Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursdays thoughts

This whole week really was going to be about getting better and ready for school which starts next week. Today was going to be a rest day for us but then we went to the hairdressers to get our hair cut for school tonight .
I found a plastic plate that was cracked so out goes that and also I found a big bag of old receipts that I am tossing too. I was going to join some business and you needed to have receipts that was a year ago. When I went for the explaination I knew I wasnt joining but never got rid of the receipts. I also found some receipts in an envelope from 2 years ago yikes. I of course cant find the receipt of the skirt I purchased two years ago for my daughter that the zipper broke and we could return it with the kids guarantee at walmart. So this way I will have to take it to a tailor to be fixed. It is such a cute skirt it was about 6 months ago it broke and havent really gotten around to it. But now I will.
I am starting an envelope for clothing that is purchased for Angel so I will know where the receipts are if I need them ever again.
Tomorrow I am off a childrens museum with friends.
Not sure what I will declutter but I will find at least one thing. I have been so motivated to at least find one thing and that is always so easy to do. The thing I think of if you just get rid of one thing each day of the month that is 30 things without a whole lot of effort. It has been hard while I was on meds but Angel has really stepped up to the plate to remind me one thing mom and then she has been decluttering too which helps so much. She reminds when I get down and tired that one thing is nothing easy mom. I really appreciate her encouragment and help around the house this week!!!!!!!!!!
I have a whole bunch of old old mail that has to go but I want to shred or will need to cut them all up so maybe I will do that tomorrow. Wait I know what I will declutter my end table you see when I first enter my house. It will feel good to have it all organized. I am sure just a lot of papers that can go and be recycled.
I am calling my Friday posts Friday Flings from now on. I like that idea!

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Amanda said...

Way to go on continuing to declutter. your daughter sounds like a sweatheart. love the idea of 'friday flings'