Monday, November 15, 2010

beautifying what I already have

So today I bought my third set of white dishes for the cupboard. I was so proud of myself and my daughter and I unpacked them and put them in the cupboard and boxed up the old ones. I will keep them just incase in the basement. I am sure when we get to the basement crawl space to organize it they will be tossed but for now they will go there.

I also finally found a purple bath mat to complete my bathroom set . I found the beautiful shower curtain with purple butterflies on it this summer but there were no rugs with the set. I have had a really hard time finding a purple one too !!!!!! So all I need to complete my bathroom is a wall paper boarder or tile or something at the top not sure which one yet.
I am currently making a list of what needs to be done in the home. Oh and at the top dont be surprised to see clothes. This is one of my biggest downfalls is laundry. I don't mind washing the clothes or putting them in the dryer but it is the part after that I slack off on. Folding them and putting them away! I have a huge pile in the laundry room some already folded in laundry baskets that need to be put away and some that need to be folded. I also have a whole basket of mix matched socks we just come and take from as needed . At some point these need to find their matching pair and be put away. But they go on the list and will be dealt with another day.
So what do you hate to do ???????????

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Starting Again

I am going to try and start up this blog again and that way have some accountability
to keep going. I am a lot better off than I was in the organizing department when I
first started this but still have a few big projects to work on. I also have to set up some
time of weekly schedule to keep up I have already accomplished.
So come with me on this journey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Update another week more clothes!!!!!!!

Sorry for not posting last week I came down with the flu /cold/allergies/sinus problems . I was out and did nothing at all other than sleep, read and watch tv for a few days.
I am feeling so much better now though so I continue on. Today I cleaned up the kitchen. I wiped down all the counters and cleaned them off . I also wiped down the stove. I swept the kitchen floor too. I then went in the livingroom and just picked up a few things that needed putting away. My wonderful daughter cleaned her stuff off the coffee table so it is back and all shiny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will do my 15 mins or more of folding clothes that are already clean while watching the bachelorette. I will probably put them away tomorrow .

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tues and Wed together

So continued on yesterday with the goal of 15 minutes for clothing!!!!!
I went through my spare bedroom looking for a birthday gift for my daughter and ended up organizing all the clothing into neat piles. A big give away pile and then easier piles for me to go through !!!!
I also did a load of laundry that didnt get folded because it was still drying when I went to bed. I will fold it today !!!!!
I will fold this pile and put it away and then start going through some clothing in the spare bedroom. I think I will wait till next week to go through mount laundry pile and get it all folded and put away!!!!!!

Today I am celebrating my daughter's 12th birthday. Time flies so fast and I really truly have no idea where 12 years has gone by !!!!!!!!! I am so proud of her because each day she becomes so much more caring, loving , patient, informed, and responsible and giving! She is growing into a beautiful young woman !!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

starting the summer challenge

So today will be day one of the challenge I have set out for myself for this summer "clothing ". I will spend at least 15 mins a day trying to get the clothing in my house under control. I have the laundry to get caught up on . I have the clothing that is already laundered to be folded and put away. I have clothing that many nice people have given to me to go through .
Set the timer and off we go .......................

Oh and I have kept my small couch and coffee table clean too !!!!!!!!!!!
I also today will vacuum up from the party we had this weekend!!!!!!!!

Okay better go so I can get started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what are your goals for the summer?????????????

Sunday, July 4, 2010

breakthrough !!!!???????????

At one point during the day hubbie noticed that my daughter had left some stuff
on the coffee table and he said after we come back you have to find a home for this stuff. It almost blew me away!!!!!!!!
Then he asks me if I am going to vacuum the downstairs ????? I asked him why cant he ??? He says you do a much better job! I am not sure if I believe him.
So hubbie has figured out how to boss others around but lets see if he learns how to pick up and keep things clean himself.
I didnt vacuum I am wiped from the party but tomorrow I will!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Party Day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay still running around getting ready for the party. I have cleaned and cleaned and cleaned some more . I am very tired but all ready for the party. I am so going to try and keep the house this clean this summer.

I finished cleaning the downstairs and then helped outside too. I ran the vacuum really quickly over the livingroom.

Now off to the pool. Who knows I might even go swimming ????????????!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

invade a radio station

Today we got a personal tour around one of our community radio stations 91.5 the beat and 107.5 dave fm. It was so much fun and they also went live and we all said Hi on air. Angel really enjoyed it !!!!!!!!!!! At the top is a pic of us at the studios.OKay it wont work for some reason so I will post some on Sunday or Monday.

Update on clothing my hubbie was sweet and folded laundry that I did two days ago. My daughter and I put it all away. It felt really good !!!!

I had decided thanks to a slob comes clean blog to make one goal at a time. The first one I did was to make sure my coffee table was cleaned off every night. Happy to report have kept that one up . Now the second is to keep the small love seat clean and not pile things on it !!!!!!!!

