Monday, June 30, 2008

not much new today

Well today another rainy/sunny day dreary at times and then other times so sunny and summery. What a weird summer we are having!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont have much energy today could be getting up early for no reason .
I went to the library and got one of my summer reads I wanted Harmonic Wealth by James Ray . I am sure I will blog about what I learn to share and to make notes for me to have after I return the book . The other one Eat,Pray, Love I have on hold and should receive it in the coming weeks.
I am so excited about all the people from all around the world finding my little blog for me it is very exciting to check the ticker to see where people have come from. My hubbie personally thinks I am nuts !
We are shampooing the livingroom carpet tonight but I think really to be honest that is all that will be done from me today unless I get a burst of energy which I is very unlikely. I am using today as a rest day. I will need to vaccum the livingroom before so something will get done. Tomorrow though the kitchen is going down!!!!!!!!!!!! Top to bottom everywhere look out!
I fed the bunny today his name is Cuddles.
WEll that is all for Monday might blog a bit later but I do know I will be very busy reading.
Looking for a recipe if anyone has it for hashbrown casserole I read it on someone's blog last week and wanted to try it. All I remember was hashbrowns, hamburger, sourcream and cheese cant remember the rest. If you have it please share it.
thanks Diane

Sunday, June 29, 2008

flower pics update

Well I did plant the flowers inbetween the rain showers. I wiped down the freezer, fridge, cupboards kitchen door,and trim in the livingroom. I have a load of whites in the washer soon
after I post pics to go into the dryer.
Helped hubbie clean the pipes in the bathroom sink and kitchen sink too.

Rainy day

Not much to really to do with it raining here. I went shopping and bought some new flowers, and potting soil which I will show the before and the after when it stops raining. Trying to spruce up my curb appeal. I am trying some new kind of flowers so we will see how they work out throughout the summer.
I am going to do some more cleaning too not sure what yet but I bought some Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Sponges. I love these! If you havent tried them do they are well worth the extra money they cost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am going to wash my daughter's bedding forsure today. But I am going to go back to Thurs. for her bedding and not sure what day for mine yet though I will have to figure it out.
A work in progress.
Have a great Sunday !

Saturday, June 28, 2008

We do more than we think and Sat. Habit

I think as moms that we think we dont do much if all the house isnt neat and tidy 24 -7. I have decided we all do more than we think !!!!Yesterday when Angel wanted to go swimming I had to vaccum the pool which wasnt on the list but what about the other things. I mean we make meals and then pick up without realizing it and finally we are responsible for waking the children, tending to their needs or wants all day , driving them places , making snacks, getting them ready for bed , finally tucking them in. I think with all these responsibilities we need to be easier on ourselves. It made me wake up and realize this especially because now I am also activity organizer for the summer and chauffeur too. All the hats we wear doctor, nurse, cook, housecleaner, activity director, chauffeur, hairdresser, personal dresser and finally mommy which encompasses it all.( I am sure I missed a few)
Today I started on my backyard by scrubbing down the plastic chairs with the wonderful Mr.Clean sponge and wiping down the table too . I will need to go out and buy some plastic tablecloths for my two tables sometime this week.

So for my Sat. habits I was looking around today and noticed there were many spots that dont get cleaned on a regular basis and I want to change that. The spots I was looking at were window sills, doors, windows, baseboards, and door frames. My habit is going to make sure I do at least one of these in a room each day so by the end of the summer it will be all done.
Today I wiped down the front door, the framing around our mirror closet door, windexed the front door too. It looks so much better and makes me feel good too to get rid of a lot of dirt.
I am going to start working on Anthea Turners book " The Perfect Housewife" so I dont miss anything in each room. I will add to her lists in each room if I have anything to add.
I also am going to try three new recipes this week. Maybe by the end of summer I will be doing the menu planning for the week. I want to try and have some homemade baking done every week too.
So this weeks will be banana bread.
Well off to spend some time with my family.
Have a great weekend.

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Friday, June 27, 2008

PJ day and a few things got done

Yes I stayed in my Pjs till after supper. Then my daughter wanted to go swimming so I had to get dressed to watch her in the pool.
I picked up the livingroom and got Angel to pick up her stuff in the livingroom too. So the livingroom looks soooo much better.
I did some more searching and inviting vendors for Me Fest. It is really coming together nicely and so many people are excited about it , including me of course. ;)
So not much for today really that is all just a restful day once in awhile you need one of those.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

last day of school ( random ramblings along with the summer plan)

