Saturday, January 31, 2009

more on accountability

Well I will tell the truth I really didnt keep up my end of the deal I posted. I thoroughly cleaned my bathroom and picked up a bit around the house yesterday but didnt do any laundry! I know how terrible of me. I have made up for it today though I have washed two loads now and will have dried two loads by the end. I plan on folding today, tonight and tomorrow if needed. I dont watch the super bowl so I will put in a movie and fold or watch some stuff on my pvr. Then I want to have it all put away by Sunday night or the lastest Monday when I come home from work. When I come home on Monday night from work the towels are all going in to be washed so I can start following through on my new laudry schedule!
The class I went to yesterday on autism was absolutely amazing I learned so much and met so many nice people. We have part two next p.d day in Feb. I can hardly wait. They said we might have another in April too so we have to contact our union rep and ask her if we can. I cant believe for us it was free and so useful!!!!!!!!!! I now have a list of new things I want to try with my child I work with.
Well off to rest and finish the laundry.
Oh a tip for you all I read on works for me Wednesday is to put your clothes in the dryer for 20 mins. and then when the timer goes off take out the wrinkly kind of clothes like dresses, blouses etc and put them onto hangers to dry . It said they would look crisp like you ironed them. Well I am happy to report to you all I tried it and it works so well. I have done it twice now blouses, little sweaters, dresses, and skirts and all of them looked crisp like I ironed them. I think I might even start hanging some pants and others to dry on their own too because I dont seem to mind too much taking them out and hanging them up but folding them after is another story!!!!!!!!!!
Do you have any laundry hints?????????????????

Thursday, January 29, 2009

being accountable

Okay so this is blog post on being accountable. I have really used blogging as a way of being accountable to myself and my blog friends to follow through on what I said I was going to do.
I need to be held accountable again to get back on track after being sick for the last few weeks.
So I am giving myself tomorrow and all weekend to get caught up on the laundry first priority.
Most of my house is not too bad some dishes need to be put in the dishwasher and it emptied first of course , the livingroom looks good a bit of easy pick up . My bathroom is good and nice and clean too. So overall it is the laundry that is out of control. I have been reading a lot of blog posts on how to make it work because it seems like a lot of people cant keep up with their laundry. I dont mind bringing it down or sorting it , washing it or even drying it. It is the end step the folding and putting away. I usually take time to fold most of it and then leave it to sit in a pile so when I find myself needing something I go to the pile. I really want to get this under control. I have decided that is the main goal to accomplish. So by Sunday evening I will have run two more loads through and folded 1 that is waiting for me and put away a load that is all folded. I will have the other two loads washed, dried, folded and put away too!!!!!!!!!
Then I will go to a schedule for laundry that has worked for me in the past. I wash all towels on Monday so I put them in when I get home and then dry them. I take them upstairs when tucking my daughter in bed and put them away or hang them. Then on Thurs I do my daughter's laundry. I again do the same thing wash when I get home and dry take it upstairs when she is going to bed and fold and put them away then. My hubbie does his own laundry when he needs it. I do mine not on a regular schedule but as needed basis too.
I am going to work on a house cleaning schedule too to start next week.
Monday is the day.
So tomorrow is a P. D. day and I am off to an autisim conference for the day. But when I get home I will be putting in one load of laundry and folding another. That will be a great start!!
If you have any laundry tips that work for you please let me know.
Another thing I might try is folding my daughter's laundry but have her put it away .
I mean look at the top pic she is the one who organized her drawer after me showing her a pic that someone else took. I think she did a great job and her drawers are still like that too !!!!!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

touching blog I have been following all week

So I found this blog by way of another blog dont remember which one though sorry brain fog.
I share it with you because it really has touched my heart
Pray for Harper and she is doing so much better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you are a mom you will find this as moving as I am!!!!!!!!!!

Pre-empted due to illness

I havent forgot about all my fellow blogger friends but I have really been under the weather this week. I knew something was going on first a cold or so I thought and now not sure just a lot of pressure in my head which is making me feel very very ill. So just taking the time to relax and get better and I will be back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Finding time for ourself