I cleaned up the house for my daughter's birthday/pool/ sleepover / party which is tomorrow. I have such that aaaaaaaaaa feeling looking at the house all clean. Nothing to really do tomorrow but wait for them to arrive.

Have a great weekend and if you are from the States have a Happy Fourth of July!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

It has been way too long since I have blogged and I want to try and jump back in
and see how it goes.

I am an educational assistant and I am off for the summer so I set goals for myself to accomplish during this time. Last year was the big purge really every nook and cranny of my house was cleaned, decluttered with daily tasks . That felt really good to get rid of a lot of stuff and most areas are pretty neat still to this day.

The one area that didnt stay that way was my daughter's bedroom which is one of my goals to totally go through and help her purge a lot of stuff. She really just needs to get rid of a lot of stuff because she is growing up and most of the stuff is just shoved in the closet never to be looked at . We need to make her room a more grown up space for a tween. She will be turning 12 in July!!!!!!!!!

The big area I want to work on this year though is "clothing". I want to purge a lot and go through every area of the house that has any bit of clothing and either find it a home or give it away. I need to get my laundry under control too !!!!!!!!!!!
What are your goals for the summer ?????????????

Monday, February 1, 2010

Feb. Organizing challenge

Laura has set up an organizing challenge for the month of Feb. I find I get the winter blues in Feb. so I thought this might help me to get through one of the hardest months for me.
I was trying to decide did I want to clean one small space or a whole room and then which one pops into my head. I decided to go around my house and take pics of the messy / unorganized spaces I would love to work on this month. Not sure how much I will get done but we will see.
Once I took those pictures I worked on two areas in one big area to start. There was a lot of clutter on my small couch so I took maybe 10 minutes to put the things where they belonged and now it is empty.
The other spot was an end table that was piled high with clutter and junk and who knows what. This area took a bit longer it looks a lot better and is organized now too.
Wow that all feels good to have accomplished something today.
Thanks Laura for the challenge.
If you want to check out what everyone else is organizing or want to join the challenge feel free to go to Laura's website.

Friday, January 8, 2010

update for this week

The goal I wanted to work on was eating breakfast with a great protein source.
Monday started out great almond butter and natural jam on wholewheat toast.
Then Tues I woke up with a migraine headache and didnt really want food or anything!
Wed., Thurs, Fri well suffice to say it just didnt happen.
I was just talking to my daughter about goals and setting them to try and achieve them. I think some goals take time and for me this might be one of them. I have a really hard time eating first thing when I wake up!!!!!!
I will keep trying but as I told her at least I ate breakfast for one more morning then I did the week prior. I will keep trying .
THanks Becca for the great ideas on how to add protein I will check them out!!!!!!!!
Sticking with this goal this week so hopefully I can do better!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

first goal I am setting for 2010

I went for some testing with the doctor and they said I am low on Vitamin b and iron. After I did some research I was not surprised at all to find this out. I am not a big meat eater and I am lactose intolerant too.

I am going to try and add more protein to my diet by eating breakfast with a protein source. So I have picked out a few to start with . Tomorrow will be my first day of eating a breakfast. The two I am starting with are eggs or an almond butter and jam on whole wheat toast. I also am going to be eating almonds for a protein source as a snack each day.

If you have any good ideas for breakfast that have a protein source please let me know. Also if you know any good protein sources I might be able to try again please email me or leave a comment.

Lets see how that goes tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! I will let you know!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

happy new year!!!!!!!!!

First off I want to wish all my friends and family a happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A couple of years ago I decided that I will not ever make resolutions
again . For me it is so easy to just break those resolutions and
to get easily frustrated very early on . So for me I just continue with what
I am doing that is working for me and my family to have a happy life. I am always working towards something but it changes from time to time.

This year I am just going to continue on with what is working for me in my life.
There are a few things I want to change and over the year but not all at once just one at a time. I will be posting about them when I decide to concentrate on each goal.

An example is in Sept this past year I decided that we needed to spend more time
as a family. The memories that my daughter will remember are the times spent together
not the things we buy!!!!!!! So I concentrated on that and I love the new family time we have found to spend together.

Last night we passed up two parties that we were invited to spend time as a family. We went to a family swim together and then came home and had chinese food. My 11 year old daughter asked to stay up till midnight so I thought we would try it . She managed to stay awake and probably could have stayed up even later than that but she went to bed a little after midnight.

We rang in midnight the perfect way with her sitting between my husband and I.
We counted down midnight together and then we kissed her at midnight and then kissed each other . It was perfect!!!!!!!!!! It felt so right and I want to have more experiences like that !!!!!!!!!!

So come back to the blog to read what I am working on next.

Take some time to hug your child!!!!!!!!!