Thursday, July 31, 2008

goal setting

I am reading this book right now and will be blogging things I know have helped me but hopefully will be able to help someone else too.
First today I am going to talk about goal setting . In the book she lists 10 commandments of goal setting.
1)Conceive it , believe it and achieve it!! - she says if you cant visualize yourself actually achieving it wont happen.

2)Make the goal very specific.

3) List your goal activities. - Every goal has 3 parts main goal, subgoal and minigoal .
Always start at the minigoal and work your way backwards.

4) Establish the order in which subgoals will be worked on . List them in priority order that matters to you .

5)What resources do you need??- search out resources. Know what the goal is going to cost you in terms of time and money.

6)Give yourself deadlines - for each subgoal set a date to be accomplished by.

7) Use my handy form
ex. State the Goal at the top
then make columns minigoals listed, completion date for each, resources( time it will take and money amount needed to complete it.)

8) Be flexible - if something happens then you wont be able to accomplish it. Sometimes things are beyond your control will temporarily prevent you from continuing your program. Check your program and sometimes it might have to be revised.

9)Be enthusiastic

10) Reward yourself- be proud of every little accomplishment. Treat yourself to something you enjoy.

I can see how these 10 steps will help me to organize my life and house.
Stay tuned more tomorrow for decluttering tips.
This a good book and some of the things I have done others I want to apply to my life.
She also has wrote the book Confessions of a Happily Organized Homemaker. I will get that one out of the library next week. I have a few others to read too that I took out of the library which if there is anything good I will share.
Hope you learned something and enjoyed this post.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Personal Shopping

Well today was an experience and a half. With putting together the womans show in Sept. we had a personal stylist want to book a table I also gave her the choice if she wanted to dress me and my co-host for the show. We wanted something new and cute!

We started shopping at 9am when the store opened. The stylist first took before pics we are helping her to make a book of before and afters and she is posting it on her website too. Mutually beneficial.
Next we started going through the store piling anything and everything into a cart . I tried to keep a real open mind and even picked things I wouldnt normally wear. We had a whole cart full so then went to try them on.
First on goes a brown skirt and 3 tops that go with it. I loved the skirt and knew I would buy it even if it wasnt part of "the outfit" and loved 2 tops. I kept trying on lots of things but still loved the brown skirt. I had found a light blue blazer too. So then after 3 hours of trying on things I said I think I am buying the first brown skirt and top that I tried on with the blue blazer. Wow what a sharp outfit!!!!!!!!!!
Jen this is for you know who you are it was a outlet store so here is what I spent and what it was marked down from
brown skirt: 14.99(that is why I wanted to buy it!!!!) regular 80.00
Blue top: 29.99(not as good as a deal but still marked down) regular 50.00
Blue Blazer:29.99( really marked down another great deal) regular 99.00

I was happy but my co-host though she is still looking . We went to 2 other stores to try on more clothes for her but didnt find "the outfit".

The other thing I discovered today was I can wear lime green and love it !!!!!!!

Overall lots of fun but shopping can be hard work!!!!!!!! What I learned try on everything sizing means nothing! Try on everything because what you normally might not wear you may be missing out on something great!!!!!!! Be patient!!!!!!!!!!

So the outfit is ready and I am getting my hair done the Friday before the show and my makeup done the morning of the show and touch up on hair. Wow it feels great to be this pampered something I normally dont do for myself.

So today take some time for yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I had to share this

We are off on a day trip will post trips when I get back but this couldnt wait!!!
Yesterday on Works for me Wednesdays hosted by
I found the best tip. If you havent checked out Works for me Wednesdays you should . I love when it is Wednesday I learn so much. Mrs. Sprinkles at posted this and I am really addicted now worse to blogging.
So if you dont go to Mrs. Sprinkles website let me tell you all about it. There is a program called sage that you can download if you have fire fox as your browser that allows you to organize and easily access your blogs you read. You can go here and check it out for yourself
I tried the google reader and it didnt excite me as this did. I love it because I have saved so many blogs and was only reading a select few daily. I have went through maybe 1/3 of the blogs that I have bookmarked and moved them over to this reader. I just went through11 blogs in about 1 minute. It posts all of there blog and you can easily see if they have a new blog or not.
Try it you dont want to miss it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay off for the day !!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

just a quick update for today

Thank you so much Tina for the award first off. So excited my first!!!!!!
I will have to learn how to display it.
Today not really much clean up done I went shopping and bought myself two
what I call flirty skirts for back to school and a nice belted top.
So updating the braille I have learnt the whole alphabet for braille in two days.
Not too bad just repetition repitition.
I did my first assignment last night and got it back today 95% . I am so happy.
I just went and submitted assignment #2 too.
Well tonight plans are to clean up this desk I cant see a thing on it really what
a huge pile of stuff and fold laundry.
My daughter put all the dishes away without asking today which was so nice.
I have decided her responsibilities are putting the dishes away and making her
bed everyday. I will be happy with that.
Well off to spend time with family now.

