Monday, July 12, 2010

Update another week more clothes!!!!!!!

Sorry for not posting last week I came down with the flu /cold/allergies/sinus problems . I was out and did nothing at all other than sleep, read and watch tv for a few days.
I am feeling so much better now though so I continue on. Today I cleaned up the kitchen. I wiped down all the counters and cleaned them off . I also wiped down the stove. I swept the kitchen floor too. I then went in the livingroom and just picked up a few things that needed putting away. My wonderful daughter cleaned her stuff off the coffee table so it is back and all shiny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will do my 15 mins or more of folding clothes that are already clean while watching the bachelorette. I will probably put them away tomorrow .

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Amanda said...

glad you're feeling better. i sorta fell off the cleaning wagon too for a couple days. need to get started again.