Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Week 1 - organizing challenge cont

Happy to report my counter looks the same as the afters in the other post still. I have been maintaining it well.
I had one more part of my countertop that I did not finish the first day. The challenge does last all week so I knew I had time. I wanted to do a really good job before posting it. I finished it yesterday and wanted to share it with you .
I again took everything off the countertop and wiped it all down. I decided to change systems though for handling this area. I had a shelf unit which started out great one shelf for my husband, one for my daughter, one for me and one for coupons. Okay so like I said it started out as a good idea and was good for a bit but just wasnt working for me any more and I knew I had to find a different system. I wasnt really using this spot anymore and neither was my daughter so we didnt need that spot anymore. Hubbie loved it but he piled and piled his stuff higher and higher. I finally found a box with a lid to contain all of his stuff and to give him a limit of only whatever fit in the box. I am concerned he might pile on top but we will deal with that when it happens for now it is great!!!!!!!!!!!
The other part that was not working well for me was the coupons and since I really do want to start couponing more I needed a better system other than putting them on a shelf and digging for them. Most times when I did dig through they had expired and were then thrown out. I am going to be buying a binder to organize them for now I have them in one white envelope. I will buy this binder and plastic sleeves tomorrow. Still not sure how to organize them by category, date but I am sure I will figure it out. If you have any ideas or links to coupon binders please feel free to share .

After :


Jenn said...

Looks really good Diane and thanks for the inspiration! I too have the cleaning/organizing bug and spent a good part of my day de-cluttering my house -- and kitchen counters too. It can be a bit overwhelming and stressful but it sure does feel good to see the amazing results & to make progress! I like the show Consumed on HGTV to get my motor running too! Here's to a cleaner - more clutter-free 2012!

You Sister in the De-ClutterHood,


Anonymous said...

Great job! I want to do this challenge too, although I haven't started yet. Maybe tomorrow, Here is a link on how to create a coupon binder.

Diane said...

Thanks Jenn !!!! I love the show consumed too and now extreme clutter on own. It sure does feel good to have a bit clean and then spurs you on to clean more.

Diane said...

Thanks so much I will definitely check out the link you gave me for the coupon binder!!!!!!!!!

Nony the Slob said...

Great job!

Especially on the maintaining. THAT is the hardest part!

Good luck on all your efforts!

Unknown said...

Welcome to my world...As a professional organizer (my other hat) this is the type of stuff I love! You did a fantastic job. First coup was figuring out what worked and what didn't work. Second, containing the clutter in the box and giving your hubby a limit. Third, maintaining it. Give yourself a huge pat on the back.

I too am watching Consumed & Extreme Clutter. I met Peter Walsh a few years back. I have a great picture of the two of us. Inspirational to me.

Job well done!