Monday, July 21, 2008

great news and some stuff done

I decided to use today as housework and catch up day. Then the rest of the week I can just hang out and not do too much.
Angel went to the library for girls rule day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She made some nice key chains, bracelets and bathing salts .
When I came home I did her laundry and did all the dishes!!!!!
Hubbie bought me the chair he owed me for mothers day . I know it is July and not May but they were sold out everywhere. He got me an anti-gravity chair oh heaven when you lie in it.
My daughter is in love with it too we might have to go back and get her one too.
The children down the street had to come and try it out too it got the thumbs up by all!!!!!!!!!!!
Why do I think if I dont buy another I wont be in mine very often.
Hubbie did the lawn work both here and at his dads( we are taking care of his dad's house for 5 weeks while he is at the cottage).
Well two great things happened today among the mundane things. One I am registered to take an introductory braille course. I am so excited I even got an email from my instructor already.
Second involving the me fest we have a personal stylist that took a table a couple of weeks ago and I asked her if she would dress us for the event. She didnt respond so I thought that was a lost cause looks like it is not. She is taking us shopping to dress us and also she wants to use us for her website and before/after book. I have always wanted to be on what not to wear show and now I will have a chance to pick a stylists brain to what I should wear for my body type. I am so excited did I say that yet or not !!!!!!!!!!!
Well that is all for today .

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Holidays this week

Hi everyone I just wanted to let you know I am not sure how much I will bloggging this week hubbie has holidays so we will be doing daytrips.
Have a great week!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Pj Day

My daughter and I just love to have these days where we stay in our PJs.
We just hung out all day and then watched a movie.
Sometimes you just need one of these days!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

works for me Wednesday

I want to share and brag about a product. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser !!!!!!
If you have not tried this product it is one not to be missed. I have cleaned
my whole house top to bottom with this product.
The best is the white patio furniture that went from gray to white again.
Or my kitchen floor that I thought I was looking really bad and I would have
to replace it. Well yesterday I had one of the heavy duty eraser sponges and
tried it all the dirt and grime that I thought was right into the floor came up
and my floor now looks brand new after doing the whole thing with the sponge.
So if you havent tried it I would go out and buy it well worth every penny!

Monday, July 14, 2008

hashbrown casserole

I just finished putting together the hashbrown casserole for tomorrow nights supper.
I want to record the recipe so when I make it again I can just go here to find it.


1 can cream of mushroom soup( or any cream soup)
1 bag tater tots
shredded cheese
1 lb of ground hamburger meat
Optional to add sourcream to the soup and meat mixture

Brown hamburger meat.
Add cream of mushroom soup and stir together continuously.
Let simmer on low heat for a few minutes.
Place mixture in the bottom of a casserole dish.
Lay tater tots neatly on top of the mixture.
Place in oven at 400 degrees with foil on top(shiny side in) for 30 minutes.
Remove foil and cook until browned.
Sprinkle with cheese and melt it in the oven

more green

So lying around relaxing today I read 189 pages out of 252 of the Green For Life Book.
So I thought I had better share the things I learned in the first book "Green This".
Hopefully some of this will be new to you as it was to me . I am sorry if it not because
I love to share . I love to learn new things too cant you tell.

Okay first off with plastics I learnt look at the bottom of any plastic container and see the number.
Try to stick to a 1 or a 2 . Make sure you dont get one marked with a #3 or #4-#6 they are no good either. I never sure what number was good or not so I am going to try sticking to the #1s and #2s.
Best for the environment and best for you too.

The things in this book it says you need for green cleaning really are baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice.

It is best to use microfiber cloths which I will be switching to.

