of the clothes in the drawer so they would be neat and easy to find. I also
purged what I thought was too small for her too !!!!
I love awhile ago I showed my daughter of a post that someone posted
where they folded and rolled their clothes to fit them all in but to be able
to see them easily. Here is a past picture but really that is very similiar to
what it looks like today too.
Happy Monday!!!!!!!!!!
I think I am getting bronchitis off to the doctors tomorrow to check.

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day to all my fellow mom bloggers!!!!!! Mothers day to all moms out there!
I was so spoiled I love it!!!!!!!!!!!! For me this is the most important day to celebrate . I have known or all I have wanted since I was 6 was to be a mommy to a little girl. My dreams came true and I have a beautiful daughter named Angel. We have had a lot of problems when we have tried to have another. I am so thankful god gave me what I had asked for all my life.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My discovery

Yesterday I was reading some posts on blogs about organizing and decluttering and why it does or does not work for people. I realized again that for me it is truly very very important to have a schedule and follow it for my cleaning. If I dont I find I come home from work go on the computer and then look around and say where should I start????????? But then it is time to make supper and I dont start. So I am going to give me the rest of the week but starting Monday there will be a schedule and I will follow it pretty closely. Hopefully it will bring about order to this house instead of chaos.
I need to start writing things down again. I feel such a huge accomplishment when I stroke things off my list plus all the things are not in my head. This way I can empty out my head and get everything to paper. This way I wont miss anything!!!!!!!!!! Like I went to the mall this week bought a couple of cute tops but forgot to buy myself deodorant. Thankful my daughter uses it too! But if it had been written down I would have looked and purchased it.
So back to the old ways and hopefully I will get back to the ordered life or somewhat.

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

wow two days

Cover of "Harmonic Wealth: The Secret of ...Cover via Amazon

Well today I decided I needed a me day , a relaxing day where I did nothing. I had a few things on my agenda but decided to scrap all of those and have a PJ day and stay in . I have played on the computer, talked on the phone, and read some new magazines that my hubbie bought for me.
I will read some more of my James Ray - Harmonic Wealth
I might even read some of Anthea Turner's book - How to be a Perfect
Housewife. My goal is to go back through both of these books and
get ideas how to add to my life and how to change my life and my home for the better.
I will watch some pvred shows too tonight with hubbie .
Just a day to do nothing once in awhile you just need that
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Friday, May 1, 2009


Wow it has been almost a whole month since I blogged. I have been so busy there was a wedding and then for 3 weeks I have been posting for internal jobs, interviewing, dealing with a sticky situation and lastly have been sick for 2 weeks. First with the flu and then a cold that seems to be clearing up now. So back to normal at my house.
I am working on getting the house back to normal again too though. So I started today by cleaning part of the livingroom and then tomorrow I will finish it. My hubbie cleaned most of the kitchen last night so all I have left to do there is to clean up the message center. I have also decided to contain the mess and get it back to the pic below I want to add file folders to contain papers and keep them organized . Maybe like a different colour for each subject like school, job , coupons, etc. I will be working on this one more this week. I also have to get my daughter's laundry under control again. I have it all washed just needs to be folded and put away.
Lastly I want to get my room back to how I had it 3 weeks ago. No excuse but it has been busy and once you put a piece of clothing on the dresser then more comes and it is so easy just to add to it.
A few things to accomplish this week.
I will report back on how I did.
So back to normal. I will try my best to blog a little more often too.
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