Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve

Happy new years to everyone one of my friends!
I wasnt going to make any new years resolutions because lets be honest all we do
is break them so instead I am going to resolve to change.
There are two big things that I want to work on for the new year.

1) Just like Hdmarcia I want to organize my whole house this year and give everything
a place . It seems doable if with the support of my friends we work together and support
one another through this process. I have joined a few challenges to accomplish this. My husband is very supportive too with this telling me he thinks I now know how to organize and I am a great organizer. I have come far!!!!!!!!!

2) I want to get my health all checked. So I am going to make an appointment with my
family doctor to have a complete physical done. I really want my iron checked think it
might be low and my thyroid too. We have thyroid problems in my family and it has been
awhile since I have had it checked.
I am also going to make an appointment with my gynecologist too and have it all checked
out. I will also get him to check to see where I am in the journey through perimenopause.
I have had a few symptoms off and on so we will see what is going on there too.

I posted the changes I am making because I want to be accountable for my choices.
So I will not truly have new years resolutions this year but new years changes for life choices.

Tomorrow I have nothing planned so I will post updated pics of Angel and I will also post my livingroom change pictures.

Once again hope everyone has a happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

challenge you can join

There is a website that says you can form a habit in less than 30 days. They want you to record one thing you want to change and then to report every day on the forum if you did it. I joined and decided to start off small because I do something every day already and didnt want to really complicate it and not accomplish either of them. So the one thing I picked was to keep my kitchen counter clean. They say you should have a trigger and mine is before I go to bed I need to make sure it is clean of everything. They say for you take 15 minutes a day doing it. I will be putting dishes away and wiping it down and putting whatever builds up there away. I love having this corner clean it just breathes the good vibes. This is a pic from this summer but it looks the same now that is all clean and I plan on keeping it this way.
Come and join me at

Sunday, December 28, 2008

pictures pre-empted

My daughter has come down the flu so mommy needs to spend
a lot of time washing, tending to her every need, and being there
to comfort her so the pictures will be up soon.
Off to put her wash in the dryer now and go and buy some
gatorade for her.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

enjoying christmas

Many years I have dreaded christmas because there was always something not done or last minute stuff or even last minute wrapping which drove me insane.
Well not this year I enjoyed my christmas ! Last night we went over to my hubbie's Aunts which we do every year. She has the most awesome food and bakes from scratch 23 or more different types of christmas cookies. I get to sample many , oh I was good 4 or 5 is all this year I was so full!
All the gifts we bought went over well which is always cause for concern with me.
My daughter loved playing with her little cousin and even snagged some babysitting jobs along with me to help of course. We are going to make more of an effort to get together the girls more often so they dont just see each other once a year and that way they have that bond.
Then today got up and Angel opened her gifts and it was the most reactive year we have had in a long time. One gift she wanted to bad when she opened it she started hugging it and shaking and crying. I was sooooo... moved. Love those faces she makes and the constant chattering as she opens them. Hubbie loved all his stuff too I love spoiling him!!!!!
Then we just rested for the whole rest of the day . Angel played with her toys and we spent the day all together which was really nice!!!!!!!!!!!
Tomorrow now major plans either maybe going to do some boxing day shopping but we will see. I might wait and go out late tomorrow to the 24 hr open stores and see what is left but not have the crowds. It really all depends on the weather.
WEll off to bed hope everyone had a very merry christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tomorrow I will post some christmas pics.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry christmas to all and to all a festive time!!!!!!!!!!
Celebrate with friend and family and enjoy the season !!!!!!!!!!!!
I wish all my friends all the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008


Whew ! Okay after hours of cleaning and purging the livingroom is neat as a pin!!!!!!!!!!!!
That took a lot of work. I was able to get rid of 3 garbage bags of junk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So I am off to make supper now and then wrap tonight !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

getting the hang of it

Todays tackle the livingroom. Hubbie told me he wants to move the furniture around which means I need to go through Angel's toy area. I think most are not even played with!!!!!!!!! I dont want it in my livingroom anymore !!!!!!!! I have a wooden cupboard that has stuff in it so first clean it out make space for her stuff. Now she will have two drawers, a wooden cupboard and two baskets for her stuff. I think that should be sufficient room.
So that is what I did a little more than 2 hours later I have gone through it all. I got her to go through the toy area which took oh way too long!!!!!!!!!!! So I decided to do the wooden cupboard area myself and just let her see it all organized. She has no idea what was in there so most of it went.
I feel so good 2 big garbage bags later and I have the two wicker baskets to go through too if she doesnt want to mommy will. I get it the stuff we keep needs to be stuff we love and cherish it by it having a home or displayed. Oh how life will be simpler in the livingroom once this all gets done!!
The bathroom everything has a home. The kitchen too everything has a home!
The big huge tackle between christmas and new years will be my bedroom where everything does not have a home but wish it did!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then the last room in the house I will have to go through but will probably wait till March Break for me is my spare bedroom you cant walk through except the area that I showed you I cleaned this summer is still clear!
Okay so off to purge some more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have wrapping to still do which will be tonight and tomorrow night and cards to fill out . Oh and some last minute shopping too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow I will be tired by christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Purge away it feels great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Almost done ! Whew!

I went out today the day after the big snow storm. Well surprise surprise the roads are a mess very very slippery and not well plowed! I heard on the tv yesterday the plows thought they would wait till the storm stopped to plow. So the storm began at 7:30 and ended at 4 so they started plowing at 4! What were they thinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ventured out today to pick up a few things that went on sale last minute. I have one gift to pick up still but know what I want to buy and stocking stuffers for hubbie.
I have all my wrapping to do and need to do it before christmas eve because Angel is older we will probably stay later at his Aunt's house. I liked it when she was smaller we could say well we have to put her to bed so we have to leave. Of course the real excuse was we need to wrap or I need to wrap before I go to bed. But now it doesnt work!!!!!!!!!!!
I have two weeks off so hopefully in that time will have the house back inorder and all the laundry done and caught up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is anyone done their shopping?????????????

Friday, December 19, 2008

wow a snow storm

My batteries arent working on my camera or I would sent you guys a picture.
They cancelled all buses for the schools but left the schools open. What a crazy
decision considering it was very very slippery on the roads.
I came home and was safe thank goodness but found my driveway needed
to be snow plowed ! Hubbie was at work and I had no idea how to use our small
snow blower. I knew when he came home at midnight it would be awful if he had
to snow blow to get in the driveway so .... I went downstairs and brought up the
snow blower and tried to figure it out. I managed to figure it out and got the driveway
all blown out so I could pull up my car and then hubbie could get in behind me. Here in
Canada once it snows the city calls snow day and then that means you cant park on the
streets or you get a heavy fine with a ticket!!!!!!!!!!!
Well then I came in and of course dear daughter wants some supper. So I go to put on soup
so pour out the soup and pour in the milk yuck the milk is sour!!!!!!!!! Arrrrrrrrrrrr......
so I put on perogies instead! Then when I look in the fridge I notice how dirty it is . Hubbie
does the grocery shopping and throws out weekly what has gone bad. Well I guess he doesnt
see dirt and clean it too. So I took everything out of the fridge and cleaned it all!!!!!!!
Then I cleaned the top of the stove taking out the burners and everything and wiping underneath. I proceeded on to the counters which needed to have old boxes thrown into the
garbage and things moved around. Then I moved all the small appliances and wiped the whole
counter down. Then I wiped out my sink and made it shine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dear daughter cleaned out the dishwasher so then I put in all the dirty dishes. Time to clean off the next counter top. Again moved things around , put things away and scrubbed it too. I then looked at the floor it needed a good sweeping so I did that too. I had some cookie decorating things on the table so cleaned all that off too and gave it a good scrub.
My kitchen sparkles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wish I had Mr. Clean Sponges though to help me clean it would have been easier than the elbow grease I used!!!!!!!!!!! I need to get some and then hand scrub the floor again this week!!!!!!!!!!!
I need to clean the livingroom and then maybe I will get to my bedroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh what a scary thought but I am off for the next two weeks so there will be time along with some fun with Angel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I decluttered the fridge too tossing old condiments, some moldy ( shh...) vegetables and some plastic cups too .
Well I think that might be all the cleaning for tonight unless I get another burst and finish up the livingroom. It just needs to be straightened, few things put away and vaccummed if not it can wait for tomorrow. I have no plans this weekend except relax and clean.
Have a great weekend . Stay warm if you are where it snows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

