Thursday, February 26, 2009

One thing leads to another.....

Well today I checked email and phone msgs as soon as I got home from work. We need to with the number of emails we are getting in daily asking about a spot for our up and coming Spring Me Fest Show on April 4.
Here is where one thing lead to another. I was talking to a friend on the phone and noticed my kitchen floor had become quite grey again ! It is suppose to be white!!!!!!! So I thought while I was talking to this friend I would take out my handy dandy trustworthy Mr. Clean Sponge and hand scrub my whole kitchen floor. So I did that and it looks so white again !!!!!!!!!!! But when I was putting back the Mr. Clean Sponge marked cleaning floors only just incase you were wondering. I found the baking soda I have been looking for 2 days. I quickly took it out and cleaned my kitchen sink drain with it. It has been acting up for a few days. Yes all done it worked ! Then I went to make supper and started making supper only to realize yikes the kitchen counters were piled high with dishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I unloaded the little that was in the dishwasher and reloaded it up. The counter then was dirty so had to wipe that down too. Then I cooked supper . After cooking supper noticed the stove was dirty too so wiped all of that down.
Then I thought I would take a break and check emails make a blog post. But I really want to shine my sink and sweep up some crumbs I noticed after doing all of the cleaning.
Will it ever stop. I feel like the book If you give a mouse a cookie ? If you dont know the book one thing leads to another leads to another!!!!
I put off doing Thurs chore which is to do my daughter's laundry and will do that tomorrow. I think I have done almost enough.
Tonight I am working on Me Fest most of our tables are spoken for so have to up date the list to see how many tables we have left for inquiries. I also have to send out reminders of people who were thinking about a spot because like I said there really arent many left.
I am so excited to be doing Me Fest again and soon will go out shopping for a new outfit for me to wear!!!!!
Well that is my big up date for today!!!!!!!!!! If you stuck with me thanks !!!!!!!! ;)

Monday, February 16, 2009

lacking motivation

Okay as I posted yesterday that today in Ontario, Canada it is family day. Which basically means everything is closed and everything that is open will be jammed pack with families!!!!!!
Well I thought I would do a bit of housework today. I have I ran a load of dishes through the dishwasher , wiped down my stove and swept the kitchen floor. I just cant get motivated to do anything else and I am feeling very guilty!!!!!!
I am about to fold a load of laundry while I watch a show on tv. Then hopefully will get enough motivation to put away all of my daughter's clothing too.
My body is telling me to rest and take it easy!!!!!!!!!! I am tending to listen to it too !!!!!!!!!!!!!
How do you get motivated to keep up with housework when you have the time or extra time?????????

Sunday, February 15, 2009

what is new with me???????????!!!!!!!!!!

Well I have started working again on Me Fest a pampering /lifestyle show for woman . It will be held again in Rec. Complex in Waterloo in the Hauser House from 9 to 4. We are busy accepting registration from our past vendors in Sept. first. If you are reading this and want to know more just ask or if you think you might like to be a vendor in the upcoming show again feel free to email me.
So first off my organizing skills have been used to set up an email account for "those2girls" and have organized folders too to have it all organized for both Lisa and myself. I think this system will work but I figure by Wed. when I post what works for me it will be tweaked if needed.
In our first day of posting to our past vendors with a price we are happy to have 26 vendors so far , almost 1/2 our spots filled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I also volunteered today for our local womans show put on by our newspaper. I was able to get a free bang trim and an updo style. It looked really good and I will try to post some pics this week but I dont think I would ever be able to do it again. I also got reflexology done and a back massage all for free!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well now I am off to bed and I think tomorrow will be a PJ day for us . In Ontario, Canada we have a family day so a day off to spend with our family . It was made into a statuatory holiday last year. I will be hanging out with Angel . I almost forgot Angel got bangs cut too for free. Again pics to follow.
So everyone have a great Monday !!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

free books and free time

My tip today for works for me Wednesday is how to get free books and free time. What I do when I am watching Oprah and reading any blogs that recommend great books is to go to my local library site and check for it first. If they have it I put it on hold and forget about it. Then I get a call a couple of days to a couple of weeks later telling me it is in and all I have to do is go and pick it up. All I do is go into the reserved shelf and pick it up. I have saved a lot of time looking through all the shelves where they usually arent there anyway. I have wasted so much time doing this!!!!!
Now they come to me!!!!!!!!!!
Then I read the book and if I really like it enough to add to my collection I can go out and buy it. I know of a lot of ppl who just rush out to the bookstore to buy them and then dont like them and have wasted their money. This way I know before I buy it !

Friday, February 6, 2009

Thank you

I just wanted to write a quick blog note to thank all of you who have emailed me asking how I was doing. It is so touching to have so many blog friends who care so much. I am doing much better. It has been two days since I changed medications and I am feeling so much better!!!!! I did have a little bit of pressure on one side of my head last night . I am sure it will take a bit of time but already notice a huge difference.
Take care and have a great weekend

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

warning for everyone please pass this on

I went to my gynocologist today and he told me this so I am passing it on to all of you.
I was prescribed Alesse birth control bill and the pharmacy a year ago offered me the
generic brand Aviane so I took it. I have been taking it for a year now and having a lot
of perimenopausal symptoms like hot flashes, sleep issues, irritability, low sex drive
and migraine headaches. The gynocologist told me today that he believes that all those are
side effects to Aviane and that I need to get back on Alesse and stay on it . He even gave me
a card that supplements the difference between the two costs to some plan . I used it tonight
when I got 3 packs and got one for free paid for only 2. Nice deal!!!!!!!!!
I have googled aviane side effects and there are many many forums where people are telling of the side effects they have had. Please if you know anyone on Aviane tell them to go to the brand name Alesse. There are some really serious side effects to this !!!!!!!!!!!!! My worst was the pressure in my head!!!!!!!!!!! My pharmacist said that I should be back to normal in about 2 weeks.
Please pass this on to anyone you know !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


This morning for me was a surprise my daughter wasnt feeling well and couldnt go to school.
I scrambled like crazy because for me I have to call in by 7 am but now it was 7:30. Yikes I called the one school I work at in the morning and told them what was going on . They were so sweet and they said not to worry at all stay home and take care of her. I called my afternoon school and left a message with them. So disaster averted ! I stayed at home with her.
The one thing though was before I started calling the schools I am suppose to call the principal to let her know I wouldnt be in at home. Okay so I go over to my filing cabinet which I am working on getting organized. I couldnt find anything. I had gone through the filing cabinet a couple of months ago and moved things around and got rid of a whole garbage bag of stuff I no longer needed. I meant to get back to it and finish it up. I had even purchased the filefolders to organize into.
So I quickly just pulled out most of the papers and now I have a heap on the floor so today I am going to finish my file cabinet organizing so I can find stuff a lot easier! Just incase I ever need to have the phonelists from my school again. I will post before and afters in a bit .
So that is what I am doing this Tuesday.