So today was the last day of school for me as I am an educational assistant in the school board.
I now have 8 weeks off to spend with my wonderful daughter. I am so thankful for having this
time as she is growing up so fast. She will be 10 officially on July 7th.
Okay so some organizing plans for the summer. Next week we are working on the backyard. We will make it into an oasis that we can spend time in for the summer. Get on the gardening gloves and weed and weed and weed some more and then buy a couple of planter baskets and plant some flowers out front. ( next weeks plan) Oh and tomorrow for us is do nothing day !!!!!!!!!! Stay in you pjs and hang out all day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The only real big plan I have for the summer is to get my daughter's closet properly organized which will happen when I decide the plan for it.
Today was quite emotional with me going to another school next year the children gave me lots of hugs and I got a huge bouquet from everyone at the school!!!!!! I will miss Northlake Woods but I might be back never say never!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The other plan for me for the summer is to read Eat, Pray, Love. If you have read let me know what you think.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

more for Wednesday

First off I read a lot of works for me Wednesday posts and learnt a lot of neat tips I will be
using!!!!!!!!! I made supper and did the dishes. Now I am going to go and get ready to go
to another tv preview event.
One more day left of school then off for two months I can hardly wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

works for me Wednesday

What I do to save my plates from getting sticky when we have syrup with our french toast or pancakes is to use a muffin liner. It works so well I cut up french toast and pancakes into strips so she can dunk them. I love that you wash the plate but it is not sticky at all easy clean up. I took pics but havent uploaded them yet.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Catch up really

So this weekend was really really busy for us. Friday night the sleepover/birthday party which worked out great . Every little girl had a great time and was very well behaved. It would have been better if the weather had been a bit warmer to warm up our pool a bit more but they swam anyway for a bit.
Satuarday I was paid to go to a TV preview of two new shows . We got to see the pilots for both one was called Soulmates and the other Dads. They both had really good ideas but needed to be developed a lot more. I made $60.00 for less than 2 hours of work that was good.
My daughter was at a birthday party and it didnt end up ending till 9 well we took her home while the party was still in full swing. We thought that was late enough for her . She had been there since 3. We went to check on her at 6 and they hadnt eaten supper yet and they said the party was just getting started.
Then Sunday there was an openhouse at our firestation so we went there. After that we went to the Multicultural Festival in our park and got caught in the rain !!!!!!!!!!
We rested for the rest of Sunday after having such a busy weekend.
Today back into the swing of things. Thursday is the last day of school for us here in Canada and I have the summer off too working for the school board. I can hardly wait to just lounge around.
I need something to keep me busy so along with the womans show my friend and I are planning I will be learning braille.
Well that is all for tonight now off to bed.
I will update more with pics tomorrow.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday - Party Time

Okay so today went to work and help them all set up for a medieval feast at school.
Then after work went and bought some craft supplies for my daughter's birthday
party/sleepover tonight. We will try swimming not sure how long the girls will
last. We decided to have it tonight because the big release of the summer " Camp
Rock" is premiering on Family. If you have 10 year old girls this is a big big deal!!
I picked up the cake too and we are all basically set. I want to clean up a bit just pick
up some things really . Then let the festivities begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We signed our contract for mefest today too which is so exciting so it is a go!!!!!!!!!!
Well off to do a bit before the girls get here.

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rainy Day and update

I am so glad the rain held off on my daughter she was in her regional
track and field meet today for her school . So she stayed dry but then about 5:00
it started to rain and we had the year end bbq at her school tonight.
Yuck we got our hotdog which was very wet and then went inside
the gym to eat . Not the best time. I even brought my camera thinking
that I would take some pics for my blog. I was busy eating my hotdog
and my daughter was with her friends and then all of a sudden they
were gone they went out to the playground to play. It had not stopped
raining but was just drip dropping . I guess no pics. :(
We stayed and helped to put things away and then came home. I am so
chilled it isnt funny . It is so cold her I could easily turn on the heat. Where
did summer go ??????????
The other thing I wanted to blog about today was how fast the week has
went by. It is crazy that it is Thursday already. I am so glad that I was
smart and did all my housecleaning for the party last Sunday.Thankfully
it has stayed clean too . I have done not too much with having a busy week.
So tomorrow night after work I have to pick up the cake and pick up some
craft stuff. It is so cold I dont think we will be able to swim in our pool. :(
But I will get some craft stuff from the dollerstore and it will keep them
busy till 8 when the movie of the summer comes on , Camp Rock !
So no real cleaning tomorrow will get done either just party time!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

works for me Wednesday

To make my life easier I hate sorting socks and folding them so I came up with this idea. I went to my dollerstore and bought mesh laundry bags. I gave one to my daughter for socks and one for underwear. Now she fills the bags and then I wash them and we put the bags and all in the top drawer and she gets them out of there. I then have new bags for her fill and when they get full wash them and retrieve the bags from the top drawer that are usually empty and start again.
It works for me and makes one less thing I have to do that I dont like to do. Makes life easier.