It is so easy when you become a mom to put yourself last. The baby or children come first so what they need gets done and you on the back burner. The other is do everything for your hubbie and not think about yourself. Lastly I think it is us just thinking there is not enough time in a day to take time for ourself.
I do take some time each day when my daughter goes to bed I have "me " time which I love and look forward to without guilt. I need that time to re-energize for the next day.
Today I took some time for myself to get pampered! Yes dont do that one very often but today with the winter blahs and all I decided I really needed it. I got a pedicure which was awesome and had my toes painted dark sparkly purple . Every time I look at them they make me smile so hopefully it will help me through this dark dreary cold winter!!!!!!!!!!
I also got my hair cut considerably shorter to again have something a bit different.
We need to remember to take time for ourself so if you havent done that inawhile then take some time today. Have a bubblebath, read without interruption, by yourself something small, or get a haircut or pedicure because you are worth it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

winter blahs

Okay so today here it was -28 with the windchill this morning. Yikes just a bit cold. I was happy though to see the sun out !
So to shake the winter blahs which have set in a little early the one school I am at had " Bake Potato Day"! Just an aside before I begin the description of the smorgasbourg that was at school today , we have had snow since Oct enough is enough.
OKay so they suggest having Bake Potato Day which sounded really good to me and made me smile for the whole week. I thought yummy warm potato with many many toppings awesome!!!!!
Oh there was so much more than that not only did we have baked potatoes with toppings( bacon, cheese, butter, sourcream, chili and onions( not for me) we had so much more.
We had 3 different salads, deviled eggs( again not me) but looked good, 2 pies, squares, 2 types of pickles, olives, squares, and mini - donuts. Oh and yes good yummy vegetable tray too and dip.
Oh I could barely move I had to wobble out of the staff room.
So then I go to my afternoon school and they have home made cinnamon buns there and a few other sweet treats. I couldnt disappoint whoever made the cinnamon buns so I had part of one yummy.
Needless to say I have only had a very small supper like a snack size really and I wont need to have any snacks tonight.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I asked them what day is next ????????????? I am addicted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What are others doing to beat the winter blahs?????????????????????????

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

what works for me

What works for me when organizing was to have a home for things. The one thing that really bothered me a lot was when my daughter came in she would just put her knapsack in a corner and then snowpants and whatever else she was bringing in. It got to be such a mess I was continually cleaning it up. So what I did was went out and bought two baskets with lids.
One holds her knapsack and I dont see it the other just holds mitts and miscellaneous things . The corner is so neat and I love it ! One less spot to see clutter. So the moral of this story is mom
is happy and the clutter is contained. I will post a pic later today.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

tackled the driveway

Here in Ontario Canada we had snow none stop all day!!!!!!! When I got home the driveway
was a huge mess and hubbie was at work. I have used our little snowblower once before but
truthfully have no idea how it to do it or how it really works. So tonight after supper I put my
mind to it and I went out and started snowblowing the driveway. It is not the best I am sure but
as I have mentioned I really dont know what the best way to go about it is . I am sure my hubbie will be surprised when he gets home at midnight that the driveway is done. He always needs to clean it up a bit though I do what I can ! So today I tackled the driveway and my neighbour said it looks great you did a good job! Now to get warm!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

book review and ad on to happiness

Okay I have been reading Happiness Now as recommended on Oprah first off what I have got from the book is that we have to be happy on the inside "genuinely happy" and not rely on the external. I am still reading but skeptically . I do agree that you do have to be happy with what you have now and not what you could have in the future to make you happy. The thing is I think there are things you can do to make you happy too. For me it was leaving a very stressful job, getting new friends and doing things for myself to make me happy.
We can do a lot of simple things to make ourselves happy have that extra piece of choc. cake, read a book, take a bubblebath, take time for yourself , go shopping, spend time talking on the phone with your good friends etc.
So go and do something to make yourself happy.
I will post more about this book if it gets any better. At this point I think for me it is not resonating at all but I have an open mind and will continue reading for a bit more anyway.

Friday, January 9, 2009

where is happiness

One of the things they discussed on Oprah which is soooo true for so many people including me, in the past though , is that they think they will be happy when they get x. It can be more friends, more money, different job etc. If you are always looking for happiness that way like it will come in the future it wont. What you need to do is be happy with what you have in your life and the way your life is now ... even if you want change.
Guilty in the past... when I was in that daycare job I keep saying I will be happy when I leave this job. Yes it was true I was so much happier when I did leave but if you are always trying to catch or do something to get happiness but it is always in the future it will always be in the future.
If you do get what you think will make you happy once you get it wont. You will need the next fix to find happiness. They called it destination addiction.
I have discovered that I need to be happy where I am . Right now I have 12.5 permanent hours for awhile I was thinking I would be happy if I had 25 permanent hours. Yes I still want to achieve this and will apply for postings to get this but I decided lets sit back and look at where I am right now.
I took a close look at the school great school . I looked at the people and they are wonderful too and I am starting to make some close friendships too. I love what I am doing. The children are so sweet. I would love to stay here but we will see what 2009 has to hold for me. I just know whatever it is that I dont need to change to be happy I am happy the way I am right now.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happiness with friends

