Sunday, August 31, 2008

what did I learn from the challenge

First off a big big thank you to Marcia and Beth for setting up this challenge which has changed my life. I have grown and learned so much from this challenge.What did I learn where do I start?? How has it changed my life again where to begin???
I first started this challenge by making a list of areas that were really really bothering me. I am proud to say that I tackled each area and now can make a new list. I need to do this week. I learned so much for each participant on their posts which have encouraged me to declutter other areas I hadnt even thought of at all. I learned you need a plan first which I did when I made a list. Then next you need to plan a time which most times took me so much less time than I had anticipated. Then start small just do one thing and it will encourage you to do more or set a timer for 15 minutes that also worked. It is just important to get started !!!!!!!!! Then once done one area I would love the great feeling or chi it produced. It also encouraged you to keep going on other areas.!! The real help was putting up our posts on our blogs and being accountable to someone too. It helped me a lot with all the encouragement that all the wonderful ladies that were also in the challenge. Doing it together really helped me!!!!!!!! Thanks ladies.
I was doing great with this challenge and then a challenge set in for me. I had something wrong with my left eye. I was on major drugs and for the majority of 3 days it knocked me out. I also couldnt see and was very disoriented . I was more than determined to keep doing this challenge and not give up just because I was challenged. So each day I found something that I could throw out. My daughter would remind me too and ask what I had gotten rid of each day which helped me too. She also really helped out a lot and I am thankful she got involved. She herself has set goals for each month for herself which will work out great and give her a lot of time to accomplish each area. So the decluttering bug has caught on.
So each day I would find at least one thing to declutter so I could stay in the challenge.
I have learned to think differently too which really helps. I think before buying /bringing something into my home where will it go. I have learned too everything needs a home which makes it easier to find or put back. I have also learned that when you do declutter you need to
remember to make room to grow . That way if you bring something new into your home that you can have room already for it.
The big big thing for me at least that I learned from this challenge and has changed my outlook on decluttering was get rid of what you dont love to make room for what you do love!!!!!!!!
Again a big big thank you to Marcia and Beth for changing my life who knew when I started this would be the time it clicked. I have tried many times so if at first you dont suceed try and try again till you do . It has been so worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you to all the ladies who were part of the challenge and have enouraged and supported me through this challenge and obstacles.


HDMac said...

Diane, you have just done awesome this challenge. You have done great work decluttering and your insights have been so helpful! I sure am looking forward to our weekly challenge! :) Thankful for the friendship that we have formed!!

Jen said...'s it going? I see you've been busy decluttering over in your neck of the woods, huh?

I'll have to check out all of your progress. I love to get inspired by the success of others! Keep up the great work!