getting ready

Okay so I am trying to get all ready for xmas once again!!!!!!! I am decorating some cookies tonight for tomorrow . I did some last night to and will take pics. I am trying to decide if I should make hot choc bags for staff at either of the schools I work at. It will depend on time.
I need to buy hubbie some more gifts. We spoil each other !!!!!!!!! I asked him this morning , " Honey what would you like for me to get you for xmas? " He replied , " when do you have to know". What when do you have to know christmas is only a week away. I love to be in the malls with all the crowds last minute to pick you up something. Men !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so happy this year so far I have received the most awesome gifts from thankful teachers. Remember I am an educational assistant in many classrooms. Today I received a huge plate of homemade cookies with a beautiful silver plate. I received 2 boxes of chocolates, more cookies and a gift card to time hortons. Oh yes and a beautiful jar of homemade jam. Now how thoughtful were all these ppl not really getting me gifts that would be clutter after!!!!!!! But with all the sweets I am sure I will put on a bit of weight over christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

so excited

Okay so I have been racking my poor little brain to decide what I could make for the teachers at both the schools I work at. Hmmmmmmm... something they would like and something that wouldnt clutter there life at all!!!!!!!!!! Thinking thinking and then all of a sudden last night I run across a blog that shows these adorable snowman cookies . Okay so they are cute are they hard to make no they are store bought. Wait what is that I re-read! Yes they are you just buy white oreo cookies and decorate. Wow everyone will love them so I will make them for all the staff along with hot chocolate bags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cookies and hot chocolate who wouldnt love that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So this week being the last week of school I will be very very busy putting all this together. I was at the dollerstore today and now need to go back to buy festive baggies to put this into!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will not be doing christmas cards this year for the fellow teachers but treats!!!!!!
I love blog land and thank you to everyone who posts such awesome creative ideas that are simple that look great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday declutter a little late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marcia (The Organised Queen) has tagged me for decluttering this week. I must tag 3 people and help start the movement again . If you are reading this blog consider yourself tagged!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marcia asks So tell me, which is the area in your house that gets cluttered the quickest.

I would say the end table when I first walk in the door. Also the small couch is a huge
dumping ground area and lastly the coffee table.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

neat trick I learned about

Wow I have been using sage to bookmark blogs well just now I was trying to organize them and found this blue arrow . I had no idea what it did so I pressed it !!!!!!!!! It quite quickly went through and checked all the feeds and highlighted those that have new posts. Oh my what a great time saver I have found. I usually check my favourite bloggers by popping onto their blogs but now I will know when there is a new post in a minute. I just went through them all but it says that 8 of my bagillion blogs have new posts.
Oh I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just a little thing but it makes me happy!!!!!!!

On the mend

I am on the mend from having sinusitis. This time it was weird though the pain was no in the sinuses but on the side of my head. He told me that was still my sinus area. Hmmm....
But I lost my voice too with it which for me has never been a symptom of a sinus infection but more of a throat or chest infection. But I have some good strong pills which are helping. I still sound like a man or I should say I sound like a man instead of for two days a mouse squeaking. I took two days off work. The first day was because I was up all night coughing and coughing which that day I went to the doctors to get meds. Today was a sleep day.
Yesterday I made a yummy carmael apple dip for my daughter to have when she got home from school. It was so easy and she was surprised. While I was doing that I decided to straighten up the kitchen too . I got rid of a lot garbage that was sitting on the counter mostly empty boxes.
I thought today I would work on the livingroom a bit but as of now it hasnt happened but I did go through and clear out blogs that I dont read. I found that someone would post a link I would go to the blog and bookmark it but then never go back. So now I have a lot of blogs still but they are ones that teach me something or the ones I truly enjoy. Most of them have become my bloggie friends and some I am quite close to and comment on often.
So at the very least I have accomplished something today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am back to work tomorrow I figure just one more day and then the weekend to rest up too.
I just want my voice to come back and be healthy once again !!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

One of those days!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my I wish it could be like the movie groundhog day where I could have started over but it wasnt . I had to live through the whole day. So first the carbon monoxide detector goes off at 5 am , what a great wakeup call, so I go in and check it out and pull it out and then plug it back in. All is fine no signs of any carbon monoxide at all according to this detector. Of course as a mother I worry then and dont go back to sleep so very very tired come the morning. It doesnt go off again thankfully! Then I get my daughter all ready for school but she is in a bit of a mood because she didnt get any sleep either. Oh my what a pair so I laugh all that off .
Then get in the car and it wont start totally dead. What to do??????? Angel walks to school and I get a boost from a nice neighbour. Okay off to the first school I work at and just 10 minutes late not too bad. Thinking this day was going to get better think again!!! Okay so when I am done at the first school I go to start the car not dead and you can tell it wants to start so badly. As a side note no one at this school had booster cables . I try it a few times and give up go and call a taxi to get to the second school. Then while I am waiting for the taxi some little voice says go and try it again one more time it will start and guess what it did. I go back and cancel the taxi. He is just outside the school when I go out so I tell him sorry but my car started. What a rude taxi driver whatever. Off to the second school this time I back in too just incase I need another boost. Work the afternoon and then when I am done go out to my car and it starts first try. I drive home and let it running because hubbie should be home any moment and I want him to take it directly to the mechanics. He was not too thrilled with this idea but did it anyway. I followed him there to take him home. The mechanic is not really sure but thinks it might be a post in a battery( who knows I dont know a thing about cars). He put in a new battery and said drive it with this for 4 or 5 days and then if nothing else happens come back and pay for it. Okay so now my fingers are crossed that was an easy enough fix!
After supper I decide some things should be done around the house so I swept my daughter's room, and I am doing her laundry. I am going to throw out some old roses and dust around the computer ! Then at sometime tonight I think I will take a long hot bath to rest and relax!!!!!!
Hope your day was better than mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Heres to tomorrow is Friday and the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

on to day 4

Day 4 Finish cleaning the bathroom. I will finish that today !
Then packing for a girls weekend away. Tomorrow bright and early I will be leaving for
Toronto to go to The National Womans Show and then off to a friend's party Sat. night.
Then on Sunday out for brunch with a great friend then off to Sound of Music! Whew I will
be so busy but will have soooo much fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will do an update when I get back .
I will also have to play catch up on all I miss while I am away for the ultimate fall cleaning
Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Wow two posts in one day!!!!!!!!!
Well I did all the running around and bought my baking soda too.
I have done all my sinks (kitchen and bathroom) cleaned out all the drains
too ! My sinks all shine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Try it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

today on hyper homemaker

Today all we have to do is vote. Well I dont live in the States
so that counts me out. So I just get a day off sorta. I have a few
things to catch up on from the other days so that is what I will
be concentrating on. I will clean my drain and sink today! I need
to go out and buy some baking soda.
I will also be helping my daughter study for her government test
and picking up a bulb for our big screen tv for hubbie.
Then tonight settling to watch the Biggest Loser with a nice hot tea
and a big bag of popcorn!!!!!!!