Sorry for the delay this post but for 2 days I wasnt feeling very happy to write anything really. Tough days at my job but that has turned around. I work with an autistic child and she was having such a hard time when routines change so starting school again instead of sitting at home and doing whatever she wanted can be very tough. I was braced for it and ready. It turned around on Wed. and then I posted worked for me Wed so today is the continuation of the happiness post.
So on to friends where I was back years ago really the only friends I had I worked with. A few phone friends, yes the ones who you talk to on the phone but seldom see. I was really based on spending time with my daughter. I know that is not a bad thing but when that is the only thing and work not good.
Right before I made the change of jobs I saw an ad on a parenting website of a new womans group starting up. So that year I resolved to meet new people and get out on Sunday afternoons. I went to this group and didnt know one single sole. I made some connections with a few people. Then slowly I developed a strong bond with the wonderful woman who started the group. We both had children close to the same age so we could take out our children together or hang out together or just talk on the phone. That was the beginning of January 3 weeks later I quit my daycare job , lots of changes. I went to the group and did a lot of great activities and met a lot of new people . The big change for me was that I was doing something for myself . I told my hubbie that every Sunday afternoon was " me time". Over the time of this group people have come and gone but we are still accepting new members always and having so much fun. Last Sunday we went on a shopping trip!!!!! If you are in the Kitchener, Waterloo, Ontario area and want to know more feel free to email me.
With this group having gone on for 3 years we had met a lot of people through Sunday afternoon presentations. Lisa and I decided to put on a woman's lifestyle /pampering show. We put the word out there and many were interested. Everyone we mentioned it to was so interested and wanted to join. Suffice to say it was a HUGE success we had over 400 people attend out first show without out many glitches. We are in the midst of planning a spring show too because our vendors asked us if we would. Wow !!!!!!! I made a lot of friends this way too !!!!!!! Oh and we have to find a bigger venue to hold it at because we already have grown !
I am on facebook and have connected with past friends which is awesome. I started this blog and if you are reading this you know who you are but I have made some awesome friends through this avenue too.
Friends may come and friends may go but I feel the ones we have in our lives are here for a reason. They may not last forever and that is okay too I enjoy them while they are there.
I am much happier having great friends and doing stuff for myself too. I find that the ones that arent making me happy or that are emotional drainers for me anyway go by the wayside. So the people in my life are suppose to be there . So surround yourself with people that are making you happy because life is too short!! We can pick our friends!!!!!!!!
As an aside I am off to pick up book 1 reccommended by Oprah on happiness. I will post a little about it once I have read it.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

less paper

What works for me which I just found this week is the google calendar. I love this you can add events, details their times. I used to have a paper one but now all I do when I find something I want to attend or remember a date for I record it in the calendar. I can access it anywhere for me that is very useful because if I am at work and I find out about a meeting or something then I can record it then or access it to see what is going on for that date. I really love that it has the option of happens once, weekly, daily, monthly. It is so cool I am still playing around with it but I love that I am saving paper being green and it is free. Something small that you can do to decrease the paperwork we all have in our lives.
You can try this out at

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happiness post

I was watching a repeat of Oprah this week and it was talking about how do you achieve true happiness in your life. There were only 5 questions they told you to answer . Answer each one on a scale of 1-7 then you would receive your score. If you want to try this you can take the test at
So I listened to the show and got a lot of great quotes I am adding to my quote book.
The one thing that jumped out at me was the stories the guests told which can be viewed at
I added two more books to my list of must read Happiness Now and Shift Happens. I have both on hold at the library and should be picking them up this week.
Okay so now on to my story and the happiness pursuit. Four years ago I was working in a daycare and loved it well I did before the big changes happened . My wonderful loving supervisor retired so we had someone new then the assistant supervisor on maternity leave decided not to come back.
It was a great place to work and everything was running smoothly so we thought. Well the new management didnt think so and changed everything !!!!
There was a lot more going on which I wont bother complaining about because it is in my past and I have dealt with it suffice to say the stress on my life and family just got to a boiling point and wasnt worth it. I was becoming someone I didnt want to be so I took charge. I sat hubbie down and told him can I quit I am just not happy. He thought I was off my rocker at first but then when I explained my plan he was onboard. Thanks James so much for being there loving and supporting me through my change. Okay so I explained to him that I would quit a very well paying job with benefits to have nothing really or nothing that was guaranteed. So the game plan was to supply for various daycares I had supplied for in the past. It worked I was so busy. Then after about a month I got a call from our school board to see if I was still interested in supplying as an educational assistant for them. Yes of course! Something I never thought I could do or reach in this lifetime. It seemed to be beyond anyones reach in daycare to work for the schools or the University daycare. Well guess what happened next.... the university daycare called too
Wow I started working there two days a week and supplying for the schools 3 days a week off and on when needed. I was proud of myself for achieving these accomplishments in 2 months of quitting my stressful job.
I supplied at a school for 2 1/2 days and they offered me a part-time position in their school for the following Sept. Wow I was thrilled so I gladly accepted and worked part-time that year.
I filled in for a sick leave there for 12 weeks working full time too. I loved working there !!!
Then I applied for another position within the school board and got it for the following year
more hours . Started out at 22.5 during the interview and by the time I started was 27.5.
Wow I was really lucky. Then at the end of last year I was transferred to another school and 12.5 of my hours because permanent so I had made it I was in !!!!!!!!!!!!!! This year I work at two schools both 12.5. I was lucky and one of my resourse staff reccommended me to another school where I was able to pick up 12.5 too.
So the happiness thing for me these days is pretty out of the sky. I was glad that when my happiness was comprimised I was able to see it and move on. I had space to fill and the jobs that once I had thought they were out of my reach werent they were right there waiting for the right time. See the trust factor in action again !!!!!!!!!!!!
So if you have read this far kudos this is the story of happiness with work... stay tuned tomorrow for happiness with friends and the changes I have made there too !!!!!!!!
If I had taken that quiz back 4 years ago I would have been at the bottom but thanks to listening to my heart I took the chance and leap. It turned out awesome. I think we are always afraid of change but we shouldnt be just jump and trust.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

