Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My friend please help

Over at 5 minutes for mom blog they are having a contest for a mom who deserves to win a laptop . This is my nod for my good friend Suzy.
If she is a finalist I will set up the link for voting. Lets help someone who is really deserving.

I would like to tell you about a wonderful person in my life. Her name is Suzy McNeil. She is a loving, giving person which I am honored to call my friend.
Suzy is multi-talented. She is a singer, an artist, an entrepreneur, but her biggest accomplishment is being a outstanding mother to a son with Autism.
As busy as all of lives are today, try to imagine having a special needs child & on top of that dealing with your own diagnose of Fibromyalgia . This little lady takes it all in stride.
I was fortunate enough to meet Suzy as she was a guest speaker of an event I was at. It was her first time doing public speaking, but you would have never known. Her honest & funny outlook brought us to tears & back to laughter over & over again. Through much encouragement she has finally decided to take her personal journey & put it in book form. She has a first hand look of how Autism affects her family & has developed many resources to help her son gain some independence. This book will be influential to both those with or without an Autistic family member.
However there is one thing holding her back. She can't use the family computer for her writing as it is mainly used for her husband's Karaoke business & feels she can't be down in the basement when she has other things to attend to (mainly her son). The best way to help her get all of her great ideas & comical antidotes down would be on a laptop which can be easily transported to the rooms her son is at. Then she can find those tidbits of time while he is occupied to author this book which I feel will have a great impact on the world. Suzy is so deserving of this opportunity & I hope you believe that too.

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