Friday, August 7, 2009

conquer your clutter challenge

Last week I joined a challenge I found on another blog called Coming Clean. She set up a challenge for us to pick one challenge each week to accomplish. I love having the support and encouragement of others to accomplish our goals. So week one the pics above show some of the work I did on the master bedroom. I started by cleaning off the dresser that was the goal I picked for her challenge for week 1. Accomplished!!!!!!!!!!

Week 2
1) I have two goals I am starting to clean up the sparebedroom and really what I want to accomplish is to go through the room and fill bags I want to donate. I know this will leave me with what I want to keep so I then can work on finding homes for them.

2) The other thing I actually cheated and started yesterday was cleaning out and purging the amount of blogs I read. So the first step I did was make a folder called keepers. As I read them daily as they are updated I can decide if I want to keep reading the blogs or not. I use sage and love it to organize my blogs but on the other hand really easy to save them to so I have done this too much. So this will be ongoing all week and if the blogs dont make the cut and arent in the keepers folder at the end of the week they are being deleted. I have already moved some that I read and really look forward to reading to this folder. I also kept any blogs that if I only have a few minutes I go to those first. So by the end of the week I want to only have the ones that I enjoy, teach me something, or that I can not live without.

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mub said...

I ought to go through my blogs and get rid of the ones that I'm not interested in anymore. Thanks for the idea =)

Your dresser looks great! I don't know why they seem to be clutter catchers, mine is the same way *L*

Melinda said...

Your dresser looks awesome!! I like you idea about cleaning out blogs. I love visiting other blogs, but have to be realistic about how many I can follow each week. Blogging can completely consume your life! ;0)

Glad you joined the challenge! Keep up the good work! ;0)