Monday, September 14, 2009

Operation Organization

Operation Organization

One more week left !!!!!!!!!! My weekends have been really busy and fun so I have not had time to post my goal for the weekend till Sunday or Monday but I do get around to it. Better late than never.

Here is my report I am still working on deleting all my inbox msgs. I have not been very good at keeping my inbox clean either which upsets me. I need to be more vigilant on doing this. I get so much mail every day and I am also in the process of organizing another womans show on Oct.3,2009 which makes for a lot of mail too!!!!!!!!!!
So this week I will be more vigilant and go through every email every day.

My cleaning schedule from last week worked but needs some tweaking which I already figured out. I missed a few things so they need to be added. So again I will work on this too.

The command center worked awesome when my daughter brought home notes I put them in the blue hanging folder. On the weekend I went through them and filled out what I needed to and then filed the rest on my holding shelf so I know where they are if I need to refer back to them. Which I might one is a field trip and a list of P.D. Days and list of teachers and their extension numbers.
I am thinking of buying a book and plastic pouches to store this in for future reference. I think the file folders might get to be a bit much.

Another busy week and I start my other school on Wed so then I will be working full time.

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Amber said...

Sounds like you're making great progress with your goals. I know how stressful the beginning of a new school year can be, but it sounds like you're handling all the changes great.

Rosario said...

Thanks for your comment. You are doing great also.