Friday, August 22, 2008

what I learned this week

I learned this week to leave room to grow and I have tried really hard to just that with the spots I declutter . That room so if one thing gets added it hasnt blown your whole system. I guess you could just get rid of something too but I have a hard time doing that each time I buy something new. For me decluttering is easier all at once in areas.

I also learned that although some weeks will be busier than others you can always find a little time to declutter .

I have been reading a great book this week almost done and I have learned a lot !!!!! The name of the book and I highly recommend it is "Best Organizing Tips" by Stephanie Winston.
Oh just noticed she has another one called "Getting Organized". I will have to put that one on hold at the library to read next because I really like the one I am reading now. There are so many tips but useful tips you can apply to your life.


HDMac said...

Diane, I can't agree with you more! There is always time to declutter something! And I have found that the desire to keep it decluttered is now inside me! At night I without thinking will pick up things that might in my newly decluttered area and put it away before going to bed. (My husband has noticed that one!!!)

Anonymous said...

I also have a hard time getting rid of something every time I buy something new - mainly becasue I don't think to do that.

You are right, even on those busy days I can decluitter one thing. It doesn't have to be ALL (the clutter in one spot) or nothing. I do need to remember this.

Hopefully you will post what yu are learning from the books by Winston.

WTG on a successful decluttering week.