Friday, July 2, 2010

invade a radio station

Today we got a personal tour around one of our community radio stations 91.5 the beat and 107.5 dave fm. It was so much fun and they also went live and we all said Hi on air. Angel really enjoyed it !!!!!!!!!!! At the top is a pic of us at the studios.OKay it wont work for some reason so I will post some on Sunday or Monday.

Update on clothing my hubbie was sweet and folded laundry that I did two days ago. My daughter and I put it all away. It felt really good !!!!

I had decided thanks to a slob comes clean blog to make one goal at a time. The first one I did was to make sure my coffee table was cleaned off every night. Happy to report have kept that one up . Now the second is to keep the small love seat clean and not pile things on it !!!!!!!!

I cleaned up the house for my daughter's birthday/pool/ sleepover / party which is tomorrow. I have such that aaaaaaaaaa feeling looking at the house all clean. Nothing to really do tomorrow but wait for them to arrive.

Have a great weekend and if you are from the States have a Happy Fourth of July!!!!!!!

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