What will y0u be doing tonight?????????????

Monday, November 3, 2008

Something I have started

Okay so the new thing I am going to try is happening at hyperhomemaker's blog.
She has a cleaning challenge. I feel this will help me alot.
I have done most of day 1 . I worked really hard at keeping things clean when I did
1s things this summer and day 2 and day 3.
Here is Day 1
Day 1 - Conquering the Kitchen

Make sure daily is done:
- Clear off all counter tops
- Load dishwasher
- Handwash any dishes needed
- Wipe down sink
- Wipe down stovetop
- Wipe down all the counters
- Swiffer the floor

- Take everything out of the pantry.
- Wipe down shelves.
- Toss old items and donate unused good items.
- Repackage all messy items into nice containers.
- Place all items back into the pantry in an organized fashion.

- Take everything out of the fridge and freezer (placing items in a cooler with all the remaining ice.
- Scrub down the inside and outside of the fridge, shelves, doors, ice maker and freezer.
- Replace water filter if you have one.
- Clean fridge condenser coil.- didnt do this one *********
- Toss old or useless food.
- Place everything back into fridge in an organized fashion.

- Take ALLL your items out of all your cabinets and drawers. Yes... ALL!
- Wipe down the inside of all cabinets and drawers.
- Wipe down the inside of all containers such as utensil holders.
- Store items not used in over 6 months, or summer seasonal items.
- Thinking logically (ie - potholders next to stove, towels next to sink), try to put everything back in a more useful and purposeful place, and in an organized fashion.
- Scrub down the cupboard exteriors, from to of the kitchen to bottom.

Day 2
Conquering the Kitchen

All Those Appliances:-Replace water filters in sink, coffeemaker etc.
-Descale coffee maker (run through white vinegar and then 2-3 more cycles of just water)
-Polish all appliances
-Clean out microwave and vent- didnt need to do this one new microwave
-Clean out/replace stove hood filter
-Self clean or scrub out stove
-Clean drain (baking soda, vinegar, cover, sit, then add boiling water to wash it down) - still need to do this one ************

Make it Shine:
-Shine sink (Bon Ami, then Windex) - still need to do this one **********
-Dust from top of kitchen to bottom
-Clean that fan or light fixture
-Scrub windows (yes...even that awful interior seal)
-Wash the dish rack, sink liner, and/or drain stoppers
-Scrub tile grout (yeah, I said it!)
-Clean and disinfect inside of trash can
-Vacuum and scrub/mop floor

Day 3
Day 3 - The Ultimate Cleaning Challenge

-Empty the medicine cabinet and all shelves
-Weed through items to get rid of expired or useless things
-Scrub down and clean out cabinets
-Reorganize medicine cabinet in a functional way

I find it much easier to keep up with the kitchen area now that the dishwasher is working
again. It looks so much better without any dishes piling up on the counter.
The one thing I havent done yet from day 1 is to clean the sink. She reccomends that we
pour baking soda down the drain and then vinegar cover and let stand. Then pour hot water
down the drain to clean it out. I will do this tomorrow. Also I need to shine up my sink .
Wonder what she will have for me tomorrow to do?????????
Stay tuned.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

what works for me - Non salt water softener

Friday we had a no salt water softener installed in our house. I love it! We had a dishwasher that really was on its last leg and truthfully I thought okay we will get the softener and then buy a new dishwasher too. Well we got the water softener and then they gave us citric acid and we ran through two loads without any dishes and low and behold now our dishes are sparkling clean. I love it one less thing for me to do . I love loading and unloading a dishwasher better than hand washing them !!!
Not the only benefit my hair is so much softer and healthier too . We use less product shampoo, soap, conditioner.

The big thing for me though is that no extra salt is going into our bodies. I dont believe that consumers know that for us in the area of Kitchener/Waterloo that a salt water softener used more salt in a year than goes on the roads in the winter time. Yuck!!!!!! Or that the backwash of a salt softener could provide enough water for 1200 homes. What a waste!!!!!
It has also been proven taking salt out of your water can lower your blood pressure.

If we are trying to take it out of diets why would we put salt into our bodies everytime we wash, brush our teeth, wash our hands etc. It is just not needed and I am happy to say we own a no salt water softener.
I hear within two weeks all our dry skin will go away too!!!!! I can hardly wait. We havent done any laundry but it is suppose to be much better no fading of colours and uses less soap too. I will update you .
So that is what works for me this week our no salt water softener.

Monday, October 27, 2008


So I went out tonight bought the filefolders I needed and envelopes to organize my filing cabinet. Tomorrow night is the night it will be done. I want to have it done this week !!!!!!!
I also rememebered to buy crazy glue to fix many things around the house including my daughter's halloween costume which needs to be ready for Friday of course.
I am happy to report that we are the proud owners of a no salt water softener and I am in heaven. We love it !!!!!!! I will do a longer post on this on Wed for works for me Wed at Rocks in My Dryer.
Suffice to say I love no more dishes by hand the dishwasher is working beautifully and all the dishes are coming out sparkling. My hubbie and daughter have taken over this chore of dishes so one less thing for me to do . I then can concentrate more on the other 1,000 tasks at hand like to continue to organize.
So I will update tomorrow once the filing cabinet it finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Filing Cabinet Still a Work Inprogress

I have to go out and buy some filefolders and envelopes to organize the rest I have left. I have decided to set up some systems that will work for me . I am going to have one filefolder for receipts called shopping receipts. Within that filefolder I am going to have envelopes for each store that I shop at that I decide I need to keep receipts for. I am going to also have one for christmas gifts separate to keep. Then once christmas is done I can either put them into the shopping recipt ones if it was a gift for my daughter or husband and then get rid of the rest of them.
I havent exactly decided on how I am going to organize the rest of the filefolders other than to have one for 1st me fest to keep the contacts and info in and then one for the spring me fest we are working on right now. I will have one for Those Two Girls and put any other information into for our business.
Does anyone have any great ideas on how to organize the rest of the filefolders???? I will need one for read later, school stuff- one for each school I a currently work for. I will have a misc school one which I will have past school information information in it and any board of education stuff I have.
Recipes would be a good one too but maybe I will just buy a binder for that one.
I bought a binder already for all the business cards I already have and the ones I will be collecting for my shows. I am also going to have a filefolder to easily be able to throw any new business cards I get so I can know where they are at . Then I will take time once in awhile , not sure on time line though, to put them into the business card binder.
What type of titles do you have for your filefolders????????

