Saturday, January 28, 2012

week 2 and 3 with pics of the organizing challenge sorry having issues

I have still been working on the weekly challenges at but realized I have missed posting pics for week 2 , week 3 while I was getting ready to post for week 4.

This weeks was to do the fridge and freezer. For me the fridge was easy because I had already purchased baskets to hold things so it was just to take everything out and wipe it down. I re-organized the condiments on the door though. I still need to label my baskets which I will do later today.

No pics of the freezer sorry.
The freezer still not happy with it but still using bins to try and organize. Any other ideas for a chest freezer????????

So I digress to last weeks challenge which was to clean all food cupboards and pantry. I happily loved this challenge and took to throwing out old things and moving some things around. I havent went to dollearama yet but I will buy a basket for my bake goods to be together. In my food pantry I have had baskets set up for awhile now and had to just re-organize them.

The week before was all the cupboards except food ones. So I got to work taking everything out of the cupboards one cupboard at a time. I threw away a whole garbage bag of stuff and donated another whole garbage bag to value village. I loved that as I cleaned and organized it seem to get easier and I had no problem throwing away things. I found new homes for some things too!!
I tried to leave space in each cupboard which I am happy to say was accomplished!!!
I love how it all feels better to open a cupboard and be able to see everything to know where everything goes!!!!!!!!!!!
I am loving these challenges so much I can see how it is affecting for the positive other aspects of my life!!!!! When I organize, purge and clean I feel energized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love this so much!!!!!!

A follow up to the first challenge I have kept my kitchen counter cleaned. It really is all about taking 5-10 minutes each night and cleaning it up and putting things where they belong like the dishes in the dishwasher . Love that this has formed into a habit for me !!!!!!!!!!!