Tuesday, August 4, 2009

works for me Wednesday - tips to make a school day easier

I have few tips and tricks I used last year that made the school day easier.

1) I have a wicker basket with a lid that holds my daughter's backpack.
Nice and neat and stays all together. It is big enough to hold a few things
of my daughter's like a gym bag to hold her gym clothing for school too.

2) I have set up a communication area too. So when my daughter has notes
I have to sign I have a folder she puts them in so we then know where they
are and are easily returned to her calendar to take back to school.

3) the last one has saved us so much extra time is what we pack for lunch
for her to take every day. Somedays it is hot stuff or a sandwich, next w
pack a cereal bar and lastly we pack two containers the same every day
one for fruit and one for veggies. No having to think about what you want
or need to pack. We alternate different veggies and different fruits but
I then know she is getting some good nutritious food into her at lunch.

Hope these tips make your day a bit easier!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Niki Jolene said...

Great ideas! Thanks so much for sharing. My son is heading to preschool 5 days a week now so I will be getting my first taste of having a "big kid" in school.


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Jennifer said...

These are great ideas. I was a teacher, and I always recommended what you call a communication center to parents. I think even more paper comes home now, and it helps to manage it as it comes into the house.