Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 2 of the challenge

A lot of people are commenting that how easy is this . That is the general idea
start small and work to bigger things. Also it is very important to be able to do
something small to see a difference to motivate you to continue. When I go into
my bathroom I get that ahhhhhhhhh... feeling looking at the counter.

So on we go today to more parts two to be precise. Lets clean the mirror and the toilet today.
I will post again how I will do it and then you can do it your way.

1) Put whatever cleaner in your toilet .
2) Clean the mirror. For me I will soak it and then use the microfiber cloth to wipe it clean. Then use my polishing cloth to shine it.
3)Go back to the toilet and wipe down the whole toilet.
4)Clean the inside of the toilet.
5) You are all done for today! Grab yourself a drink and sit back and relax!!!!!!!!!
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Monday, June 29, 2009

extra tidbit for today

I do this every month with all my sinks to deodorize them and unclog anything that might be stuck in the drain.
One of the most well known natural drain cleaners is a baking soda and vinegar combination. First, pour a half cup of baking soda into the sink drain. Then follow up with a half cup of white vinegar. T place the drain back over after adding vinegar and baking soda for a few minutes . Combining baking soda and vinegar is powerful enough that it can dissolve through hair, grease, and small clumps of food that may be blocking the drain. After pouring the vinegar, give an extra boost by pouring a few cups of boiling water to flush out any of the debris that was loosened after waiting the few minutes. If the drain is being particularly stubborn, it will also help to heat up the vinegar before adding it to the drain.
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Clean and Clear Challenge begins!!!!!!!!!

I thought we would start off with the smallest room first , the bathroom.
So we may finish this room quicker than one week.

First thing is get out that caddy that you prepared last week. If you haven't done this
yet then stop and go back read the post on getting the caddy ready. If you have then
here is your challenge for today.

1.Take everything off your counter top and clean it . Wipe down the sink and the faucets.
If there is stuff that does not belong on your counter top then find it a home. Put back all
the things that belong on your counter top. Only you can decide what should be there.
Stand back and admire your sparkling sink and counter top. Get that ahhhhhhhh... feeling
to keep you going and coming back her tomorrow to find out what is next!!!!!!!!!!!

For me now using the norwex microfiber cleaning cloth it is so easy I take my spray
bottle of just water and spray everywhere getting everything wet. Then take the cloth
and wipe it all down . Easy!

Remember baby steps and we will be able to have our whole house sparkling.
This is one area that really does stay clean for me so basically when I see something on the counter I pick it up and put it away. So go and clean and stop reading !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stay tuned tomorrow more cleaning with those2girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

From the above pictures you can see what I have in my cleaning caddy. Again this is
just an idea if you want to make one but put in what works for you .

microfiber cleaning cloths
squirt water bottle- only water in the bottle for cleaning
baking soda
dusting mitten microfiber
cleaning caddy
microfiber polishing clothes

No chemical cleaning products at all . I clean with water and cloths.
I will be getting a mop system from Norwex too soon which I will blog about when I get it.
Right now we use swiffer dusting mop and a regular mop . We also have a broom too.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cleaning with friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week the thing to do is prepare for the Clean and Clutter Challenge that is starting in one week.
So today I went through my cleaning caddy to make sure I had everything I need . For me it might
be different I have went green and will be using no chemicals when cleaning anymore.
I know yours might be different so I have included a couple of links to cleaning caddies so you
can get yours ready. There is no wrong way or wrong things to have in the caddy , whatever works
for you. They say if you have it altogether it will be easier for us to be prepared to clean and do the challenge.




So however you decide to do it this week just make sure you have everything you will need to
get started next week. Tomorrow I will show you my cleaning caddy.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

a two fold for this one

I am doing a two fold post one for works for me Wednesday and one for talk about it Tuesday.

The thing I want to share with all of you is that I am preparing for the cleaning challenge coming
in two weeks time. Are you ready ????????????? I am preparing right now getting it all together as they say. I will be making lists to break cleaning tasks down and of course getting some new cleaning products. Well that is where the works for me Wednesday and Talk about it Tuesday posts come in . This past weekend I went to a Norwex party and I was blown away.

I have been wanting to get rid of all of my cleaning products and go natural. Okay so how much more natural can you be with a cleaning cloth and water. So for 15.99 for a cleaning cloth no more cleaning products for me!!!!!!!!!!!!
So get ready everyone and if you too want to get rid of those nasty cleaning products check out norwex products. Once I receive more products from norwex I will blog about them too.
I can hardly wait for the window polisher one too.
More faceclothes wont hurt either considering my daughter has told me not to touch them they work so well for her!!!!!!!!!!!
Well that is all for today so watch coming soon The Clean and Clear Challenge.
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Saturday, June 13, 2009

something new and exciting to announce

Last summer I did a wonderful challenge that really helped me to get rid of clutter and clean up my place. Okay as I have posted many posts that I have a hard time maintaining what I do. I am great at cleaning , organizing and decluttering but the only problem is that I cant maintain it. I am not sure why because once I have completed a whole room I get the ahhhhhhhhhhhh... kind of feeling that makes me happy, content, and satisfied but it doesnt carry me to do other cleaning or to try really really hard at maintaining that space. So I came up with an idea on how to clean my house.
I wanted to share it with my friends and my friend Lisa said what a great idea lets do it through our other blog too http://those2girls.blogspot.com/ .
Basically I find the bloggers try to do it way too fast and I cant keep up so if I can do this everyone else will be able too. Basically we will pick one room a week and do the whole room in small increments. So at the end of the week that room will be totally done. It will be small sections that will be doable while still living. I know myself I can not clean my whole house in the span of a week which many bloggers do. They are whirl winds but that for me is not my speed I need to take it a bit slower.
So if you want to join on and it sounds like fun pass it along to friends the more the merrier. I think having others joining really motivates me to keep going right Marcia and Marcia and Tina you know who you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A big thanks to these ladies!!!!!!!!!!!
I will post pics you can then post in the comment section links to your posts too so we can cheer each other on.
Sound good?????????????????????????????????
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