Saturday, October 18, 2008

update on filing cabinet

Okay so not all organized yet . Wow that took a lot of time and I went through it fast.
I got rid of papers to fill 1/2 a recycling bin and one garbage bag of garbage too. It feels
good and is slowly getting there.
I need to get some new folders that fit in the cabinet. It will take one more going through to pull it all out and then organize it. I will do this once I buy folders so I can put them right to where they need to go to be stored.
Whew feels good !!!!!! Now off to read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One big post

I am currently reading how to cheat at organizing and will be posting notes or things I learn that I want to remember on my blog.
Next I am going to be reading How to cheat cleaning by the same author. Another book I am waiting for is Jenny McCarthy's book on how she cured her son of autism.
Todays shopping spree I bought a binder and some business card holders(plastic sleeves) to organize all the business cards I have all over the place which again will empty some of the filing cabinet. Talking about the filing cabinet as soon as I am done this post I am going to start on it by throwing out all the garbage that has accumulated in it.
I bought a timer today for my daughter too so it will help her with time managment. Basically I am using it for the time for getting ready for bed so she knows how much time she has.
Lastly I bought one plastic basket for my daughter and then one dishpan for my hubbie. I bought the plastic basket for my daughter to be able to throw her misc stuff on her desk into it. I am going to go back though and buy one for her dresser so she can throw her cds into it.
I bought the dishpan because hubbie does not like to put his shoes on the white shelves in the coat closet instead he thinks it is okay to leave them out and have ppl trip over them. Well I finally gave in and thought I could buy him the dishpan to put is two pair of shoes into which for him will be easier just throwing them in and I dont have to remind him anymore . I put the dishpan on the opposite side of the sliding doors so no one will ever see it when we hang up their coats. I was actually silently jumping for joy that he liked that idea because it gives my daughter and I another shelf for our shoes. SHHHHHHHHH.... dont tell him though.
Off to clean out the filing cabinet .

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Not to be missed free e-book

Okay so today while going through blogland I found a great book for all
of us wanting to get organized or trying to get organized. Not to miss it
go to

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


The one think I need to work on is blogging more often. I need to make
time to fit it into my schedule each day. Another routine that is a work

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Get Ready to Say "Cheese!"

Everyone loves to get pictures in their Christmas cards and letters. It is perhaps the best part! To have a chance to see a family's progression and growth is part of what makes the holidays so special.

The Countdown to Christmas Challenge for today is to make an appointment for your family's Christmas portrait to be taken in time so that you can get the pictures back in time to send in cards.

Funny to read this one because my daughter said today , "We have school photos tomorrow the teacher forgot to hand them out on Friday." Angel is still healing from the chicken pox so not sure she would feel comfortable getting pics done right now. She is almost healed but some are still there . I personally find the photos at school are so rushed to get a good pic is hard and they cost soooo much. I decided two years ago that we would get our own done to put in cards for family and friends. I love getting pictures of friend's children in my cards to see how much they have grown from year to year.

To do : call and book a time for pics in a couple of weeks when I know Angel will be all healed up.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all fellow Canadians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I've been tagged

I've been Tagged!

I've been tagged by Marcia at HDMac's Crafty Blog and I now need to write 7 random things about me, then pick 7 more people to tag. And since I had nothing better to write about today, here we go.......

1. My passion is working with children and I am fulfilling my passion by being an educational assistant in the schools.

2. I love being a mom to a wonderful daughter named Angel . Yes her name is Angel some of have asked me if that is her real name.

3. I married my soulmate and we are so much more in love then we were the day we married.

4. I am so glad I met my best friend Lisa and know we will be friends forever.

5. I miss my grandma that passed away 2 years ago.

6. I used to collect penguins and own many.

7. Hmm.... I really love meeting new friends through blogging .

Now I have to tag people!

I tag:

Jen - The Most Important Work

Marcia- The Organizing Queen


finally accomplished a procrastination challenge

I finally was able to accomplish something that I have been procrastinating for so long.
The end table when you come in my door. First I was at dollearama( my favourite store if you dont already know) and found a nice blue glass bowl to hold my sunglasses and keys. I went through all the papers and tossed a lot of junk, and papers. I got all the papers I need to keep inorder on a wooden tray and then of course my key bowl is there too. I made room to store my lunchbag too.
I took off lots of old bank statements and need to either shred them or cut them up and get rid of them too . The table looks so much better thank you to Debbie at Virtually Organized. Pop by to join us so you too can get procrastination challenges accomplished.
The next one I want to work on is my filing cabinet inorder for my new business "Those Two Girls". I want to start the business off right all organized files easy to access . So this weekend I will go through it and toss and recycle papers I dont need and throw out any garbage.
Sorry I dont have after pics of my table my camera spot on my printer is acting up.
I will try to fix it and post afters of my filing cabinet.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

wow!!!!!!!!! Friday Fling too

Time just really flies by!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Angel is still healing from her chicken pox actually she is off at girlguide camp this weekend so hubbie and I have a little time to ourselves. We are going out with friends tonight for supper.
I didnt get my whole inbox deleted but getting closer and closer maybe by next week. Still working on photos when I get a chance. This will definitely take awhile and then I want to burn them to cds for backup.
I threw out some old roses that were past there point. Lots of papers from my desk area. I cleaned out my car so papers, wrappers, and empty water bottles too. When I was in dollerama they had a cute little waste bag to attach to the seat so I bought that and hopefully that will help to keep the car clean. It needs vaccuming too on the list for this week.

I did everything on my list but not on the day it was suppose to be done but at least it all got done and I could easily everyday look and see what I hadnt accomplished this week and do something. It still really helped me.

I am working on a menu binder so I found some recipes printed them and found a binder I am not using that will be changed into my household binder. I started it a long time ago and never really did a whole lot with it other than printing out some pages and page dividers. I used the vacation part to plan my disney trip and then I used the calendar part but the other parts sat empty. I now have some recipes in there. I found a great book at work on easy recipes to try from beverages, appetizers, entrees and desserts too. I am going to buy it and then use it for a lot of recipes to try. So if anyone has some recipes that are easy and want to share with me that would be awesome and I sure would appreciate it.
It is really dreary here and looks and feels like rain. It is very damp and cold and I took out my winter coat yesterday too !!!!!!!!!!!! BBBBBBBBBBrrrrrrrrrrrr............... keep warm and have a great weekend.