Now for the areas of your home
Clean Kitchen Sink
- all you use is dishsoap and then once done washing dry off and polish with window cleaner.
or black caulking
-make a thick paste using lemon juice, salt and baking soda for the drains and let sit for at least one hour - wash off
black caulking -baking soda and lemon juice

Bathroom Cleaning
Toilet Bowl- use baking soda and vinegar
Toilet Bowl- 1/2 cup of vinegar weekly for maintenance

Unclogged Drains
1 cup of vinegar once a week- maintenance
1/2 cup of vinegar and 4 Tablespoons of baking soda... cover drain for 1/2 hour then rinse with boiling hot water from a kettle

Getting rid of Ants - combine peppermint oil and vinegar in a bottle and spray

use one cup of vinegar instead of laundry soap

Sorry about the bolding but it wont let me turn it off .
I hope you enjoyed todays tips. If you have any to add or like the idea leave me a comment.
Stay tuned tomorrow for more !!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you

going green

Hi everyone I have read " Green This" okay lets be honest I read all of them in one night.
I am going to blog about all the great tips I learnt along the way and made note of hopefully
some of these will be able to help others.
First lets say after reading this book I am not a fan of any cleaning products anymore with all the side effects they list for each cleaner. They basically recommend you use these products instead
baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice for cleaning.
They say to start small when going green first to buy a green all purpose cleaner and green window cleaner so that is where I will start. Still check the labels though they recommend.
The one thing they said that made so much sense to me was why when you use products to clean are you coughing and end up having rashes on your hands. That happens to me but I never really thought about it much.
They break it down room by room and give you ideas you can use . I will share what I found useful through out the week.
I went to the library and I have another green book too!!!!
The ironic thing was the library has a kids program and they give you things to do each week depending which square you land on . Angel's for this week is go a little greener. I had to laugh and showed the librarian the book I was taking out.
So 3 new books to read.
Angel got out the egyptian dvds and shakespearean books. Yes she is only 10 but loves to read
kids shakespeare. She has already read Romeo and Juliet ! Oh and she took out a kids book on going green too so we will have to compare notes.
Well off to have lunch stay tuned for some great tips.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

advertisment for Me Fest

Kitchener locals

I have noticed that there are lot of Kitchener people reading my blog. Just wanted to let you know of something I am planning it is called Me Fest- A Celebration of You. It is on Sat. Sept.13th, 2008 from 9-5 at the Waterloo Rec. Complex on Father David Bauer Drive in Waterloo.
It is a lifestyle/pampering show for the woman of today.
This is a show not be missed each vendor there must either give you some kind of pampering or a freebie. We have guest speakers planned and lots of door prizes.
The cost is $5.00 to get in or $3.00 if you give a donation to the food bank.
I am sure you will hear about it right now we have a huge advertising campaign going on.
If you want to be a vendor or learn more check out the blog or there is a clickable link in my favourites. 3/4 of our tables are full right now . Dont miss out!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is just something I am doing on the side it is sooooo much fun and I can hardly wait till the day to see it all come together.

What to do ??????????

So today was a rainy day yuck. It didnt motivate me to do much but
I thought I want to get out so I took my daughter to the library and then
off to the mall to run some errands and have a churro. ( we deserved a treat)
I was even nice and brought one home for my hubbie.
Well a whole lot more books to read. I decided I am not wasting my time at
all on the Eat, Pray,Love book. I am returning it. I just need to scan some
pages from the Harmonic Wealth and then I can return it too.
Also thanks Lisa for returning "How to be a Perfect Housewife".
I will have to look at that again and get refreshed.

So this weeks chores look like to get this house in shape again after running
and being out last week with hubbie on holidays and all the house needs some
I will start with the dishes so the kitchen is clean.
Then I have to do my daughter's laundry- Monday-missed her laundry day last week we went to the beach.
Then hoping to get around to the bathroom cabinet . Lastly some of the bags of clothing we
have stored to go through and sort and then purge to a charity what is not wanted or needed.

Plans with Angel so far for the week Monday- library program and swim , Tues- waterpark, Wed- have a friend over to swim not sure for Thurs or Friday yet. I might need a rest by then.
Off to read.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Beach and book reviews

I just got back from spending the day with the family at the beach. What a wonderful
fun time!!!!!!!!!
I thought I would take a break from Harmonic Wealth book at the beach and start
reading Eat, Pray, Love. So I am on the last pillar or the harmonic wealth and highly
recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn how to grow. I will put more info
on this book once I am finished. But worth the read!!!!!!!!!! 5 stars in my book

On to Eat, Pray,Love book I first learnt about this book off of Oprah. The author
sounded really interesting and I could hardly wait to read it. I have read 100 pages
and do not find what everyone else says is a not to miss book . It is okay but she
goes off on a lot of tangents and just rambles really. I think it could have been a great
story if she would have stuck to her travels and what she learnt about her destinations
and herself in the process. I am trying to decide if I want to finish reading this book if it
is worth my time. I know everyone says it is the best book they have read but I will
strongly disagree not that great maybe 3 stars. Well she is still only eating her way through
Italy only about 1/2 done the 4 months she spent there. I have not decided whether to
keep reading this or not but I did decide already I am not reading her sequel coming out
in the fall.
These are just my opinions you can agree or disagree.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

how do you solve a clothing problem???

