Wednesday, September 2, 2009

no more ironing !!!!!!!!

Okay lets get honest for a minute who am I kidding I rarely ironed. When it was a special occasion or something but that is about all. I tried to keep the wrinkles out of my clothing by catching them as soon as the dryer stopped and hanging them up. Yes that worked for a bit till I got a big lazy and they would sit or hubbie would take them out.
So I mentioned to a very good friend that I needed to buy a clothing steamer so I can be wrinkle free.
Well she was out shopping and she found a little hand held steamer very small and portable for only 12.00 so she picked up one for both of us. I decided to pull it out and try it yesterday and it worked so well . It took maybe 1-2 minutes a shirt!!!!!!!! No more wrinkles in this house!!!!!!!!
After today we are wrinkle free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I steamed 10 shirts for my daughter and will be doing more today!!!!!!!!!!
If you dont own one and you hate ironing seriously for the cost of the investment it pays for itself!!!

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Lisa aka @those2girls said...

I love it too!

Moore Minutes said...

haha, with this post title I thought you were referring to wrinkles on a face and I was all ears. LOL. BUT this is great too! :D I hate ironing but it would make my husband so happy if I did so this is an ideal solution.

The Fiskeaux Family said...

This totally got forwarded to my husband. Oh. My. Serious.

I thought it would be face wrinkles, too! LOL That's more up my alley than ironing, for sure!

Wanda said...

My son just left for college last week....when we talked on the phone the first time....he said "Mom, I need an iron!!".
This will be what he gets....