Monday, September 29, 2008


Well the weekend was really restful and Angel was still up and down with the fever thing.
I decided to take Monday off work to be with her one last day and then she could go to
school on Tuesday. She still wont let me take any pics!!!!!!! Just for prosperity sake really not like I would post them here or anything. shhhh... she knows me too well.
So today is a catch up day for laundry done two loads already and going to put in one more. I think I will get the rabbit cage cleaned today( on my schedule) and do the dishes that are due till tomorrow but still it will feel good to get them done and out of the way.
Sorta in the mood to clean and I will take advantage of it forsure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Back to work tomorrow.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Fridays Flings

This week I took time to go and try and organize photos on my computer into
files . I deleted some that werent that great . I am still working on this one.
I deleted a lot of emails that were piling up. I need to go through the rest read
them and delete them too. I am hoping by next Friday to say I got it down to
an empty inbox. Then set a system in place before I go to bed it has to be empty
every night.
I stuck with my schedule of chores till Angel came down with the chicken pox then
that threw it off. I will go back and start again on Monday. I only have chores scheduled
Mon- Fri and then Sat and Sun are for family and sometimes catch up like this weekend.
I have to do Angel 's laundry and my laundry too!
Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

lesson learned

I learned today that although you have a schedule of chores to get done sometimes you need to be flexible and sometimes more important things come up which need to be done. Today my daughter woke up with chicken pox. I usually do my chores right after work instead I was taking my daughter to the doctor to have it confirmed for her school. Then off shopping to buy a few things we needed to help her get better and purchasing a new webkinz for her because she is sick. I have never done this before but this time it meant something to her so a special surprise she didnt expect or even ask for. She is such a trooper she really has a positive outlook on life. This morning she said well I got the chicken pox I am so happy that I have a lot of them so I wont get them again when I am an adult. She has not complained once. The only ones that seem to bother her are on the top of her back where her hair rubs. We put up her hair so it will help a bit.
If you have any tips or special tricks to use while she has chicken pox please let me know.
The doctor told us this is her prescription a - aveeno b - benadryl( we dont need this she is not itchy right now) c- calamine lotion. He also told her to stay away from pregnant women and not to take ibuprofen or aspirin while she has the chicken pox due to brain swelling.
So I need to do two loads of laundry tomorrow instead of one to get caught back up again.
She wont let me take any pics!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

two things that work for me

First off it is a new product I have tried and now love. I want to go green and have tried a few that make me choke from the smell. This was such a great relief to find something that smelled good and worked so well it is clorox green dishwashing liquid. It cut right through anything without major scrubbing. The one thing you dont get a lot of bubbles but as I have read an ingredient is added to dishwashing liquids to suds up is not good for you. You do a get a bit. The smell is heavenly. Enough that I am going back to walmart tomorrow to stock up they have a coupon attached for a dollar off. It is 3.59 a bottle but with a dollar off and I am doing something good for my environment and me.
It sold me eough that I am probably going to buy all clorox green products!!!!!!!!! Has anyone tried them???????
The second thing that works for me is a pvr. Oh how I could not live without it. I love that I can set it up many different ways just to tape the show on a certain time or to tape it whenever it is on that way I dont miss any. I sometimes set it up to tape even if I watch it on a regular basis because sometimes I get busy with cleaning or really to be honest being on the computer and forget about it.
The other thing hubbie and I use it for is taping a set number of shows which we then watch together on Sat nights, our date night. We love it we get some favourite munchies and settle in.
OKay that is what works for me.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday's post about lists

Well I started on my daily list and was able to accomplish Monday's tasks. I have used this system before and then let it go but I know it will work and it lets me know right away the 1-3 things that
have to be done for that day. It works because if I am tired that is all I do but most times it motivates me to do more. I like it because if I accomplish what is on the list then I dont feel bad at all .
I started on my menu book today by copying and pasting out some recipes, I want to try, to one folder where I can easily find them. Next I need to buy a binder so I can print them out and divide them into main courses, desserts, and appetizers. Then it will make it easier to start menu planning. I believe that will make my life a lot easier too when again I can at a glance see what it is for supper instead of having to look through the fridge and cupboards to decide when you are ravenous.
I believe systems are important in making a household run smooth.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

oops forgot the Friday Fling

Well this week I worked on a lot of stuff that had to do with the computer. I deleted a lot of applications I dont use. I deleted emails that again piled up while I was working on me fest.
I will start again trying to keep the inbox clear each day and if I want to keep something making sure it gets put into a folder.
I cleaned up the livingroom and tossed a bag of paper clutter. I am going to work on that end table I have put off far too long!!!!!!!! Lots of paper to toss there too!!!!
I tossed some magazines they just keep coming and coming so now gone. I did keep a few I havent read that I want to read.
I went through my computer this week and started to organize all my photos into files so I could access them easier.
I deleted all built up mail again in my facebook account.
I think that is about all for now.
We went to a medieval fair today so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!
I am off tomorrow to see We will rock you in Toronto with friends so no cleaning that day.
Monday I start the new schedule and will tweak it as it needs to be as I go along.
It has warmed up here and summer is back happy to report too !!!!!!!!!!!
Okay that is truly enough babbling. Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It is only Wed.!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay this week has dragged by I guess it is because I have had no energy
being sick and all. I finally went to the doctor today , sudafed stopped
working, and I have a bronchial infection and sinus. Feels so much better
having the drugs so hopefully it doesnt take too long to allow me to bounce
I did take the opportunity today when a friend was coming over to make sure
my livingroom was completely done except one end table. I didnt get to it
when she called she was coming but the rest is spic and span. I thought she
was just going to drop by to pick something up quick but I thought what if
she wants to stay for a bit. It was the first time I had her over so she doesnt
need to know the truth yet. ;)
With the ladies show and then getting sick I had really let the house slip. It
feels sooooo much better to get it back to normal. I will work on dishes and
the kitchen tomorrow. I did wipe down the counter and the stove today while I
was making supper.
I need to work on laundry too !!!!!!!!!!! Yikes so much to do !!!!!!!!!
Starting next week I will make a list to follow on what to do on certain days
it worked before and I loved it at a glance you knew what you needed to do that day.
Plus if I have a list I can do it before work or after work my decision instead of
wondering what I should do.
Well off to get Angel ready for bed.
Oh btw if you are in the Kitchener/Waterloo area Marisa and Jayme from How do you solve a problem like Maria are putting on a benefit in St. Jacobs. I am doing some of their pr work . Already got one interview lined up for them.
Check the post before.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

an announcement

an announcement

100 days left till christmas

Yikes only 100 days left till christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you want to be organized though you can pop over
Tips everyday. Hope this will help me.

this week

Yikes I have come down sick and therefore probably wont accomplish as much as I wanted to.
I did though clean out my lunch bag of last year's papers so I could make way for this years.
I have been procrastinating it so much but it took like 2 minutes to do.
I went shopping for some stuff for the rabbit and socks for Angel today too. With the weather turning and getting so cold we needed socks but couldnt find any today so didnt procrastinate
that at all.
Tonight is student council meeting so that will take up a big part of my night and the finally of big brother too. For once I like both of the finalists so either can win.
We still are getting emails and phonecalls about our me fest . I have had a bunch of leads on new businesses that want to join us. Which all of this is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hopefully tomorrow I will be more back to normal and be able to have energy to get this house all cleaned up.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

update on Me fest

It was a HUGE success all vendors and customers were really happy. They were so happy even before the show was over they asked if we could do one in the spring. We got a lot of leads on new vendors that want in too!
I guess now back to the grind this week . My hubbie went and started cleaning up today, what a sweetheart, while I was drawing door prizes.

Monday, September 8, 2008

an award

I am excited to say I won this award. It means a lot to me because work for me is not only a job it is my passion working with children.
Check out this blog at

concentrating on my womans show

I can not believe that is it going to happen. It seems like not long ago
when my friend and I came up with the concept. We have been working
away and have over 70 vendors for our first show , not too bad.
We have guest speakers all lined up too one every hour to speak. We have
door prizes from our vendors to give away. All this for 5.00 or 3.00 with a
donation to the food bank. Wow what a deal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If I do say so myself. I almost forgot every vendor will give a freebie to you
of some sort or a free pampering service. Now that is a deal!!!!!!!!!
I am going to be really busy this week just getting final last minute
details done. I am not sure how much decluttering or cleaning that will go
on this week. I am concentrating on anything Me fest!!!!!!!!!!!!
So this Sat. if you are in Southern Ontario check it out might be worth it
to get away for the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Today and good quote

Today I am cleaning the livingroom and working on a few last minute details for my womans show next Sat. Just the finishing touches really. I am so looking forward to this day !!!!!!!!!!
I have a bit of running around to pick up some stuff for the show too.
Well I read a bit more last night from The Last Lecture and this quote stuck in my head I wanted to share it with you all Luck is indeed where preparation meets opportunity.
I love this quote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a great Sat.

