Monday, September 7, 2009

We had a great long weekend the last before I go back to work and Angel goes back to school. I was so glad to see that summer weather has finally arrived for the last couple of days before school begins.
So last week I stated that I would clean off the computer desk. I did that and I couldnt believe how much things were piled up. I took everything off and then only put back what I really wanted to be on there. I wiped everything down too to get rid of all of the dust. I found a home for other things and then got my hubbie and daughter to find a home for their belongings too. It looks so much better right now and my family is not sitting here and sneezing!!!!!!!

My daughter cleaned out her launch pad center where her knapsack and any lunch bag go. I am so proud she takes on organizing challenges too!!!!! She even started going through things in her bedroom and was able to find a pile of books she doesnt want anymore. Maybe I am wearing off on her a bit!!!!!!!

So for this weeks challenge I set for myself is to set a cleaning schedule up that will work with going back to work and all the extra running around I will have . I also will get to try out the command center to see if it works.

The other challenge which might take two weeks is to go through all my inbox and clean it all out.

I learned this from another blogger which has worked for me so far. First step I did was make a folder that was labeled Sept 09 and put all my email into it so my inbox was empty. I now deal with this daily to keep it cleaned out. I have gone through the Sept 09 and have it down to about 1/2 of its size. I am sure it will take time because when you start with almost 4,000 msgs to weed through but it feels good to be purging and getting things under control.

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Melinda said...

How'd you do this week, Diane? Life is so busy it's hard to fit in all this organizing, isn't it?!

I'm hoping to end well with a makeover of my Master Bedroom. That is a project that I'm not looking forward to!!

Controlling My Chaos said...

I am going to try this for my e-mail too. It's so out of control. Thanks for a great idea.