Friday, August 14, 2009

conquer your clutter challenge


So to report last week I got rid of 12 garbage bags for donation out of the spare bedroom.
I also deleted about 1/2 the blogs I had. I am still in the process because I find it hard that people dont blog too much over the summer . So many are not even very active but through out the year they are busy and I liked them enough to keep them. So I have the keepers and I have a few more I will give another week go back through and then if not delete. But at least I did a good purge this week.

Okay so for week 3 my goals are
1) to keep cleaning up my blogs and then only have the keepers by next Friday.
2) laundry- I have a lot to fold and put away !!!!!!!!!!!
3) clean the linen closet

I love the challenge so we can all support one another. I won a gc too this week !!!!!!! Thanks so much !!!!!!!!

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