Friday, September 5, 2008


Happy to report I have an empty yes empty inbox!!!!!!!!!! I have not had this since I started with this email account. I moved some into folders but most just went . I pressed select all and then quickly went through and sometimes checked them to keep them but most times pressed delete and they all went bye bye! I also found a folder that said junk mail it was my spam folder , didnt know, so I deleted all bagillion messages in there too !!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow so much lighter!!!!!!!!!
I am going to keep working on my documents folder this week and also bookmarks too lots there to delete. Out with the old and making room!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday' s Flings and a book review

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

I was really bad this week and didnt take any pictures of my decluttering but kept it up or tried to through out the week. I worked on my inbox more and deleted 100 emails. I unsubscribed from 5 more newsletters that wasnt working for me anymore. I tossed water bottles into recycling from my daughter's bedroom. I got rid of a bag more receipts , what was I thinking!!!!!!!!! Also another stack of magazines. On Sunday they are all being recycled to use on a vision boards. I got rid of two shirts that were stained . My old doctors notes for my previous subscriptions. I also started cleaning up my documents folder a bit (work in progress).

Well as most of you know it was time for me to go back to work after a great summer. On Tuesday of this week I started at a new school. I was really apprehensive the first day but quickly learned I had nothing to worry about . The school is awesome the staff are great too and the children for the most part are well mannered. Well they all welcomed me with open arms!!!!!!!!!!!!
The second day at my job I went to my new mailbox and found a book. I opened it up and it was a gift from the principal welcoming me. At first I thought wow what a nice thought but if it isnt a book I will read I will recycle( my decluttering mind). I didnt really look at it except the cover and the inside inscription till I got home. I told my daughter I had received a book and she asked to see it. I took it out of my bag and when I went to hand it to her I noticed the back cover a man and 3 children were on it. Then it hit me this is the story I had heard about and was so excited to have the book.
I have almost read all of it . It was really hard to put down and had to force myself not to stay awake and read it all in one night which I easily could have done.
If you dont recognize the title from the picture I have of the book let me tell you it is a not to miss book!!!!!!!!!!!! Last lecture is about a man that learns he has cancer and is offered to do one last lecture at Carnegie Hall. He decides to do it to leave a legacy for his children. The book goes into more details and lessons or he says lectures to learn. He says throughout the book there are 53 lectures. The one that sticks with me is the brick wall . A brick wall is not put up to stop you but to see how hard you really want something . To break through and achieve what you want on the other side. I love that !
It is a bit of a tear jerker though so have the kleenex ready.
Off to finish my book now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you have read it leave a comment did you love it too or what did you learn from it???????

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

oops need to post this too

Can you tell I am new to this whole award thing. I dont even know how to link to someone blog. Can someone tell me how to do this?????????
thanks inadvance

So, the rules for this award are:

1. If you receive the "Rock on Sistah Friend" award, you must post the button on your blog (in sidebar or in a post), and link back to Color Me Untypical.

2. Let me know if you receive the award from someone, so I can add you to our Sistah's Who Rock Blogroll, and give them my personal "Rock On Sistah Friend!"

3. In the post on your blog, you must give the award away to 3 other Sistah's who you think rock. Post links to their blogs, why they rock, and post the rules to the award. Also, let them know you've given them the award so they too can celebrate themselves and pass on the love.

an award

Tina from gave me this award and I am so touched by her comments. While her blog is called Where Do I Get Started??? Diane is a machine. I love reading her posts about decluttering and getting her home organised. She is an inspiration!

I need to pick 3 bloggers that I believe deserve it.

Marcia- - I love that we are working together to organize and declutter our houses. Your posts are inspiring . I also love the comments you leave for me they make my day !!!!!!!!!!!!

Another Marcia - She is the woman who set up the declutter challenge and motivated me enough to be able to do it this time.

Lastly Beth- She is the other woman who set up the challenge and her posts always give me great ideas on how to organize.

wordless Wednesday trip to the children's museum FUN

Last one shows Angel's favourite spot the school house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you want to see more pics go to

Sunday, August 31, 2008

today the last day for decluttering

Last day I decluttered 5 of my daughter's shirts. When I was doing laundry I realized you
can declutter when you are doing other things not specifically decluttering. I didnt like 4 of the
shirts and they went into a bag shhhhhhh... she doesnt have to know and wont really miss them.
One had a stain so it had to go . Oh I forgot I threw out her old bathing suit too because we
bought a new one .
Tonight watching big brother and resting!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tomorrow I will do my laundry so I am already for Tues to go back to work.
Just like another fellow declutterer I decided to declutter my hair and my daughter's too !!!!! Here is a new pic of us with our new hairdo and my eye looking so much better.
Thank you for all the wonderful e-mails about my eye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what did I learn from the challenge

First off a big big thank you to Marcia and Beth for setting up this challenge which has changed my life. I have grown and learned so much from this challenge.What did I learn where do I start?? How has it changed my life again where to begin???
I first started this challenge by making a list of areas that were really really bothering me. I am proud to say that I tackled each area and now can make a new list. I need to do this week. I learned so much for each participant on their posts which have encouraged me to declutter other areas I hadnt even thought of at all. I learned you need a plan first which I did when I made a list. Then next you need to plan a time which most times took me so much less time than I had anticipated. Then start small just do one thing and it will encourage you to do more or set a timer for 15 minutes that also worked. It is just important to get started !!!!!!!!! Then once done one area I would love the great feeling or chi it produced. It also encouraged you to keep going on other areas.!! The real help was putting up our posts on our blogs and being accountable to someone too. It helped me a lot with all the encouragement that all the wonderful ladies that were also in the challenge. Doing it together really helped me!!!!!!!! Thanks ladies.
I was doing great with this challenge and then a challenge set in for me. I had something wrong with my left eye. I was on major drugs and for the majority of 3 days it knocked me out. I also couldnt see and was very disoriented . I was more than determined to keep doing this challenge and not give up just because I was challenged. So each day I found something that I could throw out. My daughter would remind me too and ask what I had gotten rid of each day which helped me too. She also really helped out a lot and I am thankful she got involved. She herself has set goals for each month for herself which will work out great and give her a lot of time to accomplish each area. So the decluttering bug has caught on.
So each day I would find at least one thing to declutter so I could stay in the challenge.
I have learned to think differently too which really helps. I think before buying /bringing something into my home where will it go. I have learned too everything needs a home which makes it easier to find or put back. I have also learned that when you do declutter you need to
remember to make room to grow . That way if you bring something new into your home that you can have room already for it.
The big big thing for me at least that I learned from this challenge and has changed my outlook on decluttering was get rid of what you dont love to make room for what you do love!!!!!!!!
Again a big big thank you to Marcia and Beth for changing my life who knew when I started this would be the time it clicked. I have tried many times so if at first you dont suceed try and try again till you do . It has been so worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you to all the ladies who were part of the challenge and have enouraged and supported me through this challenge and obstacles.