My word

Okay so I have noticed there are alot of bloggers not doing new years resolutions but picking a word. A few years ago at a womans show I attended they told us about doing this and then taking the word and framing it and to really concentrate that year on that word. I thought and thought and came up with the word trust. This has been my word for a long time and it means so much to me it doesnt change year to year for me.
Trust to me means to trust your friends, family, co-workers that they will be there for you. Trust they will support you in what you want to do. Trust also means to me that everything will work out the way it is suppose to. I really leaned on this word 4 years ago when I decided to change my life.
I left a good benefit paying job because of the stress and it was not worth it to me anymore . I loved my job and at one point thought I would do it for life but that was not to be. There were a lot of changes that happened and it became a place I dreaded going to. So I decided to leave having nothing to lean on. Hubbie supported me and I asked him to trust me for a year and see what would happen. Well big changes happened for me which I will blog tomorrow about happiness so stay tuned.
So the word trust I wanted around my house to remind me of it always but I couldnt find anything with the word trust just believe . Yes it was close but it was not my word!!!!!!
So two fabulous friends knew how important it was for me and they both helped me out. A great friend named Suzy made me some clay stones that said trust which I have added to the other word stones I have found. Thanks Suzy they are awesome!!!!!!
One of my other great friends Lisa she works for a sign shop and for my birthday this year she surprised me with a wooden trust sign. I love it and thanks so much Lisa!!!!!!!! I have it right by my computer and look at it daily.
So stay tuned tomorrow to read about happiness post and more details on how happiness is in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Here are the updated pics of Angel

Angel is growing and changing so much each day. I am afraid by summer if she keeps growing at this rate she will either be as tall as me or possibly taller. Wow times flies when you are having fun!!!!!!!!! I dont think this mommy is ready for her baby to grow up but I guess it will happen anyways.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Livingroom Clean Up

When I started cleaning the living room up I didnt remember that Laura at Orgjunkie was having a contest to clean the living room this month so I am sorry I dont have before pics just the after which I am thrilled with. I will explain what I did to each area.

5)My daughter had all her toys piled here now the ones that were left are on the bottom shelf of the wooden cupboard. Angel got rid of a whole garbage bag here of her stuff and junk.

4)) I cleaned up the cupboard and moved some stuff out and got rid of a lot of stuff another garbage bag. I wanted to contain Angel's things in the livingroom it worked. I found the snowman that I moved out to display which I know love ! I got rid of a lot of stuff and put some things in the places they belonged.

3) this was just full of junk it all got dumped to the garbage and started fresh with a purse drawer which she is thrilled with. She loves purses and now they have a home !!!!!!!!!

2I went through these two baskets and all the stuff piled high. This is the one area that changed drastically. I threw out another whole garbage bag of papers and junk. I want her to have one basket for books downstairs . I moved the dressup things to our dressup bag. Another just moving it their home.

1)This spot had a pot with earth in it growing nothing. I got rid of the dirt because I loved the pot Angel made. It also had things just thrown in so organized it and got rid of a lot of stuff. Now I love the feel of this area. I made this my snowman area since I had room. I can keep them up for a bit or put them away with the christmas stuff we will see. I am not sure what is going there when it is all put away.

I was really happy with this clean up because I accomplished what I wanted to do. So for me the livingroom is totally gone through and organized into home spots. It did take me awhile about 4 hours or so which I did in one stint because that was my plan.