Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Health maybe under control

Remember when I posted back oh around January stating one of my goals was to get to see the gynocologist and the family doctor and get some tests done. Well the first was easy done and everything was fine. Well the second has taken me till yesterday to get around to. No I didnt procrastinate like I do with everything else in life.
Let me start last July I received something
in the mail telling me my doctor was retiring as of July 29 and guess what date it was July 28.
I had put off making a doctors appointment no excuse really why but thought and was all set to make one for August and get all the tests done to see if there was anything off in my body.
Well after receiving that letter it was a journey to find a family doctor. Here in Canada that is not an easy feat to accomplish. I got really lucky and found one and went to visit him for the first time on Sept.22 . I asked him to run some tests for me since I am always cold and was not really feeling my usually self. So I asked him to check iron levels, thyroid, liver and adrenal glands. I forgot about Vitamin d but wished I would have asked. Oh well something for next time.
Well I got the results low iron and low b 12( glad he ran this test I didnt ask for). I got the supplements tonight and will begin taking them . I will let you know how they work for me.
B12 is usually low if you dont eat enough proteins. Hmmm... protein sources meat ( dont really like , dairy sources( lactose intolerant) and eggs( oh I like these)
My nutritionist friend also told me to take 15 almonds each morning and that would help too.
I will slowly be changing my diet with her help over the next couple of months. I am doing it slowly not all at once.
So hope everyone is happy and healthy.
Oh I guess I now have a reason why my house isnt spotless and I like to sleep a lot .
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