some things that are gone

I decluttered my facebook inbox deleted 230 emails . I just didnt look just deleted them all to start again fresh. I have never looked back on those emails so they should be gone. I have been working on my personal emails. I deleted 210 of those. I deleted some newsletters I havent read 10 or so of those. I loved them at one point but have moved on and dont anymore.
Although this was a tough week for me with my eye thing I still wanted to continue so each day I found at least one thing to declutter. I didnt declutter any major areas just misc. clutter.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursdays thoughts

This whole week really was going to be about getting better and ready for school which starts next week. Today was going to be a rest day for us but then we went to the hairdressers to get our hair cut for school tonight .
I found a plastic plate that was cracked so out goes that and also I found a big bag of old receipts that I am tossing too. I was going to join some business and you needed to have receipts that was a year ago. When I went for the explaination I knew I wasnt joining but never got rid of the receipts. I also found some receipts in an envelope from 2 years ago yikes. I of course cant find the receipt of the skirt I purchased two years ago for my daughter that the zipper broke and we could return it with the kids guarantee at walmart. So this way I will have to take it to a tailor to be fixed. It is such a cute skirt it was about 6 months ago it broke and havent really gotten around to it. But now I will.
I am starting an envelope for clothing that is purchased for Angel so I will know where the receipts are if I need them ever again.
Tomorrow I am off a childrens museum with friends.
Not sure what I will declutter but I will find at least one thing. I have been so motivated to at least find one thing and that is always so easy to do. The thing I think of if you just get rid of one thing each day of the month that is 30 things without a whole lot of effort. It has been hard while I was on meds but Angel has really stepped up to the plate to remind me one thing mom and then she has been decluttering too which helps so much. She reminds when I get down and tired that one thing is nothing easy mom. I really appreciate her encouragment and help around the house this week!!!!!!!!!!
I have a whole bunch of old old mail that has to go but I want to shred or will need to cut them all up so maybe I will do that tomorrow. Wait I know what I will declutter my end table you see when I first enter my house. It will feel good to have it all organized. I am sure just a lot of papers that can go and be recycled.
I am calling my Friday posts Friday Flings from now on. I like that idea!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

almost back to normal

I pleasantly woke up this morning and my eye is getting smaller and smaller each day. I now know it will be healed by Tuesday which I am back to work.
I feel like I have been slacking off all week with getting things done around the house. With this strong meds I am on they just really made me really really tired. I think now though I am getting used to them and they are working !!!!!!!!!!!! My daughter kept cleaning little areas though. Today she is working on our backpack station. Which I will post a pic when all done.
Okay so today I used it as a catch up day I started with dishes and now they are all done !!!!!!! I guess if momma doesnt do them nobody does in this house. Wiped down the kitchen cupboards and stove while I was at it.
Then went through an old box and found some more old catalogues to get rid of . I also decided a bit hard to do but I still did to get rid of some thank you cards from the kids last year.
Then I moved on to my computer desk all cleaned up now . It was one big pile that just kept growing and was about to topple over .
The one thing while I was going through things today was something I learned from my last book if you have a system set up where everything has its place although it might get messy it wont take long to straighten it back up again. This really helped to get this house back in shape after my eye illness. All you ask is where does this go ?? where does this go?? and then put it in the place it belongs.
I also got rid of 1/2 bag of garbage papers, old roses from hubbie and misc. stuff.
I feel soooooo good now.
Tonight I will be having a movie night with my daughter we are watching E.T. which I never knew we owned . I said to my daughter " Ouch" like E.T. did . She looked at me strange. I told her it was from E.T and then asked if she had ever watched it. She said no and I told her we would have to rent it so she could see it. She said but mommy we own it. I said no way and then
she said look in that box. She knew exactly where it was. While I was getting it we exchanged some younger disney movies that were out and replaced them with ones she hasnt seen yet and wants too.
See what you find when you arent looking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My friend please help

Over at 5 minutes for mom blog they are having a contest for a mom who deserves to win a laptop . This is my nod for my good friend Suzy.
If she is a finalist I will set up the link for voting. Lets help someone who is really deserving.

I would like to tell you about a wonderful person in my life. Her name is Suzy McNeil. She is a loving, giving person which I am honored to call my friend.
Suzy is multi-talented. She is a singer, an artist, an entrepreneur, but her biggest accomplishment is being a outstanding mother to a son with Autism.
As busy as all of lives are today, try to imagine having a special needs child & on top of that dealing with your own diagnose of Fibromyalgia . This little lady takes it all in stride.
I was fortunate enough to meet Suzy as she was a guest speaker of an event I was at. It was her first time doing public speaking, but you would have never known. Her honest & funny outlook brought us to tears & back to laughter over & over again. Through much encouragement she has finally decided to take her personal journey & put it in book form. She has a first hand look of how Autism affects her family & has developed many resources to help her son gain some independence. This book will be influential to both those with or without an Autistic family member.
However there is one thing holding her back. She can't use the family computer for her writing as it is mainly used for her husband's Karaoke business & feels she can't be down in the basement when she has other things to attend to (mainly her son). The best way to help her get all of her great ideas & comical antidotes down would be on a laptop which can be easily transported to the rooms her son is at. Then she can find those tidbits of time while he is occupied to author this book which I feel will have a great impact on the world. Suzy is so deserving of this opportunity & I hope you believe that too.

works for me Wednesday

This I love I made myself a cleaning basket which holds everything I will need.
So easy to cart from room to room. I would love to have one in the bathroom
but no room right now maybe some day.
It just makes cleaning so much easier when you have everything in one place
and you can just grab and go and know that you have it all and you wont have
to run up and down the stairs for things.
Take notice my favourite cleaning product Mr. Clean Sponges!!!!!!!!!! I have am
slowly making the change to natural cleaners too so not as many bottles needed.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

mail /paper center

This is our center all cleaned up and ready for school to start next week.
I changed it and gave hubbie top so he can pile his stuff onto his tray so he
doesnt block my daughter and my spot by piling it all infront of the
organizer on the counter. Before he had a different spot. Sure hope this works better!
We love this and it works so well to keep track of papers.

Monday, August 25, 2008

getting better

I am slowly getting better thanks for all the wonderful get well take care emails
from my blogger friends.
It has been hard to only be on the computer for 5 minutes to check emails for any
new things happening with the womans show that I am co-hosting on Sept.13.
We made the floor plan on Sat. and we have 78 vendors for our first show. We
received a few more emails asking about spots too yesteday .
Lots of planning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is all really coming together I am so happy.
Well today still not 100% but getting there. I am on heavy duty meds and eye cream
too which is making me really tired. Thankfully I have one more week before I go to
My daughter has continued cleaning with moms help. She has went through her old
school stuff and now ready for school next week. We have to go out and buy a new
backpack and a few things later in the week. She got rid of a ton of papers, old lunch
bag. I am always so proud when she cleans.
I have gone through my mail /paper center and cleaned it out and reorganized it too.
I will post later. I have changed it around from before and given hubbie top shelf to
be easier for him to put stuff on top. He had a spot but was still piling things infront
so hopefully this will work.
OKay off to rest the eye.
Tomorrow sidetable when you enter my house. Just getting rid of lots of old old papers.
Happy Decluttering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

please vote

My friend found this site and wanted me to enter so I did.
The before is how I look today with the chalazion.
The after was my anniversary pic.
Please help me win !!!!!!!!!!!
If not go and have a good laugh.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

quick note

I might not be on the computer too much the next few days. I have developed a chalazion
under my left eye. When I am on the computer it makes my eye water. I will still be
decluttering though. I hope to be back on again maybe Monday I will try it. Sure hope
the meds kick in fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have fun decluttering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

what I learned this week

I learned this week to leave room to grow and I have tried really hard to just that with the spots I declutter . That room so if one thing gets added it hasnt blown your whole system. I guess you could just get rid of something too but I have a hard time doing that each time I buy something new. For me decluttering is easier all at once in areas.

