Tuesday, August 4, 2009

continuing in the master bedroom

If you live in Canada I sure hope you had a great long weekend. I sure did. I got kinda
lazy the only thing I did was clean off all the clothes off my dresser. Pics to come.
So today I move on wash all of your bedding!!!!!!!!!!!! Fresh sheets to sleep on ahhhhhhhhh!!!
I also am trying the mattress spray by norwex. I did my daughter's a couple of weeks ago and she
doesnt get up sneezing or coughing and it hasnt affected her asthma either. I was a little worried about that but no side effects.
The other thing to do today is clean off your night tables if you have them. Take everything off put everything you dont need in the garbage and then find homes for other stuff. Wipe clean and then put back only the necessities.
Well sorta in a cleaning mood so going to go and take advantage of that check back tomorrow!!!!
It just might be the dreaded closet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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