Okay first let me preface this tip by either saying you will either find this the height of laziness or pure genius move. For me it would be the later. I have a problem and know of others too with putting clothing away. So some decide to put it at the bottom of the bed, or a chair or lastly the top of the dresser. The last one was my favourite place it seemed like I was too tired to put them away every night. But then I got a great idea I had an empty drawer so what I do now is place them in the drawer any clothing I wear except the dirty clothes they go in the hamper. Then once a week or when the drawer is about to overflow I go in and sort through them.
I love this idea and it has made one less problem with keeping my room clean.
Hope you like the idea!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Double Digits!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to my big girl who turns 10 today. I have no idea where the time went
but I love each and every moment spent together and look forward to the future. You are my life!!
I have included a pic of the icecream cake I posted about last week. Thank you whoever
shared the recipe with me because it was the first time making it and everyone loved it!
Here is a pic of me with my beautiful daughter Off to celebrate her birthday with mini-golf,
nice supper and some book buying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Todays lesson

Out of the blue I get a phonecall from my mom that they want to come and visit us. Great I think wonderful hubbie has holidays next week and my daughter's b-day is on Monday. Then I ask when not an answer I was prepared for tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes that is right tomorrow around noon. Wow thank god I cleaned the kitchen and the livingroom only has a small pickup to do. But then all the other stuff that needs to be done before they get here. Should I sleep tonight or just stay up and finish up the rest. I folded two loads of laundry to put away tomorrow morning.
My bedroom is a disaster area and now needs to be spotless that is where they sleep when they come here. Yikes!!!!!!!!!! I guess I am getting up early tomorrow morning to get it ship shape ready.
I got back my Perfect Housewife book today from my friend and she joked I could use it now. I told her that there is no way I am going to even look at it till my parents are gone . I have no time!
But what this has taught me is that I need to work more on being the perfect housewife so when company calls you welcome them with open arms and fresh cookies. It is a work in progress as I said and some day it will be reality.
Well not sure when I will blog again pretty busy weekend with my parents and bbq on Sunday too, daughter's b-day on Monday the big 10!
Okay so I will sign off for now and have a great weekend and a wonderful 4th of July for all my american friends.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

one more for works for me Wednesday

Easy Icecream Cake

3 boxes of icecream sandwiches
1 jar of carmael

All you do for this one is layer icecream sandwiches in a 9x13 pan. Then you pour on
carmael sauce. Then you do another layer of icecream sandwiches . Topped off with a
layer of whipcream. Put it in your freezer to freeze together. Instant icecream cake.
I am making this one for a get together on Sunday. I will post a pic when I make it.

works for me Wednesday Recipe- chicken wraps

Chicken Wraps

Red and Yellow Peppers
Olive Oil

Easy to make just cook your chicken then add the peppers . You can add other ingredients like mushrooms or onions but we dont . Then when fully cooked add 1 cup of salsa sauce. Just dish into wraps and enjoy. Sometimes we add sourcream or cheese too.

The Kitchen Went Down and I won!!!!!!!!!!

I feel so good now that the kitchen is looking awesome. I took after pics the before was way too scary to post or to embarrassing to show anyone. The one thing I noticed was that it didnt take
me as long as I thought it would. I did a load of dishes , wiped down cupboards, stove, fridge, microwave, organized two cupboards, microwave stand, wiped down big white cupboard, went through our mail sorting trays, wiped down counter and it all only took me 1 1/2. I think when we
feel overwhelmed and dont know where to start the thing we need to do is to just dig in and start. I did that for the first pic below and felt such an accomplishment that it motivated me to keep going.
The one thing I did notice are there are a few cupboards I need to sort out.
Actually after I upload these pics for you all to see my accomplishment I am going to go and clean the drawer under the microwave. Tomorrow I might try to do two other cupboards and the microwave cupboard too that really need to be gone through and purge , purge and purge somemore.
Enjoy my clean kitchen. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa feel the clean vibe!!!!!!!!!!!!!