Saturday, March 28, 2009

Super Excited!!!!!!!!!!!

Only one week till Me Fest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bev at had a contest and guess what I won !!!!!!!!! This is
my second time winning a blog contest. I am so excited though because it is truly something I really wanted to win. The first one I won was organizing too . Hey maybe there is a message to me in what I win?????????!!!!!!!!!! I want to start working on menu planning and look what I won planning dinners and hassle free dinners. I know this will help me and motivate me to plan more meals. I want to make a book of ideas for dinner . I planned on working on it this summer but now that I have these wonderful resources it will be sooner than that.
Thanks so much Bev for giving me the boost I needed.
Check out her site and her blog too such great ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now maybe I will go out and buy a lottery ticket too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My daughter appears to be almost human again after the flu bugs too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

few things I learned this week

It has been a really fun week in my house ( NOT) my daughter caught two stomach flu bugs this week . So lots of laundry, scrubbing floors, disinfecting, cleaning the bathroom, and nursing care.
She is on the mend though so I am thankful. Still not eating solids and doctor recommended that she stay on a bland diet for at least 2 more days. So we are staying in and resting this weekend !!
So what did I learn my pharmacist is a wealth of knowledge so I am thankful to have him. First he said to really watch for dehydration signs and 5 days is too long ! I kept trying to get her to drink water downed juice and crackers , applesauce but she couldnt keep anything down!!!!!!!!
So here is whatelse I learned that for me was eye opening and I wanted to share it. First off any signs of vomitting and diarrhea should always be treated like it could be food poisoning. Which means no meds of any sort at all ride it out for 24 hours. If it is food poisioning you dont want to keep it in you want to get it out and get on the mend. After 24 hours you can take meds and it probably was not food poisioning but the flu. The other thing was when you are first vomitting or diarrhea you have a stomach cramps /pains if they get worse especially within the first 24 hours see a doctor immediately to get looked at.
I did a few things wrong but I tried I wont explain it all here but this was for me a big learning experience!!!!!! I sure hope those tips are helpful !!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Too long!!!!!!!!!

Wow I cant believe how long it has been for me to post . I need to remember to make time to blog too !!!!!!!
I am so thrilled I had to write a post for it. For two weeks now I have been cleaning without any chemicals and the place looks awesome . I feel so much better too knowing I am not putting harmless chemicals into the air for my daughter to breathe. I have only been using water and my microcleaning clothes. I need to buy some more of those clothes so I have one for each room. I want to add to my cleaning some essential scents to water. I am going to try grapefruit or orange and maybe a pine one for hubbie. He loves the smell of pinesol so if I add some to the water it will still smell like it.
I have also been using a microfiber duster which is working amazing too !!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wish I could switch laundry soap but hubbie has an allergy and we can only use one kind Tide.
Slowly making the transition. The real nice thing is that I have found microfiber products at our dollar store and I found the microfiber dust mitt at Home Hardware for only $5.00. I know a cleaning company that sells them for $50.00 yes you didnt read that wrong. What a savings I have made!!!!!!!!!!!
Try water and microfiber products and let me know what you think ????? Or tell me about your favourite cleaning product to use.
I am on March Break this week so some major cleaning might be done if I have time between activities with my daughter. Feeling a bit under the weather but hoping to bounce back !!!!!