If you want more posts like this go to

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

time is flying by and patience

Where did Monday go ????????? I came home from work had a quick supper and then went out to meet a friend that was in from Bermuda . I had a great time great friends and gelato (big size container) who can go wrong. I got home late so then just watched some TV and crashed.
So something interesting happened to me this morning. As I was getting ready for work listening to the local radio station they had a psychic on and you could call in. I tried and tried and tried nothing busy. So they broke for news and then said that the psychic would be taking calls again so I tried. Yes I got through . I asked him about my career. He said that right now the words for my career irritating and frustrating and that I felt I would like to go in and tell the boss exactly what I was thinking and use derogatory words. I said oh okay because that is all so true, not that I would do that though, just a thought. Then he said the word for me was patience and that there are job offers coming in the near future. I then mentioned I had something going on in Sept and did he see anything ??????? He said yes it will be very successful and a fun day to enjoy. I was so happy we are planning a womans show in Sept. my friend Lisa and I. It is called Me fest - a Celebration of you. If you are in the Kitchener area Sept. 13, 2008. Our very first one!!!!!!! I am so excited for it and the psychic made my day and I had a little lift in my step today.
I havent done any cleaning but I really need to go and at the very least do the dishes.
So that is what I am off to do. I only have 8 more days of work till summer then I will get myself into a regular routine .
Have a terrific Tuesday

Sunday, June 15, 2008

cleaning day

So today I decided it would be a great day to clean everything. The motivation comes with my daughter having her birthday party/sleepover party next Friday. I just find the weeks go by so
fast and so much to do I knew I would feel better if I got the cleaning done today and out of the way. So I began the livingroom first: vaccummed, dusted, hung up coats, wiped down mirror doors,cleaned off coffeetable. Then on to the bathroom: cleaned everywhere and mirror and well I was at it wiped down the walls and cupboard doors.
Then I vaccummed the hallway upstairs and put away the dry dishes and cleaned the computer desk off too ( some miscellaneous spots).
I have done 2 loads of laundry and have to do my whites. I have to fold two loads and then wash and dry whites then fold them.
I am tired now after all that . The kitchen needs a good scrubbing but I have to buy a new Mr. Clean Sponge to do that. I will do that later in the week and then do dishes too.
Of course with all the cleaning being done is one thing then I have to do shopping for the party.
I have made a long list of things and spots to organize this summer!!!!!!!!!!!!! For now it looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Plans changed. It has become an errands day and visiting.
I made some supper and we are visiting with friends and
family tonight so much wont get done. Tomorrow will be
major cleaning day because my daughter is having her
10th birthday party/sleepover next weekend.

what to do ??????????

Hmmmmmmmmmm.... yesterday I was so tired nothing got done . I just rested.
Today I went shopping for shorts for my daughter and couldnt find any. I bought
hubbie his birthday present .
We tried to go to an arts festival but went the wrong side of the park and after
walking around decided we didnt really need to go too hot.
So now what cleaning should I do ????????????
Not sure what to do first so much to do . I have today and tomorrow no real plans
for tomorrow so it will get done in the next two days forsure.
Well off to start some laundry and then clean something.
Have a great weekend.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

rest day

Hi I thought I would write a little note before I went to bed.
Today all that got done was cleaning the rabbit cage. After work
today my friend had invited my daughter and myself to go out
for supper with her and her son. I of course agreed thinking yaaaahh
I dont have to cook anything or come up with a supper!
So we went to Mcdonalds and the kids played for almost 3 hours in the
new play area. They loved it. Congrats to Angel she went all the way to
the top considering she is afraid of heights that took guts!!!
Okay I bought a few more books today another chapter book for Angel,
a castle book for her , Thomas book for a friend and charade cards for
Angel's upcoming sleepover birthday party.
Well now I am tired and it is off to bed.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

books and more books

So I guess although I am trying to purge stuff I just bought some more books. The school I work
at was having a booksale and I cant help myself books are my downfall . I mean how can you pass up books at .25 each. I was good though I didnt buy any for myself just 8 for my daughter. I used to work in daycare and purchased kid's books like crazy. I stayed far away from those tables because I dont need them anymore.
She has the same downfall she cant pass up good books either. I figure at the very least it was money well spent so she can read this summer. The only catch to all of this is yesterday at her school her library was giving away books. Yikes she came home with 10 or so today so she has a lot of books to read this summer.
The sale is still tomorrow morning too though and I will try to refrain myself to only a couple or maybe a few for myself.
I need to find homes for all these new books. I think we will put away the younger books on her bookshelf that she doesnt read that are collecting dust and put the new novels on that shelf. For me that is a new way of thinking. I do think where am I going to put this when I want to buy something or what am I going to give up to have this in my house????
I will post pics as soon as I figure out how to do this.
No organzing today we are off to get my daughter's hair done like the medieval times . Our hairdresser is going to put her hair up in braided bun . Tomorrow for her 4th grade she is having a medieval feast celebration.
I am going to do the dishes though so something is being done.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

intro and bathroom drawer

Okay so this is my first post to my new blog. I am a mother to an awesome nine year old daughter and married to a wonderful husband. I decided to blog to help me get organized and share my life experiences too as we go along.
I am 39 years old and it took me till I was 38 to catch the organization bug. I have slowly been working parts of my house to get them organized , yes I said slowly. Slow and steady wins the race they say.
Today I decided my drawer in the bathroom had to be cleaned so I could find things quickly in the morning instead of drudging through the drawer looking for that perfect lipstick. So I went to our dollerstore and purchased some containers to help organize. After moving around things and throwing out lots of old makeup I have a drawer that is so clean and organized. The test will be tomorrow morning when I try to find all the makeup. I will report back on whether it worked or not.
Well that is all for my first day of posting hope you enjoy and you follow me through my adventures organizing my home.