I also learned that although some weeks will be busier than others you can always find a little time to declutter .

I have been reading a great book this week almost done and I have learned a lot !!!!! The name of the book and I highly recommend it is "Best Organizing Tips" by Stephanie Winston.
Oh just noticed she has another one called "Getting Organized". I will have to put that one on hold at the library to read next because I really like the one I am reading now. There are so many tips but useful tips you can apply to your life.

Fridays post and daughter's dresser

I guess it has caught on in my family. My daughter decluttered the rest of her
drawers today. She wanted to take the pics so if they arent the best that is why. She got rid of a whole pile of clothing! Way to go Angel!

I learned about this technique to allow children to see all of their clothes on words
for me Wednesdays back in July. I wanted to try it and she loves the idea.
I will let you know how it goes after laundry day.
I like the idea of it too.
I also posted pics of what I got rid of yesterday and a bag I am donating to a womans shelter.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

coffee table pic

Here is the pic of my coffee table when it is not piled high with stuff. I love the feeling it gives
me when I first clean it all off . Enjoy Tina.

I bet the cupboards under the bathroom sink

Okay I am having a hard time uploading these the right way the before and afters. I have tried 4 times now so these will have to do . I am sure you can see what is the before and after.
I just used the baskets that I used 3 years ago when I cleaned it out the first time.
I wouldnt mind getting more clear baskets with the green handle to have all the same. I will have to check dollerama. It is a hard spot to organize because it is so small plus the back wall is slanted.
I was able to purge a whole bag to give away to a womans shelter and a whole bag of garbage too
which I will post tomorrow being Friday.
Wow another week gone by. I have one more week off till I am back at work in the schools. This summer went by fast but I feel that I have accomplished a lot !
Happy decluttering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Hello this week is soooo busy one of my best friend's is on holidays and she
has become my social secretary. No really I am having so much fun!!!!!!!!
Thanks you know who you are.
Okay so yesterday I took pics for Tina of my coffee table which I will post
later tonight.
Yesterday although very busy still wanted to keep decluttering so I was
putting away my pots and pans after washing them and found an old
loaf pan I never use good-bye and then found 2 old phonebooks they
are now in the recyling . Again pics added later.
Today another busy day but managed to get rid of the summer activities
guide and the summer library schedule and replace them with the fall
Also Angel and I set up a little schedule so she wouldnt be overwhelmed
with decluttering. She would go through one drawer a day . Really there
are only 4 drawers she has to go through. Happy to report one drawer
down and a few things that were too small out of the drawer.
Well off to visit another friend tonight although I just came home from
visiting a good friend this afternoon who taught Angel all about clay.
I will post pics when I come home tonight.
Keep decluttering!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

relaxing day

With summer winding down I spent the day at a waterpark with my daughter .
I forgot the camera or you would have had some pic to look at.
I was really tired when I got home and came really close( being honest) to
not doing any decluttering today but I knew on my list there were a few
smaller things I wanted to accomplish. So after a little nap I went through
old catalogues and got rid of them off to recycling. I only kept one I want to
order from.
I am still working on email inbox. Wow I signed up for a lot of newsletters that
are not that great and really just cluttering up my inbox. Slowly I have been going
through them and the ones I really see over and over again still bolded that I havent
read I decided to unsubscribe. I havent missed them because I havent read them.
I want the email that ends up in my inbox to be useful and meaningful.
I deleted a whole bunch of emails that I had read and then just left there dont know
why though. Again bye bye bye. I bet it will take at least a week to declutter my inbox.
I started the simplicity course today from Beth that I was so lucky to win !
I made a separate folder for the
simplicity course so I can keep them organized and in one place easy to find.
Tomorrow is the under the bathroom sink and making homemade banana loaf.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Today was a great day we had what is called Kidspark in our local park where
there are activities for children to do and it is all free. So todays decluttering
takes place at the park every single business /event is handing out pamphlets
so what I did before I even left the park while we were waiting inline for an
activity was went through all that I had been given and recycled many.
The only ones I keep are vendors that I will be contacting for my womans
show and one for fund raising at school. It felt good not to be bringing home
tons of paper that would be thrown somewhere and then gone through later.
I will go through them again tonight send out invites to the ladies show and then
recycle all that paper too.
Last night I went on youtube and checked out some organizing videos between
reading organizing articles, the videos and the books I have been reading I have
learned a few things.
1) if everything has a home then when things get messy it is fast to just put things
back in their homes( really surface cleaning)
2) if it takes less than 5 minutes just do it
3) dont keep anything you dont love !!!!!!! That way you can find room for the things you love by
getting rid of the things just taking up space.
Once again a huge huge thank you goes out to Marcia for starting this challenge.
My home is starting to feel like a home and not just a house with stuff.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

making hubbie think

Remember when I posted that I had to ask hubbie about somethings
to discard. We are going to be making bread again because we can
get to the breadmaker. We got rid of a lot of things and hubbie was
all for it . No we wont use that lets get rid of it !!!!!! Maybe he is coming
around . He even did the dishes today to help me out .


Well hubbie was off to value village again today to take this weeks haul. It is getting to be
a regular thing for him on Sat. to do that.
I am working on cleaning out my inbox and making folders to put msgs into that I want to
keep so eventually my inbox will be empty. I will read the email and deal with it right away.
Organizing and decluttering I am finding is an empowering experience .
This week will be to finish under the bathroom sink and go through a box of old catalogues
and videos . I can bet I will be recycling the catalogues . I get one every week and shove it
under my one end table. Now is the time for them to go!

Friday, August 15, 2008

all done !

Okay so that again didnt take too long.
I threw away a lot of stuff I know I wont
use and dont love. I had jello molds from
when I worked in daycare that I had accumulated
but NEVER used.
I did keep two things that I wasnt sure of getting rid
of will talk to hubbie breadmaker machine. We used
to use this all the time and havent used in awhile but
maybe now that it is easily accessible we will. If not
it will go too!! Second we are always looking for bigger
containers to store food in and we usually only find one
and keep using it over and over again. I found 3 when I
was cleaning out the cupboard so will keep an eye out and
see if we use them in the next couple of months now that I
know where they are. If not they will be gone too .
We only use the stewing pot in the winter so was thinking of
moving it downstairs and putting in the crockpot. I will think
about that one. Overall I was really happy with the result and
the amount of stuff I got rid of .
Enjoy the pictures. Now the kitchen is officially decluttered!!!!!!