Wednesday, August 27, 2008

works for me Wednesday

This I love I made myself a cleaning basket which holds everything I will need.
So easy to cart from room to room. I would love to have one in the bathroom
but no room right now maybe some day.
It just makes cleaning so much easier when you have everything in one place
and you can just grab and go and know that you have it all and you wont have
to run up and down the stairs for things.
Take notice my favourite cleaning product Mr. Clean Sponges!!!!!!!!!! I have am
slowly making the change to natural cleaners too so not as many bottles needed.


Mom's Marbles said...

Great idea! Ilove it when a little organization can make life so much easier.

Anonymous said...

Great idea!

I am a clean/organization freak! I like to say I used to be and I'm better now. Truth is, I used to have severe OCD and now I'm just a clean freak! ;)

I have a caddy under my kitchen sink. But I'm sure anyone who has ever owned one will agree that they are great for keeping things organized under the sink, but not user friendly for trapsing through the house.

This looks so easy! I clean a few houses on Fridays also. Think I just might have to try this!

Thank you for visitng my blog and leaving a comment. Thought I'd return the favor. Glad I did.