Monday, August 17, 2009

This week is another bedroom

I looked at the calendar and realized I only have two weeks left till I go back to work!!
So although I was going to do my daughter's room later there really is not a whole lot
of time so this is the job this week. I want to go through all her clothes and get all her
laundry caught up and put back in her drawers. I will be doing that I did with the masterbedroom
except she doesnt have a pile of clothing like her mom did.
So really just doing some organizing and cleaning for her. She will help me and will have a say
to what she likes with her clothes and what needs to go. There is really no reason to keep something if she is never going to wear it. Although with that said we found out last year after doing this that we only had good clothing for her to take camping with her so we learned our lesson to keep some play clothes that might not be your favourite to take camping.
We did some back to school shopping today too. We bought two pairs of skinny jeans and two cute jumper type dresses too . I have been looking forever for some dresses for her but they are hard to find. So today one will do for the first day of school and she will still have the other for another time. Now we just need a pair of shoes probably ballerina flats. She is not a running shoe girl at all.
So it is all about clothing for this week!!!!!!!!! That way we will both be ready when school begins again for us !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Next week will be the linen closet and the main closet and then for us we will be done !!!!!!!!!!!
Hope you are still all working with me to do small pieces to get a big result!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I already feel the peace, calm in my house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Amanda said...

I need to do the same thing for my boy's room this week. I really need to sort through their clothes before my oldest starts school.

keeping play clothes is a great idea!