Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sometimes life or sunshine get in the way

Albino Burmese Pythons.Image via Wikipedia

I must admit I havent really been working too much on my bedroom. I sure hope you all have been working on it. It does not look like I will get back to work on it till Sat. We have actually had a few days of sunshine. Weird no rain!!!!!!!!!! So I have taken advantage of this and not really done too much around the house. We went swimming , okay if you know me not me, my daughter and her friend and I sunned on my anti-gravity chair!!!!!!!!!! Today we went to a reptile show at the library. I was very brave and volunteered not having any idea other that a reptile was involved some how. They picked out 4 adults and we went up and then told us to hold out our hands and not to look back or peek. He took it out and the children cheered and some oh mys and oh ahhh.. Then he placed it our hands it as an albino burmese python. Here is a pic that looks just like it but is not the one from today. I didnt have my camera with me . :(
Okay if you dont know I am scared I mean scared of snakes. I like to test myself though and try to get over my fears. This was huge for me and I was worried I would get the head but thankfully I got the middle. This snake was huge it weighted over one hundred pounds and was not full grown. It was kinda cool to touch and rub it while he gave his talk to the children. Then it was the end and he said all the children could come up and pet the snake. Oh my that is where it got a little scary once they all started touching the snake it started moving and felt really weird.

Okay so back to the challenge really all I can say is keep cleaning the master bedroom. I hope to get all caught up on the master bedroom on Sat. Then move on to another room our spare bedroom yikes that might take awhile !!!!!!!!! Wait till you see the before pic you will understand.
Happy cleaning. Keep cleaning and de-cluttering.
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HDMac said...

Good job on the dresser AND on the snake!!!!! LOL... I don't know if I could have done that!!! :)