Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This weeks goal!!!!!!!!!

I havent stopped not yet. I finished up the master bedroom and now have moved to the spare bedroom. It is not really set up as a bedroom but a dumping ground really. So I didnt use the same steps I did for the master bedroom. For you what you need to do is go on to another bedroom and scroll back to complete the same steps for the master bedroom.
In our spare bedroom all I am doing is purging and purging for now. We donated 12 garbage bags full of stuff .
We found we still have the crib from our daughter so we will be donating this to a womans shelter very soon!!!!!!!!!!!
It feels really good but I must admit about 1/2 way through I couldnt see the head way I had made and if not for my hubbie would have given up!!!!! It is easy to get frustrated. If he was not around I would have taken a whole week to do what we did in one afternoon. We still have things on the fringes of the room but it is stuff I want to sell. I am going to be selling my daughter's toybox and bratz and barbie dolls. I kept it really simple I could have sold the 12 garbage bags but just easier to get it gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will admit there is one thing that is sentimental to me that I am having a really really hard time parting with and that is books inparticular childrens books. I used to work in daycare and have accumulated oh many many many books. I decided it was all too much to go through the books too so they are all stored away in the closet and I will do that one day.
WEll off to have a treat of mini- choc. cupcakes!!!!!!!! I think I deserve a reward for this.

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